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19 Apr 2012

You can now preview all of Strangeland's tracks right here on km.com ahead of the album's release on 7th May (8th May in the U.S.). Click on the interactive artwork below - then let us know your favourite tracks in the comments.

Comments (115)

Only just listened to Neon River so far, have yet to discover the other ones, but I love it and... hasn't Tom's voice matured! I wasn't sure it was him at first, then it was unmistakable after a few bars, and yet again I was blown away. So pleased that the album has been so well received, love those boys.

Posted by crazy4hazy at 9:59am, 17 May 2012

I've heard them all in full length and I love Sovereign Light Cafe and Neon River. :-)

Posted by ingridsomers at 11:40am, 10 May 2012

My favorite is In Your Own Time, overall great album! Thanks Keane!

Posted by jkmnjusa at 12:09am, 09 May 2012

"to some long - forgot - ten night" that line in Neon River is SOOOO greatly sung! I LOVE The Starting Line & Watch How You Go. I also Love Silenced By The Night and Sovereign Light Cafe..oh, and Sea Fog....just a matter of time since I LOVE this entire "album" cheers guys! Congratulations!

Posted by mikemomusic at 2:24am, 04 May 2012

You guys!!! One of the only bands (if not the only) from whom I can just buy an album on faith, and yet one of the few bands who will give us a taste of the songs before the album is released! As far as my favourite goes... I keep thinking I've got one, then I give a quick listen to the others to make sure, and I can't decide again! hahaha That being said, I'm pretty partial to Neon River. (...and Day Will Come) Keep it up guys; very Bangarang!!!

Posted by brh2oz at 1:19am, 04 May 2012

Sea Fog es por lejos la que mas me gusta in love with Sea Fog

Posted by diego566 at 10:34pm, 03 May 2012

Don´t you shiver when you listen to SEA FOG? I REALLY DO!

Posted by RxKEANE at 3:02pm, 01 May 2012

To the Island Man I met at the Amazon event, its 'Watch How You Go' that reminds me of the Beatles!

Posted by ahhceo at 3:53pm, 30 Apr 2012

"Neon River", "Watch How You Go", "In Your Own Time" and "Sea Fog" have a very great unusual sound. It is the narcomanic sound, in a good way, of cource. :) These songs don't go out from my mind, and I like it very much. I can't wait for the new album anymore. Where is the 7th May??? I love you, Keane.

Posted by Mr_Chelsea at 5:12pm, 29 Apr 2012

boys i love this so much! obsessed with 'on the road' and 'watch how you go' !!! seeing you live at brixton on the 8th of june, cannot wait! see you there :) xxxxxx

Posted by izzycottee at 9:16pm, 28 Apr 2012

"On The Road" is a song "white raven", I think. All the songs are very beautiful and "On The Road" is stands out in this group. If not it, I would call this album as ideal. Sorry, this song is a little mistake from You. I'am honest, sorry if something is not wrong. I love you, Keane.

Posted by Mr_Chelsea at 9:06pm, 28 Apr 2012

Just love DISCONNECTED, especially now I've discovered the video on Virgin music!

Posted by ahhceo at 10:42am, 28 Apr 2012


Posted by thomas_chaplin at 3:25pm, 27 Apr 2012

Truly love all songs but "In your own time" wow!!

Posted by saigalaxy at 10:23pm, 26 Apr 2012

Based on the previews, I would say my favourite tracks are: Silenced by the night, Disconnected, Watch how you go, Sovereign Light Café, The starting line, and Strangeland....might revise it when I hear the full versions! Sounds like a great album

Posted by janemccabe at 1:28pm, 26 Apr 2012

This cd sounds great just by the clips! Thanks Keane cant wait for the album to come........ My favourite tracks just by the previews alone are:On the Road as i can literally cannot get it out of my head and Watch How You Go as its meaning and deepness relate to me and my heart. Thanks Keane for such wonderful songs.

