Video memories #3: Spiralling

19 Jan 2014

To coincide with the release of The Best Of Keane (out now - get it from Amazon or iTunes), we asked the band to share their memories of the official videos of the songs from the album. Up next is Tim, telling us about the Spirallng video:

This is one of my favourite Keane songs and one of my favourite Keane videos. Andras Ketzer did an amazing job of articulating the darkness in the lyrics (and the music, in fact). I don't feel that we really talked about the dark atmosphere of Spiralling very much when it was released, but in fact it's a pretty sinister song about fakeness, homogenisation, narcissism….some unpleasant aspects of human behaviour that seem to be accepted staples of our culture now. Andras' video got that across far better than we ever did in interviews!

I love the way Tom moves back and forth slightly as he sings, towards and away from the screen (within a screen)…it gives his performance a kind of manic, seasick feel. I love the cookie-cutter robots and the too-perfect Metropolis-influenced sex-symbol figure. Even the technicolour screensaver-style chorus sections give you a sense of ultra-sweet tumbling into nothingness, bright but empty, heading into some distant black hole.


#2 Silenced By The Night
#1 Bend And Break

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@Indonesia: oh hey, look!! My 5yo son fave Keane song!! Ever since he heard his parents sang it (a bit horrendous though) at a karaoke night a few months ago, he's just really into Spiralling. He asks to see the video or hear it everynight, and even sort of turns into his lullaby hahaa.. his 2yo brother loves the robot movements and they both think the "ooooh" part really hilarious :D I remember saw Richard comments in an interview how they sort of want to be rock and roll so they just cry "oooh" hahahaha my fave lyrics are "I fashioned you from jewel and stone" and "when we fall in love, we just falling in love in ourselves", it's just like a slap in the face. It just WOW, Tim :)

Posted by pam.pamelia at 8:43pm, 17 Jul 2014

I loved this song! it was part of one of my mix cd's, it reminds me so much of high school and lot of oohh.. screaming in the car.

Posted by carlaricque at 3:20am, 09 Feb 2014

Thank you so much Tim, you're a genius of songwriting and a Mastermind, you "read" the human soul as no one! Spiralling is an unique piece of music, so very powerful; (as the whole Perfect Symmetry album, which I adore...) I absolutely love it played live, it's totally ...'electrifying'!!! Wasn't so fond of the video though, but reading yr memories made me realise how perfect it is for the song, and how brilliant it is. You're amazing!! Xx

Posted by hlimpo at 8:03pm, 27 Jan 2014

My favorites songs: "Someone like you", Tim - Van Morrison and "Women" John Lennon. "I loooove youuuuu well well ". Marisa Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:53am, 26 Jan 2014

thank you Tim, for sharing your memories :) I love you, you are the best songwriter and musician ever! Lots of love from Chile.

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 2:04am, 26 Jan 2014

MEMORIES # 4 : "BLACK BURNING HEART" PLEASE. El inicio es brillante como va subiendo el volumen de la melodía i el final espectacular, buscando la nota tónica i dejándolo caer como un muerto encima. Diría que el el C2. Tim, por favor, me encantaría venir a tu estudio de Sea Fog con mi marido y mi estupenda profesora de piano que se llama Marta. Vendríamos con avión desde Barcelona. T'estimo. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:43pm, 25 Jan 2014

Hi Indiegirl! If you question me if I want” to be the president, star a war, be famous… etc, etc, etc,”, definitely, NO!!! I like the song! The sound really cheers me up. And I listen it very loudly in my car every morning just to escape from reality for some minutes! Regarding to the “Won’t be Broken” song: still didn’t felt in love for that one!... When I listen that song, my first thought/feeling is: “what the well, I will not be broken. Have to move forward!…” I think that I only heard WBB the beginning to the end two or three times!... but it’s also a good song, no doubt. States of mind!... :)

Posted by helena1502 at 5:31pm, 25 Jan 2014

(it is my ringtone even though I always have a heart attack whenever aynone calls me)

Posted by lulu99 at 1:13pm, 25 Jan 2014

this song is my ringtone! LOL completely agree with indiegirl1980's post about how the composer's intentions revealed make you have a pretty different view of it than before

Posted by lulu99 at 1:12pm, 25 Jan 2014

Helena- I sing Won't Be Broken every morning before I go to work, which probably says something about my life! Funny how Spiralling still divides people down the middle all these years later.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 11:32am, 25 Jan 2014

Amazing song and video! One of my favourites! One of the things I love about you is that in each of your albums have experienced new sounds without losing your essence. I guess that becaming a fan of your with Strangeland (my favourite I must say) gave me another perspective.

