Video memories #4: Atlantic

28 Jan 2014

To coincide with the release of The Best Of Keane (out now - get it from Amazon or iTunes), we asked the band to share their memories of the official videos of the songs from the album. Up next is Richard, telling us about the Atlantic video:

I can't tell you how cold that water was! The lead actor had to submerge himself in it, again and again… I also can't remember exactly how Irvine Welsh (who directed the video) and Keane came together, but this is my favourite Keane drum part, and one of our better videos - helps that we aren't in it, of course...


#3 Spiralling
#2 Silenced By The Night
#1 Bend And Break

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MY FAVORITE SONG OF YOU!!!! Simplemente es la canción más impactante de toda su discografía, y el album "under the Iron Sea" es mi favorito, aunque también me encanta "Strangeland".... Un abrazo desde México.

Posted by Freeman at 4:30am, 01 Nov 2014

@Indonesia: I always remember reading Tim's comments about this song, that it was YOUR drumming, Richard, that makes this song as magnificent as it is *standing applause*

Posted by pam.pamelia at 9:24pm, 17 Jul 2014

Wonderful and special video, a beautiful song that I'll never get tired of listen to it. What a nice memories come to my mind hearing this song ^^ I love Hopes and Fears, but I have to say that the second album is incredibly good, to me the best of your albums so far. I love you so much! Eva

Posted by evabcn at 9:03pm, 15 Mar 2014

The best Keane song for me and the best videoclip. Une chanson "habitée", melancoly, wonderful melody..."The Keane that blew me away " yes JHanna02 !

Posted by athallie at 11:18pm, 05 Mar 2014

At the end of Playing Along is also a fantastic drum part.

Posted by jado72 at 6:31pm, 06 Feb 2014


Posted by gabriela at 11:48pm, 03 Feb 2014

yesterday my dad told me he thought drums were just a kind of support for the music but not that important, and I was just like NAH-AH! I told him there was this song called Atlantic that had a beautiful drumbeat without which the song wouldn't be half as beautiful. After listening to it, he agreed with me. lulu: 1, dad: 0. Thanks Richard for helping prove my dad wrong! It's always fun!

Posted by lulu99 at 8:56pm, 03 Feb 2014

Memories # 5: Vídeo Vevo "Sovereign Light Café" "Keane: 'We weren't writing something as good as Sgt Pepper so we had to try harder" El final parece la foto de portada de Sgt. Pepper. Esta canción es preciosa.

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:34pm, 31 Jan 2014

wo! i can't guess but the weather seems ccold :o my favorite song too.

Posted by gabriela at 5:33pm, 31 Jan 2014

I've never seen this video or heard this longer version of Atlantic. How is this possible ? shame on me !!!!! I always found the introduction of this song so great but too short. Now, I discovered this longer version (thank you Richard) with a musical introduction that lasts almost two minutes. That's great, I love it. I regret that this version is not on the album Iron Sea. What a pity. Sorry for the mistakes. Big kiss from the south of France.

Posted by bibounette at 8:52am, 31 Jan 2014

It's the first time that I watch this vid, it's very gloomy, but translates the song atmosphere. At the end there is something of Magical Mystery Tour. Rich, your beats are fantastic. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 12:31pm, 30 Jan 2014

Durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial (1939 - 1945) el estadounidense Harold B. Rhodes (1910-2000) fue reclutado en la aviación y en sus ratos libres enseñaba piano a sus compañeros. El médico de la base le sugirió que creara un programa de terapia musical para los soldados heridos, muchos de ellos postrados e incapaces de moverse. Pero los pianos eran pesadísimos y difíciles de transportar. Apenas terminó la guerra, la solución de Rhodes fue hacer el piano de juguete Xilette. Tenía un mecanismo interno similar a un xilófonos (con sonido parecido al metalófono), hecho con los tubos de aluminio provenientes de las alas de los bombarderos B-17. El piano tenía 30 teclas de tamaño normal (dos octavas y media). Fue un gran éxito y se produjeron varios miles de pianos. Incluso después de la guerra Rhodes ganó un reconocimiento firmado por el general Patton y una medalla por su invento terapéutico. Entre 1946 y 1950, Rhodes creó el Pre-piano, que era un desarrollo del Xilette, ya con el mecanismo típico del futuro piano eléctrico Rhodes.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:42am, 30 Jan 2014

I can well believe how cold the water was, Richard! And where has Tom gone?

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 8:30pm, 29 Jan 2014

Para mí lo mejor son las voces. Y los tambores de Richard van a ritmo para dar a esta canción el aire tenebroso y en definitiva es la frialdad del mar Atlántico comparada con la muerte. "Under the Iron Sea". Es mi álbum preferido.

Posted by OXFORDD at 6:40pm, 29 Jan 2014

The first rhodes under the BMaj7 chord are played with Rice-Oxley's electric piano instrumentally. After 30 seconds, the bass and drums are added. Within 59 seconds, the shorter version appearing on the albums starts (running 19 seconds on that version). The weird intro of the drums was a particular reason for Rice-Oxley to include it on the album. Chaplin vocals are then introduced, without drums for 16 beats. Clocking 3:27 on the video and 2:32 on the album, the song drastically changes its tone to introduce the chorus and the final part, converting automatically the song in a ballad. While the album version fades with strings, the video version incorporates the outro of "The Iron Sea", with strange and electronic sounds including echoes and voices. Marisa. Barcelona.

Posted by OXFORDD at 6:36pm, 29 Jan 2014

This is Keane. The Keane that blew me away with these songs and sounds I had never heard before. Beautiful. The video is Ok. I also think Richards drums could have been used more effectively in other songs also. But, can't really complain about the first two records much. They are and always will be my two favorite records.

Posted by JHanna02 at 11:47am, 29 Jan 2014

Hi Richard I am very happy to find you,!!!! do not to watch dates of concerts on your site i miss it *** I hope that these moment of happiness will return very quickly ***** ATLANTIC **the first time I saw this video I felt many l emotion of sadness then often seeing I learned al 'I say a big congratulations to this the actor ..::thank for others video SILENCED BY THE NIGHT it's song talk about a great story of love ; it's very romantic !! a beautiful song ; wonderful video *** i love *** i hope to see you soon Big kisses from France

Posted by choupette94 at 5:42am, 29 Jan 2014

ISA, from Brasil, São Paulo **** I always will be frank with my favourite band: marvelous song, horrible video... Lots of love! XXXXX

Posted by Isa at 9:21pm, 28 Jan 2014

Haunting song, appropriate video. Wish you had done more drum parts like this one or the one on Broken Toy...

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 3:24pm, 28 Jan 2014

Wonderful video. Thanks for this :) Makes me feel in 2006-07 when you released this album, a lot of memories.

Posted by jUANI_HERRERA at 1:18pm, 28 Jan 2014

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