Posted by BenBen at 1:05pm, 26 Apr 2012

I like On The Road and Sea Fog. Can't wait to hear the whole album though! :D

Posted by enlaron at 11:48am, 26 Apr 2012


Posted by marianelakeane at 12:22am, 26 Apr 2012

disconnected, black rain, and day will come

Posted by pooka94 at 11:42pm, 25 Apr 2012

by the way.. my favourites so far are "Myth", "Disconnected", "Silenced by the nigth", and the count goes on.. xD

Posted by ARADF at 9:10pm, 25 Apr 2012

I can't wait to hear the entire album¡¡ .. please come to MEXICO soooonnn.. luv you guys C=

Posted by ARADF at 9:07pm, 25 Apr 2012

Surprised there's not more love here for "You Are Young" -- love the song's relentless driving spirit; it's my favorite! (Along with the hard-to-get b-side, "Myth")

Posted by bflo11 at 7:36pm, 25 Apr 2012

I went to the grocery store tonight, and being that it was late there were only a few people there...I started singing "Watch how you go" to myself before I realized I was doing it! Can't wait to get the album and hear all the songs in their entirety :)

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 3:52am, 25 Apr 2012

I love Sovereign Light Café and Watch How You Go. I can't wait to see you in Leeds in May and I hope you'll come to Belgium too later this year!! Thanks for making this beautiful music. My absolute favourit Keane song is Perfect Symmetry, but maybe in this new album there will be something better?

Posted by ingridsomers at 10:39am, 24 Apr 2012

oh please I can not choose them all? I mean black rain is beautiful but also but also The Starting Line Watch How You Go and and Fog is what is also I mean is a bit of each song but it sounds so wonderful P.S. by the way I mean this in the interactive menu is a luxury is great

Posted by rose chaplin at 12:52am, 24 Apr 2012

I so wish I could loop these song samples so I could keep hearing them! Tim, your song writing is simply amazing. It's possible to connect with every one of these songs!

Posted by trishkc at 6:53pm, 23 Apr 2012

All the songs are amazing!!! But my absolute favorites at the moment are ''In Your Own Time'' and ''Day Will Come''.

Posted by avery at 9:19am, 23 Apr 2012

'Watch How You Go', I always heard this song several times!! Listening to her, gives me hope that everything will be better! Thanks =)

Posted by jal at 5:02am, 23 Apr 2012

Day will Come!!! :D

Posted by PepeRoman at 4:51am, 23 Apr 2012

Stangeland is going to be my favorite always, but i think black rain sounds PERFECT the kind of song tha i prefer LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! greetings from Mexico City

Posted by endyhill at 3:45am, 23 Apr 2012

i have a bad notice: i dont have a favorite one! its to hard. i tried and tried and no, i love all of them. Cause they are really A-W-E-S-O-M-E&P-E-R-F-E-C-T i died and born one million of times when i heard the new album :'D GUYS you're the best thing that happen to me; seriously. When nobody was for me, you were there :D i love the music, but i have to say that you dont do music, you do souls ♥ and divine melodies ♥ i listen and listen and i never get tired of you. I just play all the day (literal) all of your albums. I want that you come to mexico please! to monterrey, mexico . And i would be the happiness person in the world, well i am in this moment with 'strangeland' but please! . For last, i love you guys forever♥ and never stop to do music :D kisses and hughs ..lorena :D

Posted by loreiin at 3:37am, 23 Apr 2012

good now i made the long comento again why? because i love your music and of course the new album, and here it is so YOU ARE YOUNG beautiful song created ,is like i want to go outand run with that song and sing out loud cuz im young :), and then SILENCED BY THE NIGHT i cant describe how i fell about this one but totaly captured the phrase i wanna love the way we used to then, so right adn so melancolic, DISCONNECTED i loved the tune and that way to express when disconnection appears,WATCH HOW YOU GO is lovely perfect for saying good bye to a loved one who doesnt love you back u.u, SOVEREIGN LIGHT CAFE i pretty much fall in love with the song since that september 19 of 2009 lovely, ON THE ROAD i like it like for my dearest friend, THE STARTING LINE god now for me is all about start since i kept so quiet for a long time and this song was a perfect life motivation for me, so right, BLACK RAIN i like when tim sang this song is kinda dark but so good not everything in life is bright, NEON RIVER i like it a lot tom voice is so deep, DAY WILL COME jesse seems the soul of the song with the choirs, and it was a bit of a challenge, since mi natal language is spanish, IN YOUR OWN TIME i just have listened a couple of minutes of it and i fekll in love, cant wait to listen completely is was perfect, SEA FOG masterpice whata combination of perfect voice ,perfect piano ,perfect tune ,perfect lyrics simply perfect so, i loved all the new album for real and a lot of people says that you are back but for me you never left you were always there making excelent music and im a huge fan and i really support you guys :) thank you very much.

