Video memories #6: Bedshaped

06 Mar 2014

To celebrate the release of The Best Of Keane (out now - get it from Amazon or iTunes), we asked the band to share their memories of the official videos of the songs from the album. Next up is Tim, on Bedshaped.

This video is so brilliant that there's almost nothing to say about it. Corin Hardy had already made our first proper video (Somewhere Only We Know), and we had already seen his incredible stop-motion short film Butterfly. We would never have dared to ask him to let us use his very personal and extremely emotional film to accompany one of our songs, but Corin suggested it and the rest was easy.

Corin added some very clever touches to incorporate the song into the existing film - where the man looks up at the windows and sees the band playing…the "On Your Own?" poster…the lyrics on the toilet wall…the white light flooding through the walls as they collapse. In an era when pretty much any production miracle can be spirited into life with a computer and a few clicks of a mouse, it's worth giving special mention to the performance footage at the end. Every single frame of that section (there are about 500 I believe) was hand-drawn by the wondrous Dave Lupton over the course of a few exhausting days. Corin and Dave created an incredible work of art that I think is one of the most powerful music videos you could ever hope to see. We're very privileged to be a part of it.



#5 DIsconnected
#4 Atlantic
#3 Spiralling
#2 Silenced By The Night
#1 Bend And Break


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Posted by 3waymovers at 1:41pm, 07 Dec 2014

To say that Keane very important for me...nothing to say. The Music of Keane revived me from ruins of my own, from such condition when all feeling has died Now your songs are my energy. With your music I share all moments of my life Thank you,Keane, for what you have done. As for this song ... every time I hear it my heart is broken and I'm in tears. You are so unique! Only you can make such masterpieces. Miss you, with love from Russia

Posted by noranoth at 7:57am, 18 Nov 2014

I cannot thank Keane enough for making my good memories. Being there when I really needed something to help me. Keane has helped me so much and I really love them. Listening to one of their songs is like receiving a hug from a dearly loved one. :)

Posted by Sherlocked at 3:10am, 04 Aug 2014

I watched this video when I was about 7 for the first time! I was so scared by it but I couldn't stop watching! I am 15 now and I am still frightened but so in love with the song. :) It holds good and bad memories for me. Actually every Keane song! Mostly good memories thankfully! :)

Posted by Sherlocked at 12:35am, 04 Aug 2014

missing you boys :/

Posted by gabriela at 12:55am, 13 Jul 2014

Amo esta canción, ahora por cuestiones de la vida, me he sentido asi, pero se que lo lograré, lo lograré!!!Gracias Keane, la musica mas hermosa, cada vez que los escucho me dan fe, esperanza, gracias Keane.

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 11:24pm, 30 Mar 2014

Absolutely right that you should want to keep your family life private. Just wanted to send love and best wishes on the arrival of your baby daughter. Treasure every moment they do grow up so fast.

Posted by CAILY at 4:46pm, 23 Mar 2014

TOMY hello! ! I just learned by the new FB friends * happy birth of your little girl as she arrived in the spring on March 20 to fill you with happiness!!!!!! that's a nice source of inspiration for your future all my songs ** CONGRULATIONS the Happy parents MUCCH HAPPINESS this little Angel ****** i hope she has eyes LOT OF LOVE and BIG KISSES from France

Posted by choupette94 at 8:28am, 23 Mar 2014

# 7 "Everybody's Changing" next video. Tim is my musician love. You would come back. would I have got your twitter, please ? Desde que no compones públicamente no me pongo al piano a tocar el nivel basico fundamental que tengo. Me encantaria que vinieses a casa a tocar "Nothing in my way"; "A bad dream". Tu máximo joby es viajar i aprender Tim. Para mi és que me vinieran a casa grupos que realmente hacen música y la sienten y me hicieran un miniconcierto in live. Petons. Barcelona. Te aprecia con cariño.

