Tim's Best of 2013

02 Jan 2014

1. Favourite album of 2013?
Kanye West - Yeezus. This album completely blew my mind when I first heard it. Kanye just gets more and more inventive, exciting, funny, and inspiring.

2. Favourite single?
Lots to choose from but let's say Tennis Court by Lorde…if that was even a single?!

3. Best gig you saw?
Bruce Springsteen at Leeds First Direct Arena. The E Street Band are truly incredible live. I feel utterly humbled whenever time I see them play.

4. Best gig you played?
There have been a lot of special ones this year. I particularly enjoyed the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio.

5. Best film you saw?
In terms of new releases…I enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook very much.

6. Best trip you made?
Learning to ski in Méribel was pretty special. Skiing is something I've always wanted to try but it has always seen like a whole culture that I didn't know where to begin with. I managed to have a quick lesson when we were in Lake Tahoe in January, and that was enough to make me want to try a bit harder with it. It has been incredibly satisfying to get into something new.

7. Best TV show you watched?
Well, Breaking Bad for sheer quality….but I think Game Of Thrones may even top that for pure entertainment value. Love it.

8. Best book you read?
Morrissey's Autobiography is brilliant. People have tended to be a bit snooty about it, but I think it reads very differently when you're inside the music industry. What struck me the most is how incredibly passionate he is, and also how much sympathy he has for people in general. His flair for melodramatic despair is also (deliberately) hilarious.

9. Best meal you ate?
La Brigada, Buenos Aires. A great night out with the band and crew, eating weird bits of fried offal and drinking beer.

10. Best thing you bought yourself?

I'm very excited about having finally bought a nice record player to play all my vinyl on.

11. Best thing someone else bought for you?
Private Eye (a British satirical magazine) ran a cover which was a pastiche of the John Lewis Christmas ad, which of course features our song. My Mum called up their offices and persuaded them to dig out a promotional poster of the picture, which she then had framed and gave to me for Christmas.

12. Best website you visited or app/podcast you downloaded?
Flight Radar. I can't work out why this gives me so much pleasure, but it does. I suppose it's the feeling of possibility and adventure that comes from seeing all the planes in the air and where they're going.

13. Best thing that happened in 2013 for Keane?
Hmmm…lots of good things. Some great tours. I would say that actually the Lily Allen cover has given Somewhere Only We Know a new lease of life, and it has made us feel like it might even be a 'classic' song still worthy of people's attention ten years after we wrote it.

14. Best thing that happened in 2013 for you?
Building a Lego Millennium Falcon with my daughter.

15. Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2014?
Writing some songs and doing some travelling.

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Tim Rice-Oxley!!~~That is truly remarkable that you enjoyed the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio! Columbus is an interesting town, as part of America. It is a worthwhile place to visit, and so it is nice that you recognize how we have these sorts of places that are welcoming and quite unassuming in regards to the general atmosphere! Columbus has a wonderful arts community and some educational institutions. It has some cultural aspects as well! Nice place to meet, greet and take a stroll--for sure!! Glad Everyone there had a Great Time at the Show!!! IF there's another Keane concert there, I'll try to get to it as well! ;)!

Posted by anya at 9:39pm, 06 Jun 2014

Mr. R-O, have you managed to travel yet? Have you gone far? Have your eyes rested upon unspoiled , untamed, utterly beautiful scenery? Have you shared stories, laughter and smiles? In a world as big and diverse .some differences run skin deep.