Posted by marisafabi at 9:09pm, 22 Jan 2014

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** I remember well when the video came out, I was not for it, I am not sure why, I think we fans were expecting some like the OLD Keane band and it was a bit errrr disappointed; but of course it was just a first impression, because everything is so good on this CD, including this video... Love you Keane, lots of love! XXXXX Great to watch this video again... :.)

Posted by Isa at 5:33pm, 22 Jan 2014

Horrible. I do not say that lightly. This song and the album drove me away from Keane. I still can't believe the sound. It's not just because it's different. It is just not a good song no matter how much the band wants to make it look otherwise.

Posted by JHanna02 at 1:29pm, 22 Jan 2014

muy linda la canción bss desde argentina

Posted by mabe at 2:10am, 22 Jan 2014

esta GENIAL!!!!

Posted by maraza at 1:32am, 22 Jan 2014

When I heard Spiralling the first time I was completely shocked! Don't like the song and the video!

Posted by 22ivj04 at 10:17pm, 21 Jan 2014

Hate it, just awful. Along with Perfect Symetry it ranks as my least favourite Keane. In fact, those are the only two I really don't like.

Posted by JDP at 9:58pm, 21 Jan 2014

I didn't like at first but the more I listened the more I liked it. I think that Spiralling talks about how modern society is self-centered and dazzled by vanity and fame. On the other hand, this song is very sexy and full of energy. It's needless to say I love Spiralling. The vid is amazing. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:46pm, 21 Jan 2014

Memories 4: "Black Burning Heart".

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:20pm, 20 Jan 2014

I must admit, I did not like Spiralling when it came out, was really taken aback, but somehow the song and the whole PS album have grown on me. Better late than never...

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:24pm, 20 Jan 2014


Posted by choupette94 at 8:00pm, 20 Jan 2014

Spirallin!! very nice song ** all robots that walk like an army I think it represents well our modern society ** ** superb video !!!! houuuuuuuuuuu I adore

Posted by choupette94 at 7:50pm, 20 Jan 2014

Andras Ketzer: "Originario de Hungría, ahora con sede en Londres, Andras es director de 28 año de edad, animador, diseñador quien se inspiró en las formas de la vieja escuela de los estilos de gráficos de computadora de temprano Commodore 64, incluso pertenecientes a su club subterráneo. Es muy técnico y disfruta pasar el tiempo R"

Posted by OXFORDD at 11:07pm, 19 Jan 2014

I never saw Spiralling as a dark song. I let the whoos and the dah, dah, dah ,dah dah, dah DAH! misled me. It's not obviously 'dark' in the way that something like Hamburg Song or A Bad Dream is, yet, as ever, there's something else going on beneath the surface. I guess the fakery bit is the 'I fashioned you from jewels and stones/I made you in the image of myself'. I can see how that has a dark edge to it. I'll never see it as a cheery, poppy song again! Fascinating to see the songwriter's intention behind it.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 9:24pm, 19 Jan 2014

A mi particularmente me gusta más "Spirilling" in live. BBC Electric Proms.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:37pm, 19 Jan 2014

And I really hope to be here, again, with you, after the next 10 years!... mm:)

Posted by helena1502 at 8:33pm, 19 Jan 2014

Genius, just genius. Thank you Keane.

Posted by JosieloU at 8:25pm, 19 Jan 2014

El vídeo es precioso. Lo volveré a ver porqué Tim lo detalla perfectamente. Perfect Symmetry, Teldex Studios, Berlin 2008. El 6 de Octubre recibió el premio Q Award a mejor canción del año. "When we fall in love, we are just falling in love with ourselves". Para mi este 3r CD es la máxima expresividad de Tim Rice. Perfect Symmetry es la composicion que define mejor a este multinstrumentalista. Pero lo mejor de la canción és Tom Chaplin "woo". Barcelona. Os quiere Marisa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:23pm, 19 Jan 2014

Hello Tim! “Spiraling” it’s also one of my favorites of Keane! Every morning when I go to work, “Spiraling” totally cheers me up before a long work day. It’s a really good song! And the instrumental part it’s also a real blast. I love to hear it very loudly! Tim, Thanks for sharing your opinion and to allow us to do the same. :)

Posted by helena1502 at 7:50pm, 19 Jan 2014

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