Posted by OXFORDD at 11:21am, 17 Mar 2014

This song is indeed one of my favourite ones, just every time I listen to it, it makes me feel sth really special and emotional inside, and of course the video represented perfectly these emotions. Its been a long time without writing here (bcoz studies and other staff), and today I just have the feeling to do it after watching your documentary of Hopes and fears. I can only say THANKS to have created so masterpieces as Bedshaped because I always that I listen to them, they make me feel so much better. I love your music and you're one of the few good bands at this moment of the music, where creativity seems to disappear. I hope you still working in new songs for a next album. Hope to see you again soon in a gig in Barcelona. You're always welcome! Una forta abraçada, Eva

Posted by evabcn at 8:56pm, 15 Mar 2014

es uno de mis videos favoritos chicos..me encanta esta canción...los quiero bss

Posted by mabe at 10:01pm, 12 Mar 2014

Hi guys, that memories, their music is strange, Happy birthday Tom!

Posted by natalia1234 at 6:44pm, 12 Mar 2014

Hi Dear Friends! since the cessation of your concerts, I surf on all possible sites to find of news from you, I 'd like follow your news**, I know that this is your private life and that you enjoy this break for you rest; but it would be great of know if Tim consists of new songs or the cd Tomy advance * Richard is he gone to great pictures at the corners of the world that I'm on is jessy dad should enjoy her children!! I miss you enormously at when a show at london this ambiance also i miss ** i hope see you soon !!! LOT OF LOVE AND BIG KISSESTO ALL FROM FRANCE **

Posted by choupette94 at 4:46am, 12 Mar 2014


Posted by gabriela at 4:09am, 10 Mar 2014

Happy Birthday sweet Tom and Happy Women's Day for all Keane girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by angelrosie at 7:09pm, 09 Mar 2014

Happy Brithday!!! Tom :) I love you. Hugs and kisses

Posted by Iveth at 4:10am, 09 Mar 2014

Beautiful song!!!!!!!!!! I love!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!! come back to Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Cassi at 2:44am, 09 Mar 2014

Happy birthday Tom X x x x x x x x x x x x!

Posted by CAILY at 10:07pm, 08 Mar 2014

I learned to like this song, but the vid was love at first. Tom, Happy B-Day! Women, for all places Happy Day!

Posted by Regina Brz at 5:23pm, 08 Mar 2014

Feliz Aniversário Tom!!!! S2 Que Deus abençoe cada dia da sua vida e carreira!!! Parabéns!!!!

Posted by ericareis at 2:52pm, 08 Mar 2014

Happy Birthday Tom! I wish you all the very best because you deserve this and so much more. I wish you lots of health, love, joy and happiness. never stop being the perfect singer ever and making the most beautiful music. wish all of your dreams to come true :) I must say that I wouldn't be the person I am without you and Keane. You made me the happiest person in the world! I wish you so much success with the solo album you work on and with everything you're about to do in your life :) you are the sunshine of my life! you brighten all my days with your SPECIAL voice :) you are my angel, my idol and my inspiration and I hope that one day you'll come to perform here in my country, in Israel :) I've known you and keane for 7 years now and I'm so glad about that, knowing such a band like keane is a gift! so I hope you're having the most amazing day and enjoying it to the fullest!!! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH Tommmmy! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Marielle♥Israel

Posted by Marielle (: at 2:43pm, 08 Mar 2014

Happy birthday Tom. Have a nice day.

Posted by jado72 at 11:05am, 08 Mar 2014


Posted by Alekeane at 1:46am, 08 Mar 2014

Hi TiM ** I very happy to find you *** it' is right this song is wonderful i like it very much as all your songs **the video we made to share the emotion very strong of text ** Bravo TIM your writting is magnificient !! congratulations at auteurs of this video ** *I Miss you !! my life is Empty without you ** Please Come Back** *BIG KISSES FROM FRANCE ** KEANE I LOVE YOU

Posted by choupette94 at 8:23pm, 07 Mar 2014

"Corin initially came to the attention of the world with his much-awarded animation short, Butterfly. Having premiered this film at Edinburgh, the move into music videos followed and Corin has directed many pieces of work for a diverse range of artists from pop idols to The Prodigy. Corin continues to create cutting edge and challenging videos and has won numerous MVA's and a Rushes Soho shorts prize as well as many international awards. He was recently selected as a 'star of tomorrow' by screen international and has a number of features in development.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:14pm, 07 Mar 2014