Posted by Nina at 1:01am, 20 Feb 2014

Ha habido un fuerte temporal en el Sureste de Inglaterra. El Río Támesis se ha desbordado y está descontrolado. El nivel del agua ha subido bastante. David Cameron ha dicho que utilizará todo el dinero necesario para ayudar a la gente. Sussex ha sido afectado por estas inundaciones,chicos ? Si estan muy apurados, Tim, puedes venir a Barcelona que gozamos de buenas temperaturas ... Espero que todo poco a poco vuelva a su cauce y que la gente inglesa no sufra mucho. Besos desde Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:30pm, 12 Feb 2014

Tim me he enamorado de ti por la música que tocas. Hubiera estado en un bar musical y sin verte habría preguntado quien tocaba el piano con este gusto por la música. Empecé casi hará un año y medio a tocar el piano porqué ya lo sabes por otros correos, fueste mi chispa para empezar algo que debería haber empezado de pequeña. Pero ahora, Tim, tengo 48 años y una estabilidad emocional y una concentración que no tenia cuando tenia 14 años. Me encanta la foto que estás en tu estudio con el "Theremin" con una barba de más de una setmana, con pantalones tejanos y como una músico entregado plenamente al sonido. No sé cómo se dice en inglés. Pero estoy colgada de tu música. Marisa. Barcelona. Petons.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:52am, 07 Feb 2014

When it is first compose music or the lyrics? Your compositions are melancholic generalm. on a smaller scale and with flats? Do preparatory exercises to relax arms i wrists? Your melodies ending in tonic chords to stabilize at the end? What are the chords that i will produce more tension which are more stable for you? You are of the opinion that all music has to have lyrics? Marisa.Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:45pm, 16 Jan 2014

Cuando compones que es primero la música ó la letra ? Tus composiciones melancólicas son generalm. en escala menor y con bemoles ? Haces ejercicios preparatorios para relajar brazos i muñecas? Tus melodías acaban en acordes de tónica para dar estabilidad al final? Cuáles son los acordes que te producen más tensión i los que son más estables para tí ? Eres del parecer que toda música ha de tener letra ?

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:16pm, 14 Jan 2014

Very, very soon! :)

Posted by helena1502 at 6:51pm, 13 Jan 2014


Posted by helena1502 at 6:50pm, 13 Jan 2014

Come back!...:)

Posted by helena1502 at 6:49pm, 13 Jan 2014


Posted by gabriela at 8:29pm, 06 Jan 2014

I wish you plenty of inspiration, unforgettable travels and much fun playing with your children ! What do you think of building the super star destroyer executor now ?!

Posted by french burning heart at 6:19pm, 06 Jan 2014

Hello Tim. Best wishes for you and everything and more you wish for for you and your loved ones for 2014. (Lots of fors!) Breaking Bad is highest on my list of series as well, just as The Sopranos and Homeland. Unbeatable quality. Have lots of fun doing all the things you couldn’t do when busy with Keane. I got hold of Mt. Desolation and love many songs of the album. I read or heard in some interview that you and Jesse will probably pick up that project again. And also that you would like to drive through America. Try Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California. Great drives and wonderful nature (rocks and stones etc)! But remember to come back to Keane! I would very much like to hear many new songs. In the meantime I have to made do with all the great songs you all have already recorded. JoyceG, The Hague, Holland.

Posted by JoyceG at 6:47pm, 05 Jan 2014

Hello Tim! Love your music and your albums are always special. You should sing more often, I love your voice. Please come to Croatia this year!

Posted by marija_zg at 4:43pm, 05 Jan 2014

Tim, you’ll always have a place in our hearts. Best of luck with your new projects, and… Come back again very, very soon! Happy 2014! :)

Posted by helena1502 at 6:32pm, 04 Jan 2014

You guys should do a Harlem Shake

Posted by lulu99 at 12:33pm, 04 Jan 2014

Thanks Tim, since your into vinyl I sure wish you lads would rerelease your first two albums on vinyl again for us. They are so hard to find. Thanks for the music and great year ahead

Posted by craigborchardt2 at 10:55pm, 03 Jan 2014

Hello Tim, my husband bought a turntable expensive, comes to him today! He also wants to feel the collection of vinyl records that my father gave! I seem magical situations! Hugs, Sabrina from Catania!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:28pm, 03 Jan 2014

I correct my previous comment: By the wisdom of your songs you are like Yoda to me. Happy 2014 and May de Force be with you!! (Sorry for my awful English).

