Watch Graham Norton performance on iPlayer

14 Jan 2014
Watch Graham Norton performance on iPlayer

UPDATE: Those of you in the UK who missed last night's performance can watch it on the BBC iPlayer until next Friday by clicking here (the band are on after 34 mins). 


We're very pleased to report that the band are performing on this week's The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 in the UK on Friday. They're due to play Everybody's Changing on a show which will also feature Michael Fassbender, Lena Dunham, Olivia Colman and Idris Elba. Tune in from 22.35.


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It will finally be shown here in Australia, Sunday 9th March, 9.30. Can't wait

Posted by JDP at 10:59pm, 06 Mar 2014

Plein de Gros Bisous de France

Posted by choupette94 at 7:50pm, 27 Jan 2014

je t'embrasse trés trés tendrement ** Bonne Fête TOMY

Posted by choupette94 at 7:49pm, 27 Jan 2014

coucou TOMY** je voudrais être la première à te faire de trés gros Bisous à l 'occasion de ta Fête (saint THOMAS ) qui a lieu demain ****

Posted by choupette94 at 7:38pm, 27 Jan 2014

eww the page says I can't use bbc iplayer

Posted by lulu99 at 4:19pm, 22 Jan 2014

EC just how I am feeling right now Xxxxx

Posted by CAILY at 11:12pm, 20 Jan 2014

My Dear Friends,!!!!! I Love to see you reunited on stage! how do you explain the emotion I feel as soon as I hear music that is both Magic is so strong, that a loving invaded my heart! my happiness is so Great that my tears flow again tonight you were faithful to yourself: ** GREAT thank you all for sharing this sweet *** TOMY** I LOVE YOUR LOOK !! THANK BBC1 FOR BROACATS !!! Lot of Love to all and Big Kisses from France

Posted by choupette94 at 9:30pm, 18 Jan 2014

Very nice to see you all (nearly) live. It's a pity though that time left was so short that there was hardly time for an interview in which the new single could have been mentioned. I guess Tom and Tim were also taken by surprise how quickly it was all over. Not so nice and considerate of Graham Norton!

Posted by JoyceG at 7:33pm, 18 Jan 2014

Great performance as always. Happy to have seen you. Continue to give us news. Sorry for the mistakes. Big kisses from the south of France.

Posted by bibounette at 10:42am, 18 Jan 2014

I loved the performance, Jesse with beard looks like Macca, my favourite Beatle ever. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:34am, 18 Jan 2014

I loved It loved it! Love to hear Tom and Tim talking afterwards and joking. Thanks. You made my evening. Best wishes on baby news in March. X

Posted by chloe groom at 1:35am, 18 Jan 2014

EC is a great song but its always the one chosen for shows such as this. Why? Its been sung on Grahams show last time they appeared. I would also echo everyone else for WBB. Must mention cd 2 of the greatest hits, fantastic songs some of which I heard for the first time. Love them all. I especially like the version of UTIS, its just great. I will be tuning in tonight.

Posted by kgrist at 5:22pm, 17 Jan 2014

ValeN- I have been sarcastic on here many a time, but there was no need for that.They should be playing WBB, it is their current single and it needs more airtime, so of course fans are going to ask for it. It's not being childish to request it.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 5:10pm, 17 Jan 2014

Nice to see you popping up unexpectedly, I was fully expecting not to see you again for a long, long time. Shows at least they're still talking to each other and they see the band very much as a going concern. An excellent sign.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 7:39pm, 16 Jan 2014

Wrong song! Won't Be Broken PLEASE!!

Posted by TheWiseGeordie at 4:32pm, 16 Jan 2014

oh my god what are the chances that you go to the Graham norton show and fail to get in then get given priority tickets and you book into the next available show and KEANE are on that show? - there is a God! and thanks to my friend who booked the show! happy days!

Posted by AnnetteM at 1:47pm, 16 Jan 2014


Posted by gabriela at 5:24am, 16 Jan 2014

me gusta me gusta me gusta, TOM canta WON'T BE BROKEN por favor canta todos :)) saludos! a todos los amo en especial a TIM lo megaaaamo.

Posted by gabriela at 5:22am, 16 Jan 2014

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Great news! Love you guys! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 4:57am, 16 Jan 2014

I loved to read this kind of news. Keane really Rock! Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:43am, 16 Jan 2014

I will sit in front of the tv in Holland. :)

Posted by jado72 at 9:28pm, 15 Jan 2014

Great I will tune in, I like yours songs and band performances. I've seen you live 2 times the last year around in Holland and watched the berlin live in the cinema live. Those where one of the Highlights of 2013 for me and my ex girlfriend. I really like your new songs Higer than the sun and Russian Farmers song. But I won't be broken is the one that is mostly tuned to my current situation and feeliings. I like to sing it out loud in the car with Disconnected and Silenced by the night. It would be a nice surprise if I could bring her to the studios tommorow!

Posted by Kgrozema at 7:44am, 15 Jan 2014

Please play Won't Be Broken on the Graham Norton Show. It's such a beautiful song, the world needs to hear it! Xx.

Posted by JosieloU at 9:29pm, 14 Jan 2014

Dears Friend's ** my heart is broken because i could not be with you in your so beautiful country for two day's happiness but i would be at appointment on BBC1 at 22:"35 Evrybody's changing its my favorite song i love her more than anything **LOT OF LOVE and BIG KISSES TO ALL FROM FRANCE *** je vous adoreeeeee ** GOOD LUCK TO ALL !!!

Posted by choupette94 at 9:01pm, 14 Jan 2014

Cant wait !!

Posted by janjan at 8:51pm, 14 Jan 2014

Your people want to hear Won't Be Broken boo hoo :'( Oh,... umm.. okay. Have a happy recess my children!

Posted by ValeN at 1:21am, 14 Jan 2014

I thought they'd play WBB but it's great to see them on TV anyway :D

Posted by Rosmi Juarez at 11:23pm, 13 Jan 2014

Does any body know when this will be shown in Australia?

Posted by JDP at 10:54pm, 13 Jan 2014

Dutch time start 23.35! Looking forward to it! Hope they'll play the next single Won't be broken as well. JoyceG Holland

Posted by JoyceG at 10:18pm, 13 Jan 2014

Great news. Recorder set.

Posted by lincoln-lil at 8:57pm, 13 Jan 2014

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