Posted by karlav at 1:24am, 23 Apr 2012

I like 'Silenced by the Night' and feel connected with 'Watch How You Go' :)

Posted by spy008 at 8:45pm, 22 Apr 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Writing in the dark... I loved In your own time, I think is my favourite in the cd... Lots of love! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 7:15pm, 22 Apr 2012

Strangeland I think will be a good job I love every song... KEANE♥ come to PERU please!

Posted by liz Handshake at 3:14pm, 22 Apr 2012

Wonderful!!! I am impatient to listen to the whole new disc. The starting line has inspired love in me. KEANE FOREVER AND EVER!!!!

Posted by RxKEANE at 1:35pm, 22 Apr 2012

By the way, Mr. Km.com, it's become rather tricky to post comments what with the white text on the light background and text not appearing in the comment box while one is typing it out. I'm sure you're working on it, but thought I'd mention it. Other than that, the new site looks great, though!

Posted by Finshi at 1:04pm, 22 Apr 2012

The bits of the new album sound absolutely fantastic! It's so great that the original style of Keane has made a reappearance in this latest album! I think we fans have really been missing that. The ones that have really made an impression are Black Rain, The Starting Line, Sea Fog, and of course Sovereign Light Cafe and Disconnected... I think I might as well have listed all the songs as my favorites! WE LOVE YOU, KEANE! May 8th, come quickly please!

Posted by Finshi at 1:01pm, 22 Apr 2012


Posted by Finshi at 12:56pm, 22 Apr 2012

Ugh my comment got cut off! Just wanted to add I LOVE LOVE Strangeland, the song. I know it's an extra but it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard!

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 5:16am, 22 Apr 2012

I LOVE THEM ALL!! So excited for the album to come out! Day will come and Watch how you go are high up on the favorites, but they're all amazing. Sea Fog is so beautiful

Posted by Keanerocks7 at 5:15am, 22 Apr 2012

todas!! pero amo disconnected :)

Posted by JkDeGa at 1:12am, 22 Apr 2012

I'm just waiting to get the album, it sounds great especially Sovereign Light Cafe... you are getting better and better, keep going up and I hope you come soon to Mexico...

Posted by Memo at 10:28pm, 21 Apr 2012

I like the lights going on & off in the houses! But, why goes in the right house only 1 light on & off? (point of view from sitting infront of the pc watching this homepage)

Posted by Johanna at 8:32pm, 21 Apr 2012

disconnected and day will come. :)

Posted by pinocchiorain at 7:44pm, 21 Apr 2012

Day Will Come, On The Road, The Starting Line, You Are Young, Disconnected, Sovereign Light Cafe, Silenced By The Night, Sea Fog, Neon River, Watch How You Go, In Your Own Time and Black Rain were my favorites....

Posted by CChaplin at 6:14pm, 21 Apr 2012

ISA, from Brasil São Paulo --- Lived many songs, but I do liked Sea Fog I can´t see what I am writing now, so, sorry...

Posted by Isa at 1:46pm, 21 Apr 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo : I can´t see whart I am writing now, weird...

Posted by Isa at 1:45pm, 21 Apr 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo

Posted by Isa at 1:44pm, 21 Apr 2012

i made a very long post explaining all my love to each song and the page reloaded and now is lost, so i will try it tomorrow u.u

Posted by karlav at 6:46am, 21 Apr 2012

You Are Young is absolutely incredible song that inspires me and I am ready to say that it is the anthem of my youth :)

Posted by Burmantoff at 5:07am, 21 Apr 2012

& perfect symmetry is still one of my absolute favourite songs - never get tired of the melody and lyrics, regardless of how many times I have heard it.