Posted by marisafabi at 12:25pm, 03 Jan 2014

by the wisdom of your sos songs like Yoda, I think. Happy 2014 and the May de Force be with you!

Posted by marisafabi at 12:19pm, 03 Jan 2014

Well Tim, SOME songs? Please write a lot if you can! Have fun when you are travelling. Happy 2014 to everyone! Greetings from The Netherlands.

Posted by Marigold at 10:55am, 03 Jan 2014

salut Tim !! je viens de lire ton comentaire !! je reconnais bien ton côté réservé de te personnalité!! ARRETES de te sous estimer tu es un garçon GENIAL ... !! Ne te sens pas humilié en regardant le travail des autres :: tes textes ;tes mélodies sont MAGNIFIQUES ! crois tu que si ce n' etait pas le cas vous auriez autant de succés ;je ne le pense pas !! ::::: tu sais chaque personne est différente avec ses qualités et ses défauts moi je t'aime comme tu es pôete ;rêveur durant toutes ses années tu nous a fais partager tes émotions à travers tes chansons merveilleuses ;tu nous a nous a offert du rêve et beaucoup de bonheur ; pour tout ça je te dis un trés grand merci !! je te souhaite de faire de magnifiques voyages et reviens nous tres vite avec d'autres merveilleuses chansons pour un autre SUPER CONCERT de KEANE ce groupe MERVEILLEUX que j'adoreeee ** je te souhaite plein de bonheur avec ta famille pour 2014 Gros Bisous de France ***

Posted by choupette94 at 7:25am, 03 Jan 2014

I love you Tim! I wish you the best for this new year! You are a genius, never forget it :D Greetings from Chile.

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 2:33am, 03 Jan 2014

Happy New Year, dearest Tim! I absolutely loved reading your Best-of 2013, it's so sweet and sensitive, and always so enriching in all terms.So amazing your Mum's Xmas present and how very lovely the building of the Millennium Falcon with yr daughter ♥ my son and I are addicted to Lego's, and he's already 23 yrs old. :) Would like to thank you once again (it's never enough!) for having made my 2013 such an incredible and magical year, for all the whole lot of good you bring to my life. Wish you may accomplish most of yr dreams and plans for 2014, will be always here and anxious for your songs, for whatever you do! Much love from Portugal, always and forever *** PS - Oh, and of course SOWK IS a Classic, now and till the end of times! For me, I'm sure I'll be 80 yrs old and still will listen to it with the same emotion, joy and enthusiasm - it's an 'Anthem'!

Posted by hlimpo at 10:49pm, 02 Jan 2014

I don't see why people had to be so rude about the John Lewis Advert. It was just an advert for goodness sake. I'm glad you could see the funny side of the Private Eye cover. SOWK was ALWAYS a classic for us.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 9:15pm, 02 Jan 2014

Tim always remembered one thing about Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love Morrissey's book too,and I hope in this time of travelling you can visit southamerica, and I will waiting for these new songs that they are waiting to be written, you are a magnificent musician, Happy new year Tim!! Lot of love form Argentina.

Posted by amancay at 9:02pm, 02 Jan 2014

Millennium Falcon :-DDD Tim, please do reactivate your "Tim's Book Club", signed: your greatest follower ;-) Have a nice time enjoying your days-off and can't wait for new songs. All the best from The Frog Prince Squad!!!

Posted by Beth at 8:52pm, 02 Jan 2014

And of course Somewhere Only We Know will always be a classic!

Posted by Fly-To-Me-Keane at 5:11pm, 02 Jan 2014

That's amazing that you consider Newport Music Hall in Columbus as the best gig!!! It really was an amazing gig and I'm so glad I was there! Hope you have a fantastic 2014 Tim. Looking forward to hearing more wonderful songs!

Posted by Fly-To-Me-Keane at 5:10pm, 02 Jan 2014

Thanks sweet Tim, "The Best Of Keane" is really the best! Please keep in touch, while you are taking a break. Have a nice 2014!

