Richard's Carfest & Kenwood crowd photos

26 Aug 2013

Here are Richard's crowd shots from a great couple of shows at the weekend. Click for the hi-res versions.



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Posted by vangp at 3:08pm, 09 Jan 2014

Hello Richard, I really like the photo of the concert in CarFest SOUTH, is very sharp, looks like a postcard! I am happy that we always update with photos from the stage of your live: I seem to be there too, this is exciting! Greetings to the whole band by Sabrina from Sicily!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:37pm, 30 Aug 2013

What an amazing night at Kenwood! It was great to see them all so happy and the crowd was just nuts, loved it!

Posted by Annaki at 11:31am, 30 Aug 2013

jajajaj, lo siento quise decir en las ultimas decadas, =)

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 1:26am, 29 Aug 2013

Keane, el nombre de la banda del ultimo siglo, chicos, son lo mejor que el arte y la expresion pueden dar , el alma de la musica, el sonido viaja hacia muchos lugares, la vibraciones llegan por lo alto de las notas!!!!

Posted by lily d´lazarillo at 1:23am, 29 Aug 2013

A bitter sweet night at Kenwood. The night was fantastic and Keane were as they always are, brilliant and such a pleasure to listen to and watch perform. The support acts were also wonderful , probably the best I have seen at any Keane gig I have been to. Jessica Sweetman has an amazingly pure voice with a unique tone that I could have listened to for a long time and Laura Mvula was also a class act. Gutted though that it is the last show of the tour and really hoping that it is not the end. Take a break guys but come back stronger than ever, we'll be waiting.

Posted by olived01 at 10:23pm, 28 Aug 2013

That bloody photographer at CarFest! (I don't mean you Rich!) I was there on the barrier, honest, just above his massive head!!! Joking aside, thanks boys for an awesome couple of nights on the barrier, although my back is in agony now but, you're ALL worth it..... although TIM is worth a bit more..... hahaha!! Hope to see you soon! Hint, hint!

Posted by woody81 at 6:10pm, 28 Aug 2013

From travelling to see them play in Paris, Edinburgh, New York and around England it was amazing that they were actually playing their last concert of the tour at home in North London (say home but live on the outskirts in Enfield Chase not quite Hampstead!) . They were as fabulous as ever. Also glad I managed to escape being in the photo again, as hate having my picture taken. Shame ‘Call me what you like’ wasn’t voted for on the dvd though as one of my favourite songs. xxx

Posted by laineyg at 12:09pm, 28 Aug 2013

Thank you for another memorable day in Keaneland (and Kendwood). On the road-Neon Rever-Day will come and Snowed Under in the same day...wow... I was in Battle August 22nd (I had no idea Tom and Tim were there as well!) to visit the town for the first time, lovely place, magnificent abbey. I found Mansers Shaw and fell in love with the place. Snowed Under the day of the cocert sort of shocked me lol. Lots of love - Simona

Posted by sim163 at 7:04pm, 27 Aug 2013

Darn, I'm behind the smoke on the Kenwood photo. Maybe I should have run faster when the gates opened, haha

Posted by tonilevans at 6:16pm, 27 Aug 2013

SPECTACULAR ** Congratulations to all for a fantastic evening KENWOOD my happiness was so great that I would have wanted the concert never ends! I was so excited to see you on stage when the music sounded. My heart sank so hard and tears were poured HAPPINESS *** Thank you all for this time MAGIC** one regret! not have had the joy of making you a very big kiss for all the love you gave me for the evening *** I hope to see you soon (why not France! LOT OF LOVE and BIG KISSES TO ALL from FRANCE *** I LOVE YOU ***

Posted by choupette94 at 3:36pm, 27 Aug 2013

PERFECTTTTTTT - kEANE, SUNSHINE, AND KENWOOD HOUSE! Brilliant nite Tom more chat please as you are very funny. Jesse my daughter loved your guitar. Tim what a genius (nobody writes songs like you do) and as always Richard always looks great! Thanks cant wait for the best of and your next album ! Thanks again for that brilliant tour - loved Brixton and the 02 too!

Posted by AnnetteM at 12:32pm, 27 Aug 2013

I had the best time ever at Kenwood! Thanks so much guys!, Tom especially. I really enj enjoyed my evening. You'revmy heroes!

Posted by tomchaplin2016 at 12:12pm, 27 Aug 2013

What an AMAZING night at Kenwood!!!! My dream of seeing you guys came true at last!!!! You were more than i could have ever hoped for and my memories will stay with me forever!! Hamburg Song reduced me to tears, i have waited so long to hear that song live with my own ears!!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!!.......and thank you all for an absolutely INCREDIBLE evening last night in London!!!!.....The acoustic recording was spellbinding!!! Your performance was beyond all words and i feel so very, very humbled and privileged to have been there....can't wait to see the end result!!!! Thank you for a weekend i will NEVER forget!!!......Love you all!!!! xxxxxxxx

Posted by sparrow at 8:49am, 27 Aug 2013

Tom down on his knees, fabulous. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 4:21am, 27 Aug 2013


Posted by Alekeane at 1:02am, 27 Aug 2013

I have to say it again, an incredible and emotional concert at Kenwood House last night. You all looked so happy - I've never seen Tom smile so much or Richard so animated - it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the last night of the Strangeland tour, as sad as it was. Thank you for the 6 concerts that I've been to in the last 15 months - Leicester, Madrid, Nottingham, The O2, Newmarket, Kenwood - all were brilliant but if I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be The O2; Bedshaped from that night will stay with me forever. That said, SLC last night was amazing. Having done the Keane Trail 2 weeks ago, that song now has a new whole meaning - I was actually reduced to tears last night! I would have given anything to be at the acoustic session tonight and even offered to donate a good sum of money to be there, but it wasn't to be. I shall instead look forward to receiving the DVD in November. Enjoy your well deserved break guys, whatever you decide to do. And if any of you are in need of the services of an excellent PA, just give me a shout. Until next time ...

Posted by Cojoe at 9:48pm, 26 Aug 2013

My husband and I were on the front rows...it was magical... Hope this wonderfull experience could happen again in the future! Love them all so much :-)

Posted by ilke at 9:20pm, 26 Aug 2013

What a FABULOUS evening by the lake. Thought Jessica was outstanding. Keane were on top, top form. Although Under Pressure was an unfortunate absentee, every other track was perfect. Brilliant night - cheers boys

Posted by harrywrag at 9:12pm, 26 Aug 2013

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