Check out Wolf Gang's new video

20 Jun 2014

Check out the great new video for Black River from Wolf Gang, who previously supported the band.

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Rubbish song. What is it doing on this website?

Posted by Son2 at 9:09am, 12 Aug 2014

It's been so long, since I wrote something, but when I saw this I had to let you know. I'm surprised to see this on your website. What is this?! I've never heard this before, but it sounds really good. They've got influences from other great bands that people listen to. I like this song! I'm not sure if this song is classical or not, but if it is, it's fun to hear this song then, I think. If it's jazz or classical, I really don't care which genre it is. I want to hear from Keane. WHAT'S HAPPENING, GUYS? LEMME KNOW. I know that Tim and Tim are working with their own songs, and I want to know more. LEMME KNOW, PLEASE? How's it going?

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 11:46pm, 27 Jul 2014

all the silence where are you ??? PLEASE !!! give us your news ...... YOU MISS US !!!!! LOT OF LOVE AND BIG KISS TO ALL FROM FRANCE

Posted by choupette94 at 5:55am, 10 Jul 2014

Rubbish song. What is it doing on this website?

Posted by Son2 at 8:29am, 09 Jul 2014

Thank you for your interest. To remove breast fluid they had to enter the syringe without anesthesia and traversed more than half chest.This, if it is acamponyas with the song "A bad dream" for a scene in a movie. Thank you fan of Keane.

Posted by OXFORDD at 10:22am, 08 Jul 2014

Hi oxfordd sorry I'm not on facebook. Hope you had Good news. I wanted to wish you the best because it Happened to me and you're a fellow Keane fan!

Posted by kgrist at 2:52pm, 07 Jul 2014

Nice song, even being in a pause, Keane are great, giving a hand of help to other band...Really nice of them. About Oxorford, I hope there's everything all right, I work in a clinic of imagiology (ultrasound, TAC, MR, ect), if you need something, any dought, you can tell. It will be everthing good with you.

Posted by Karlitachaplin at 12:24pm, 07 Jul 2014

I like to can speak by facebook with "kgrist". would you give me your address, please ? Thank you.

Posted by OXFORDD at 11:57am, 07 Jul 2014

Good luck Oxfordd - I had that also. You'll be ok. I also love Fly To Me, its a fantastic song.

Posted by kgrist at 5:49pm, 03 Jul 2014

yesterday I had a puncture of a cyst in the left breast. I wait about two days the result. Keane's music will listen to evade me.

Posted by OXFORDD at 8:30am, 02 Jul 2014


Posted by gabriela at 5:06am, 02 Jul 2014


Posted by gabriela at 5:03am, 02 Jul 2014

Rubbish song. What is it doing on this website?

Posted by Son2 at 11:33am, 28 Jun 2014

There is a connection with Keane even in the music. Maybe the band should have an "inspired by Keane" series like this track. I though The Candle Thieves and The Beautiful Sky would fit better on this type of video recommendation by Keane during their break, but I don't t this they got to play with Keane... too bad...

Posted by LIKE2KEANE at 1:04am, 28 Jun 2014

Hola, Tim. Te encuentro muchísimo en falta. Me encantaría ver què haces en tu estudio de Sea Fog. Ayer por la tarde vi el documental de "Under The Iron Sea" . El estudio de Heliocentric Studios. Cómo graduabas el sonido con un transformador. Cuando conseguías el tono te ponías a tocar la melodia con la mano derecha en el Yamaha CP60. Conocerte sería un placer musical. También miré un documental donde estabas en una buhardilla. Cuántas horas al dia estás delante del piano Tim ? Qué acordes te producen sensaciones más intensas ó te identificas más con su sonido ?

Posted by OXFORDD at 9:03am, 25 Jun 2014

Just back from my vacation. Of course I immediately checked if there is news about Keane. I was disappointed!! The news on this page of the KEANE-SITE is not about Keane! :(

Posted by jado72 at 3:49pm, 24 Jun 2014

Awful song and awful video. Truth above all, right?

Posted by helena1502 at 11:16pm, 23 Jun 2014

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

Posted by OXFORDD at 12:29pm, 23 Jun 2014

this song is not bad! but it is not KEANE Can you tell me what is the future of this great band that I love that makes me share many emotions with their beautiful music here is the news that i would like read on the site !! BIG KISS TO ALL FROM FRANCE

Posted by choupette94 at 5:59pm, 22 Jun 2014

hahaha come on! boys are you kidding?? :p anyway have an excelent time greetings from Mex.

Posted by gabriela at 11:53pm, 21 Jun 2014

Where are we now? Now, while the Keane website is posting videos of former Keane support bands!!!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:25pm, 21 Jun 2014

I like very very very much "Love never felt so good". Justin Timberlake not dance please. Un ritmo único. Estás sentado oyendolo y se te van las piernas.

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:28pm, 20 Jun 2014

"Suave panache" is it sweet jazz music ? Anybody knows what stile Wolf Gang´s sound ? will the music come back to remember any Jazz musicals notes ? I like soul and classic music. "Fly to me", "Sea Fog" and Hamburg song are Classic Music for me.

Posted by OXFORDD at 7:06pm, 20 Jun 2014

Coldplay's sound. The British group’s sound packs in an abundance of suave panache. I don't know what's means "suave panache". Marisa. Barcelona. Little original.

Posted by OXFORDD at 6:57pm, 20 Jun 2014

Great video and song!

Posted by marisafabi at 5:33pm, 20 Jun 2014

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