Posted by grumpel at 4:06am, 21 Apr 2012

p.s. I think Day Will Come is going to be a great marathon song....

Posted by grumpel at 4:04am, 21 Apr 2012

I love Day Will come & Black Rain!!

Posted by PepeRoman at 1:53am, 21 Apr 2012

SEA FOG IS A KILLER!!!!!! I want to cry only by listening to the clip!

Posted by aída (méxico) at 1:51am, 21 Apr 2012

This is totally a reivindication for Perfect Simetry, that was a nice record, but not as good as the first two. Cheers from Argentina. We are waiting for the Latin America tour. See you in the entrance of your future hotel as always :)

Posted by GuStAvO at 12:31am, 21 Apr 2012

Watch How You Go is brilliant, sounds like 80s sad songs Abraços Brasileiros, cheers

Posted by joe_abreu at 9:31pm, 20 Apr 2012

Black Rain kick asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ParzLife at 8:35pm, 20 Apr 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 8:29pm, 20 Apr 2012

Sea Fog is the most beautiful track guys. And I will never forget the way it sounded in Moscow gig))

Posted by pushistik at 5:17pm, 20 Apr 2012


Posted by Minerva777 at 4:49pm, 20 Apr 2012

Neon River is sounding stunning. Also loving In Your Own Time....and Sea Fog....... I have a feeling that Strangeland is going to blow me away. I can't wait. Anna xx xx

Posted by Anna1976 at 4:25pm, 20 Apr 2012

This is incredible!!! . I can't wait anymore!!!. Neon River is awesome. In Your Own Time... STRANGELAND is brilliant!!!

Posted by -eve- at 3:56pm, 20 Apr 2012

The new album sounds like the Perfect Symmetry, but bringed to brilliant sound without any experiments. All the songs are great to me, instead of "On The Road". Maybe I'm got used to your melodical songs, not for this, a pop-genre I think. My new favourite songs are You Are Young, The Starting Line, Watch How You Go, Sovereign Light Cafe. Wonderful lyrics and music that create a special atmosphere around me when I hear it. Black Rain, Neon River, In Your Own Time are have interesting, new for your band, music. I like instrumental music, not electronical, but these songs are the excemption. I like the Strangeland, it is 3rd of all for me. Very great work, as always. I love You, Keane! P.S. Sorry if my English is not so good, I'm not Englishman :)

Posted by Mr_Chelsea at 3:55pm, 20 Apr 2012


Posted by XuliKeane at 3:42pm, 20 Apr 2012

@tmleafan: I have sent you an email, could you please respond asap? Thanks! ;)

Posted by Vic! at 2:39pm, 20 Apr 2012

I can honestly say I really like all of the songs.. Really looking forward to the release. My absolute favorite though is "The Starting Line". That one needs to be released as a single. I think many people will turn to that song as a anthem to help them through tough times. Then I like "Black Rain". This one has a melody that is beautiful. Not sure how to say it but the 1/2 step down in the chorus, change of key..whatever..it sounds wonderful. "In Your Own Time"...the lyrics are amazing, now that I listen to that one again I think that should be a single also. It would make a great video too. I know when I get this record I will listen to it from beginning to end without stopping. Thank you Keane!

Posted by trishkc at 2:24pm, 20 Apr 2012

Oh my I think I've just died and gone to heaven!! I can't get this song out of my head, would love to see the band live! My newest most favourite band!! Keane you ROCK!!!! :-))) 😍

Posted by London2012 at 2:20pm, 20 Apr 2012

Sea Fog is fantastic

Posted by tmleafan at 1:59pm, 20 Apr 2012

Need to change your background...nearly impossible to read white letters on the gray back!!

Posted by tmleafan at 1:54pm, 20 Apr 2012

J'en ai l'eau à la bouche! See you on 15th mai au casino de Paris!