"On Your Own?" Es mi video preferido. Los dibujos son fantásticos. Las secuencias van al ritmo de la música. Para mi el protagonista es Tom. Sale de una caja en un cementerio se levanta totalmente bebido; diambula por las calles hasta caer bien bajo. En un water. El gato le sigue a todos los sitios. Y es excelente como va escribiendo en las paredes del water su propia situación mientras aparecen las imágenes de la banda tocando. Al final el gato le da una bolsa con el pantalón para vestirse. Sale de las tinieblas para enfrentarse al exterior. La luz del exterior. La realidad tan difícil a veces de enguñir. Siendo un magnífico video, la música sigue superando el sentimiento de hasta donde podemos caer y lo que cuesta levantarse. Las primeras notas, parece que vengan de la ultratumba. Y las últimas que para mi son semicorcheras van a desenlazar a la nota tonica recordando el inicio. Es una composición preciosa y podría sonar junto con el vídeo sin letra. Porqué transmite el vacío interior y como al final la gente nos reconoce que a veces hecha para atrás. Marisa. Barcelona. Una seguidora de Tim Rice. Besos. Te aprecia.

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:55pm, 07 Mar 2014

Incredible song! Great video! The biggest longing!

Posted by roosyangel at 6:23pm, 07 Mar 2014

I can's stop crying when i see the video and listen to music.It's because of my being oversensitive and i think this song is really powerful.Thank you keane.I love you with all my heart.

Posted by Kate Ray at 6:04pm, 07 Mar 2014

That´s a lovely way to celebrate The Best Of Keane! Thanks! It also would be a lovely way to celebrate The Best Of Keane with a release of a DVD from the Berlin gig last year, please! As it isn´t logically at the moment available from Amazon or iTunes or dusted record-stores/supermarkets where people go inside to buy a physical product, etc... I don´t care why till now it wasn´t released but I had last week birthday. I humble I know! Besides I was lucky to attend that named gig aaaaaannd I would be happy to have this memory on DVD ( even I stood clever on a dark corner of a column on the right side & wasn´t to be seen on screen, anyway! (blah, blah)) instead of watching some videos on YouTube. Please, release it someday!

Posted by Johanna at 1:54pm, 07 Mar 2014

An exceptional video for an amazing song... One of my favs!! Haven't you thought of working with him in another video?? HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE =)

Posted by Dra_House at 11:26am, 07 Mar 2014

I agree with you. This video is one of my favourites. The song, the lyrics and the film assembled so well! Songs like this has changed people lives. In my case is one of my favourites songs. It's plenty of memories about Keane. It was one of the first songs which I felt in love with Keane music, one of the latest songs that you played at Luna Park in Buenos Aires when I saw you live the last year and the song that almost can't sing because I had sung too loud the entire show that I had no voice. I think the song is so powerful and emotional, all the songs that you write have this personal touch. I love the way you express the feelings in your music. Sometimes I think that is so important find the meaning of our journey in this life that is only a short road, I think you have already find it. Your music bring a beautiful energy into people, into this life full of devastation, the positive ilusion of reflect on what we are, what we feel. Thank you so much for inspire a lot of people with your amazing work. You're a wonderful soul, never stop creating. Greetings from Argentina, we miss you so much! Come back soon! PD: Maybe Mt. Desolation could come back :D Richard could take part in this beautiful project and Fimbo and him (both) could play drums :D

Posted by sunshine_ceci at 11:10pm, 06 Mar 2014

An oustanding combination of music & video, truly one of the best ever created. So beautiful, so haunting. Bedshaped is one of the many reasons why Keane is the best band in the world.

Posted by JDP at 10:56pm, 06 Mar 2014

If I really have to refer a most loved song from Hopes & Fears, it will be Bedshaped. It's a true masterpiece, breathtaking song. And the video does it "full justice", in all terms: genius, utterly beautiful, heartbreaking. Can watch it timelessly and always feel the same so deep emotions, as it happens with the song. Two works of art. Tk you so much Tim, always so amazing to read yr words. Hope you're very well, much love from Lisbon - miss you all loads! xxxx

Posted by hlimpo at 10:42pm, 06 Mar 2014

One of the most beautiful songs and video...I miss you Tim!!!!!!!!!!! Please make some new music!!!!!!

Posted by XuliKeane at 9:48pm, 06 Mar 2014

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