Posted by angelrosie2011 at 4:27pm, 02 Jan 2014

Look at sweetie! This is the place in Buenos Aires. Check the photos! https://plus.google.com/102944826400789040777/photos/photo/55877580295 47929730

Posted by melkeaner at 3:55pm, 02 Jan 2014

Happy new year 2014 Tim! Thank you very much for this year 2013 and the Santander gig this summer. My meeting with you at the exit of the hotel is an unforgettable memory. I hope you liked caramels and flower of salt from Guérande (France). I hope that you'll compose beautiful new songs in 2014! I am waiting with impatience!

Posted by crEvEtte9578 at 3:38pm, 02 Jan 2014

Ooooh, LOVE the Falcon :D, and the fact that you built it with your daughter, that's so sweet :). I wish you all the very best for the new year, hope it'll be even better than 2013 and I cannot wait to hear any new songs that you will write :). No pressure though- make sure you enjoy the traveling as much as possible too :)! x

Posted by niki1712 at 2:21pm, 02 Jan 2014

Of all the places the band has played Tim remembers the Newport Music Hall in Columbus. I was lucky enough to go to that show. The Newport Hall is certainly not a top of the line venue. I saw Keane in Milwaukee and that venue was beautiful. The Newport Hall just has this energy about it. During the concert I was thinking to myself that this is really a lot of fun and the band really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Well I guess they really did. That place was packed wall to wall and in the balconies with people standing outside wanting to get in. It was great to see so many Keane fans who talked to each other and just had a great time. Glad you like it Tim and hopefully we'll see you there again someday. Jim

Posted by JHanna02 at 1:56pm, 02 Jan 2014

OMG! The Millennium Falcon! So burned out with Lego after I built that for myself. Haven't bought a big thing of lego ever since!

Posted by WeatherTheLizard at 12:54pm, 02 Jan 2014

Tim, I wish you a very nice 2014. Thanks for making part of our lives. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 12:50pm, 02 Jan 2014

Happy New Year Tim! Very nice to read your best of 2013, as you for me - and I think for many others on this website - are a great source of inspiration. I think Tennis Court was released in EP version only, but indeed a nice song. For sure Somewhere Only We Know" is a classic song! You still hear it these days in many best off and top lists on the radio these days. Since I first discovered SOWK in early 2004, I still regularly listen to this song without getting bored of it... I downloaded "flight radar" as well, as it is indeed fascinating to see where the planes you see flying over come from, and go to... However, my gf does not get the point of why :) As for this year, I wish you and your family the very best in health, luck and success. Enjoy travelling, which will surely be a good inspiration for new songs. Hope to see you and the other band members back in China soon, with the 2011 Burberry event still freshly in my mind. Greetings from a Dutch living in China!

Posted by Victor at 12:11pm, 02 Jan 2014

Hi Tim, Thank you for all these new songs that we discovered in 2013. You're the best to compose sublime melodies. I love all the news songs as much as the old songs. I wish you all the best for 2014. Enjoy your free time. Sorry for the mistakes. Kisses from the south of France where the sun is absent today. P.S. Cool the lego, I also gave my ten year old son a huge box of Lego but we have not yet begun to build it.

Posted by bibounette at 11:58am, 02 Jan 2014

Happy New Year to you, Tim!! I hope it brings you everything you still crave for and I hope it brings us some more music from your hands! Thanks for your "Best of 2013".... Now, was the Millenium Falcon really for your little girl or was it more for dad.... ;) And as for Flight Radar... I work in the airline industry, so I get that fascination! However, didn't you have some "fear of flying"-syndrome? Anyway, thanks for the last years! It has been a blast! I hope the future holds lots of surprises for all of us!

Posted by Sibke at 11:39am, 02 Jan 2014

That Millennium Falcon must've taken ages!

Posted by DoraF at 11:37am, 02 Jan 2014

Lovely present from your mum!!! I really like reading you!!!!

Posted by amada at 11:32am, 02 Jan 2014

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