Posted by HECEMES at 1:47pm, 20 Apr 2012

LUAR BIASA!! =D Although Indonesia can not pre order, I still love you guys!!! Hugs from INDONESIA!!!

Posted by DAHVALMA at 1:29pm, 20 Apr 2012

Just one word - WOW! Stand outs listening to them each once - Neon River, Black Rain, On the Road. I don't need to mention my favorites already (Sovereign Light Cafe & Silenced by the Night). May 7th cannot get here soon enough!

Posted by adriennej83 at 1:11pm, 20 Apr 2012

My three favorites right now are The Starting Line, Watch How You Go and Sea Fog.

Posted by theresa_b at 12:44pm, 20 Apr 2012

My favourites ever: Black Rain, The Starting Line & Sea Fog. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 12:41pm, 20 Apr 2012

Hi keaneeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! todas las canciones son hermosas!!!!!!!!!!!!! it`s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ WE LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!bye !

Posted by Melisa at 11:38am, 20 Apr 2012

Hey guys... the cd looks amazing... can't wait to hear... My favourite tracks are Neon River, You Are Young and ABSLOTELY Sovereign Light Cafe

Posted by JOHSMC at 11:32am, 20 Apr 2012

i love day will come!

Posted by jennys at 11:03am, 20 Apr 2012

@JHanna02: Done. Hopefully techs will get to the bottom of this soon, this must be really annoying. =/

Posted by Vic! at 10:55am, 20 Apr 2012

What can I say... Tim spoke about a journey of redemption... This year I have my own journey across a Strangeland, fighting against cancer and happily winning. I think Strangeland reveals the best of Keane and connects me to the deepest things of life. Each song excels for itself, my fave being: #1 TSL, the "atmospheric" SF and OTR (has replaced B&B in my alarm clock!), closely followed by #2 BR, WHYG (a bit scared to hear about breaking apart, though), IYOT and The Boys (so cutely beatleshaped). Of course I'm in love with SLC and walked around it in GoogleStreet since you started playing it live. Enjoy your own journeys dear guys, you deserve it!!! Lots of love from Argentina ♥♥♥♥

Posted by sandra@arg at 10:51am, 20 Apr 2012

@Vic, Please tell the people about the web page again. Gudrun is right. I can't see anything on here. Plus it says I have new mail but darned if I can see it.

Posted by JHanna02 at 10:43am, 20 Apr 2012


Posted by richwife#2 at 9:54am, 20 Apr 2012

Ragazzi, amo il vostro album, più ascolto queste canzoni e più mi piacciono, rispecchiano in pieno il vostro stile così sognante e carino! Mi hanno colpita moltissimo Neon River, Black Rain, The Starting Line, Silenced By The Night, Disconnected, In Your Own Time, Sea Fog, Watch How You Go, Sovereign Light Cafe, On The Road, non riesco a smettere di ascoltarle, le adoro!!!Grazie cara band per le emozioni che come sempre ci trasmettete attraverso questi capolavori di musica, siete i migliori!!! Un abbraccio da Sabrina from Catania, Sicilia!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:41am, 20 Apr 2012

I think this will be the best album ever made by Keane. Favorite songs so far: Sovereign Light Café, In You Own Time, Sea Fog, Neon River and Strangeland!

Posted by Ducolo at 9:17am, 20 Apr 2012

Apart fron the fact that I still have troubles with the site - almost can´t see the comment box and where to log in and out - BLACK RAIN and SEA FOG forever!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 9:16am, 20 Apr 2012

brilliant job guys... all are quite beautiful in their own way. standouts so far... the starting line, sovereign light cafe, on the road!!! thanks... see you on tour in california.

Posted by CPW1323 at 7:19am, 20 Apr 2012

fav tracks? Watch How you go,on the road and the spell-binding Seafog...this album is delish...:-)

Posted by cjswench at 6:50am, 20 Apr 2012

Upssssss, I'm sorry very much, I miss d hahahaha :s , Silenced by the night :)

Posted by Marilú at 6:49am, 20 Apr 2012

From what I've heard the album is wonderful and is very hard to decide but Noway, my favorites are: Silence by the night, Disconnected, Watch How You Go, On The Road, Sea Fog and Day Will Come = D

Posted by Marilú at 6:40am, 20 Apr 2012

The album sounds really good, so looking forward to this. Watch how you go, is amazing!

