Hear Zulu Winter's new track

10 Jul 2014

Check out Feel Love, the new track by former Keane support act Zulu Winter.

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I think that there are too rude people commenting in here. If you don´t like it leave the link with the ZW's song. It's so easy. Zulu Winter was a supporting band when Keane were on tour. I saw them in Stockholm and I liked them very much. The same was with Hoodlums that was a supporting band in Brixton Academy and I liked them too. Keane is being nice with these supporting bands and are linking some of their music here. I agree that we want to see Keane stuff and you have the right to say you don't like them but so is life... Keane aren't working together right now. Don't be rude to these supporting bands like that. It's not the same to say you don't like them than to say they are shit... because Keane are being nice to them...and you don't have to watch it if you don't want. Love you guys! Miss u! Lots of hugs from Sweden!

Posted by monimed_75 at 2:33pm, 18 Oct 2014

Yes, josse.r@hotmail.com , I am a girl. OK, Mr KM. Listen. SOMEONE HIRED A SECRETARY FOR ZULU WHATEVER! And guess what! IT WASN'T JUST FOR BANGING! It was for making a website and POSTING NEWS ON IT! Do you think she's posted any Keane need in the last 3 months? Nope. Which is exactly right, because it is not the Keane Website. It's the ZW website. So why is ZW stuff being posted HERE? I do not see a reason why you should publish this crap here except for two reasons: 1, you are being payed by ZW to do it, in which case THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS ROTTEN AND MESSED UP, or 2, you happen to be the same guy who runs ZW's page and you got confused about what you were posting where, in which case, LEARN TO READ. With love, a Keane fan

Posted by lulu99 at 2:04am, 04 Aug 2014

I agree with lulu99, can you tell me, are you a boy or a girl? I think you're a girl, when I read your username on this website, however, I thought this was ONLY KEANE'S WEBSITE, THEIR OWN OFFICIAL WEBSITE, YOU KNOW. When I was signing up... I can't really remember when I signed up, but I thought that I'd get news from Keane and not shit... like this. OK. We can't blame those who have created this website, because they have been the ones who's made it, I think. Well, I really don't know how you're doing it with a website, 'cause I've never made my own website... but it should be easy. But we can't blame anyone for this, most of all the person who posts this. I should make my point any way. So... I agree with you, lulu99. I'd go to their own website, 'cause someone or anyone else has created their website, and anywhere I'll have news from this band, or artist, whatever it is. I really don't care, because this is supposed to be KEANE'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE. KEANE! KEANE! KEANE!

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 12:08am, 28 Jul 2014

If this means that this, or that have been a support for Keane, I'm glad to hear about it. But don't let me know that they'll be having a break for 3 three, or how long they'll be having a break. PLEASE, GET BACK TOGETHER AND PLAY SONGS TOGETHER! Or let me hear a song. Tom, sing a song. Tim, play your piano and throw yourself around, because I've read on another thing that was posted here, on this website. You're throwing yourself around when you play piano and it's fun to see you at the piano, playing while Tom sings, and Richard plays the drums. I can't forget about Jesse. He is amazing! You're amazing guys. But where are you?! I miss you so so much. But I can't give a damn about this Zulu thing, whatever because I have MORE LOVE TO GIVE TO U AND HUGS AND KISSES / FROM SWEDEN!!

Posted by josse.r@hotmail.com at 11:57pm, 27 Jul 2014

When I signed up to this website I thought al was signing up to Keane's official site. If I were to be interested (which I'm not) in Zulu Whatever, I would go to their page which I'm sure they have one themselves. Since I happen to not give a damn, just like every one else, I suggest you stop filling the HomePage with unnecessary sh*t. XOXO, a Keane fan

Posted by lulu99 at 5:34pm, 27 Jul 2014

¿Keane? :(

Posted by sebamaulen at 2:39am, 15 Jul 2014

ZULU WINTER ** it's with you that I 've discovered ; first part of a wonderful concert; in London June 8, 2012 concert which I have never been as happy as this weekend **since time soon as I listen to my memory made ​​me relive this wonderful evening ** I wish them much success and their find why not on stage with you ** could you tell us when will we have immence happiness you find all four for a WONDERFUL concert**** I hope very soon ** I miss you! much love and very big hugs to all rom France ** je vous adoreeeeeeeeeee

Posted by choupette94 at 6:19am, 13 Jul 2014

Has anyone heard anything about Tom's performing at a celebration of the songwriting of Tim at London's R F H?

Posted by jado72 at 2:46pm, 12 Jul 2014

It's even worse than Wof Gang's one!

Posted by Son2 at 4:49pm, 11 Jul 2014

Another pile of rubbish.

Posted by Son2 at 4:47pm, 11 Jul 2014

The end is the best part. A bit boring, like this website at the moment... I still miss you a lot guys!

Posted by Marigold at 2:05pm, 11 Jul 2014

Oooooops, they did it again. And what has happened to the Video Memories?

Posted by JDP at 12:27am, 11 Jul 2014

Yes, it sounds that we have to endure Keane taking a break for 3 years. This is a sad time for us!

Posted by roosyangel at 7:04pm, 10 Jul 2014

I mean, again someone other than Keane on this site?

Posted by jado72 at 4:59pm, 10 Jul 2014


Posted by jado72 at 4:52pm, 10 Jul 2014

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