Posted by vancouver at 6:01am, 20 Apr 2012

My favourites are definitely The Starting Line and In You Own Time!

Posted by TheKingzzz90 at 5:02am, 20 Apr 2012

*~~*~~*~~*Black Rain is beautiful *~~*~~*~~*

Posted by pri_loves_keane at 4:59am, 20 Apr 2012

Seafog, Silenced by the night, disconnected, strangeland...casi todas! jajaja AMAZING...like H&F i love you guys!

Posted by angieherreram at 4:54am, 20 Apr 2012

Very nice, but where is Myth? It is the best of the best.

Posted by pvbb at 4:47am, 20 Apr 2012

I love Run With Me, The Boys, On the Road and Daw Will Come!!! I can't wait!!!

Posted by Daniel (Peru) at 4:16am, 20 Apr 2012

Hello Keane! todasss estan hermosas! pero sea fog tiene ese encanto esa melodia tan trizte que me hace llorar :_) amo a Keane!!

Posted by s3bamast3r at 3:25am, 20 Apr 2012

Sea fog!

Posted by s3bamast3r at 3:22am, 20 Apr 2012

sorry i wanted to say SILENCED BY THE NIGHT! ;O) not Silenced By The Biht hahaah so sorry! kisses!

Posted by MarijoKeane at 3:14am, 20 Apr 2012

Tom i loveeeeeeeeeeee your voice it makes me feel so good!!! so alive!!!!!!!! i love Silenced By The Biht ,Sovereign Light Cafe and Disconnected! you rock Kena!yeah! come to ARGENTINA soon!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by MarijoKeane at 3:12am, 20 Apr 2012


Posted by leosj29 at 2:45am, 20 Apr 2012

Me gustan muchas canciones Disconnected, you are young, silenced by the night, myth (que es B-side), wath how you go... todas!! gracias por la buena musica... Keane.CO

Posted by ornoos at 1:58am, 20 Apr 2012

Wow. I am loving this album already! Thank you for sharing the clips with us! Day Will Come is absolutely beautiful! Watch How You Go, and Sea Fog are my other favorites, but the whole album is solid!

Posted by Glassslipper at 1:45am, 20 Apr 2012

With view to neon river...please! haha Neon River sounds great, should be single

Posted by dada_lifee at 1:29am, 20 Apr 2012

All the album is great!!! Thxs guys!!!

Posted by stephrosie at 12:53am, 20 Apr 2012

I love that thing!!!

Posted by pskeane at 12:36am, 20 Apr 2012

All songs are amazing!!!! My favorite songs are "Watch How You Go", "Disconnected" and "Sea Fog". =)

Posted by jal at 12:35am, 20 Apr 2012

Nice way to listen all the songs previews \o/ Love the whole album - love from The Frog Prince Squad

Posted by SuKEANE at 11:56pm, 19 Apr 2012

Nice way to listen all the songs previews

Posted by SuKEANE at 11:54pm, 19 Apr 2012

Silenced by the night was a wonderful choice to the single. Soooooo beautiful!

Posted by Simoninha (Brazil) at 11:52pm, 19 Apr 2012

OMG Esto es genial, ustedes son geniales. Thanks Mr. KM and Keane =)

Posted by susan_k at 11:51pm, 19 Apr 2012

DAY WILL COME! It sounds amazing! Of course all your songs are amazing...

Posted by iona at 11:49pm, 19 Apr 2012

Wonderful! I am so excited! Can't wait!

Posted by lmarie.adair at 11:44pm, 19 Apr 2012

REALLY dig Sovereign Light Cafe!

Posted by JLou04 at 11:40pm, 19 Apr 2012

'Disconnected' Room, please (Mollendo, Perú)

Posted by ygali at 11:34pm, 19 Apr 2012

Thanks!!!! Strangeland

Posted by jal at 11:31pm, 19 Apr 2012

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