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19 Mar 2012

Texas / Monday

Jesse and I went to see the outdoor screening of "Big Easy Express" http://www.bigeasyexpress.com/ - a great documentary about a train tour across the states with Mumford & Sons; Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show - it was a great feeling to kick back on the grass and watch this fantastic film. Mumfords played but we had to head off after a couple of songs to get back to our show. After about ten minutes failing to get a cab we started walking the couple of miles into town to the venue. Managed to get a cab after about 20 mins, but the guy misheard "Stubbs" as "Starbucks" and took us miles in the wrong direction... we ended up getting to the venue with only a few minutes to spare, having basically walked / run the last 8 blocks. It was the hottest gig we have played in a long time - Saturday night + St. Patrick's Day + our last show of SxSW = fun.


Texas / Sunday

we're off to make a video later, but here are some pics from Friday and Saturday AM... SxSW has been a total riot. If you came to see us - thanks - we really felt some love here.


Stumptown were giving away coffee right by our venue - thanks guys, it was delicious, as usual.

Texas / Saturday

catching up on SxSW


Texas / Friday

last few pics from LA. SxSW a lot of fun so far. nice meeting tons of you as we wander the streets - walking definitely the best way to get around, see, smell and hear the craziness.


Texas / Thursday

My first Strangeland photoblog! Got a few from Bexhill, and a few from this trip so far:


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Brilliant, a campervan! Love them!

Posted by ecowitch at 2:01pm, 15 Aug 2012

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Posted by Julia_Andy at 1:41pm, 30 Apr 2012

nice photos! Thanks for sharing with us! http://michaeljacksonalbums.in/

Posted by Julia_Andy at 1:40pm, 30 Apr 2012

I sat outside La Zona Rosa during your short performance....I loved every moment of it..knew every song..every word by heart.... I left there completely content...soulfully satisfied

Posted by Nina at 2:14am, 31 Mar 2012

It always fascinates me what you are compelled to photograph. Especially in the US. Since I'm American, sometimes I wonder what I would be interested in seeing when I finally get to England. I'll probably take pictures of mailboxes & unusual signs too. :) You always have a great eye, Richard.

Posted by deberino at 9:31pm, 29 Mar 2012

each day better! Richard ... very talented. are great!!!

Posted by PAULA*ARG at 3:40pm, 25 Mar 2012

...OHHH GOD!!!!

Posted by PAULA*ARG at 3:39pm, 25 Mar 2012

Geniales las fotos, muy buena la de la portada del disco en el suelo.

Posted by sara.s at 3:49pm, 23 Mar 2012

It's impressive cabs are not available when you need them, no matter what city you are. Beijos, Regina,

Posted by Regina Brz at 2:08pm, 20 Mar 2012


Posted by Melisa at 11:35am, 20 Mar 2012

Ciao Richard, molto belle anche queste immagini dal Texas! Mi piace anche leggere le cose che vi accadono, è tutto molto interessante! Un bacione da Sabrina from Catania!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:55am, 20 Mar 2012

Richard, an adventure for you and Jesse get to the last show of SXSW ! I love your photoblog! *-*

Posted by jal at 3:38am, 20 Mar 2012


Posted by Alekeane at 1:08am, 20 Mar 2012


Posted by pskeane at 10:32pm, 19 Mar 2012

Wow, 1 babylense pic I spy.Thanks! Well, honestly 20 minutes to wait for a taxi is nothing. Did you ever had to wait one hour? I guess not. Yep, this is my life. (After attending Festival Marés Vivas in Oporto 2009.) Ok, enough rubbish of me. The Hoffbrau ( shouldn´t it be Hofbräu? - maybe licence rights) and steaks, I guess very american. Awesome pic of the crow. Well, done!

Posted by Johanna at 9:17pm, 19 Mar 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** Hey Rich, what a story! Probably you both could not take a taxi because it´s not called CAB in USA,,, but TAXI, ha ha! Thank you for the story and the photos! Great! I was laughing a lot some minutes ago with your story... :) By the way, we also have barbecues in the streets here in Brasil... Weird huh? :) Lots of love! XXXX

Posted by Isa at 8:46pm, 19 Mar 2012

gracias por las fotos richard me gustaron mucho.... saludos desde mexico.. los amo keane

Posted by angelicattrj at 7:49pm, 19 Mar 2012

SALUT RICHARD °°°°°MERCI a toi de partager ce dèlicieux voyage °°°°a chaque photo son histoire de l'adorable petit toutou en passant par Rolling Stone ou au clin d'oeil a Mr Fred Astaire °°°toutes ses magnifiques photos me permettre'( de connaitre) de voire des lieux qui j'en suis sure je n'aurais jamais l'occasion d'y aller °°°°°°je vous souhaite encore pleins de beaux moments pendant cette tournée GENIALLLE °°°°°° GROS BISOUS ***** (le ciel nuagueux est magnifique !!!!!!

Posted by choupette94 at 7:35pm, 19 Mar 2012

I can spot me in the picture at Stubb's!! How nice :) That show was so fun! Some great artists playing before your show, I especially loved Michael Kiwanuka's performance, such a talented guy! I'm not used to festivals so, after a whole day spent in the crowd surrounded by music coming out from every single corner, pub and bar, and after 4 hours of concerts at Stubb's (some quite loud) my ears were like bleeding :S but still I enjoyed so much your show! Jesse and Richard were exuding energy and I don't know how many times Richard got me spellbound with his incredible drumming. No words to describe Tom's voice. It's not that I have nothing to say about Tim, I just adore him for what his talent can do. Oh well...I'm just still a little excited after the incredible day I had in Austin...and through these amazing pictures it's like I can live those moments again. Thank you! :D

Posted by sim163 at 6:29pm, 19 Mar 2012

Nice pictures!!! thanks to share them with us! =)

Posted by evabcn at 6:09pm, 19 Mar 2012

Queste foto sono bellissime caro Rich, grazie di cuore per quest'altra sorpresina che sto trovando oggi nel tuo photoblog!!! Sai, sono di fretta, tra un pò devo andare a scuola per la lezione di violino ai miei alunni delle medie, non ti posso dire quante musiche stiamo preparando in questo periodo anche perchè poi ci saranno gli esamo di terza media e gli alunni dovranno suonare qualche brano davanti alla commissione, quindi li sto seguendo tantissimo!!! Ora scappo, un bacione a te e al resto della band, siete i migliori!!! Sabrina from Catania!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:42am, 19 Mar 2012

LOVE the pic of you & Tim's reflection in the window Rich, there's a lot of new types of pics you are showing us lately. Excellent!! You really need to produce a coffee table book out of your pictures! ................. When are we gonna find out the US tour dates now??

Posted by annie nyc at 5:42am, 19 Mar 2012

Rich, you're such a great photographer, just as a drummer :) Lots of love to all of you from Canada!! Hope to see you soon!! Xxx

Posted by Elena_Ilyukhina7 at 10:07pm, 18 Mar 2012

Rich, you made my day! It's a bloody nice Texas shots ever. Harley-Davidson pic, born to be wild...Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 9:41pm, 18 Mar 2012

Thank you Richie! :)))) You're great!!!! I hope, you felt good there, Guys! ...and I'm WAITING FOR THE HUNGARIAN PICS !;))))) Lots of kisses!

Posted by Szilvia at 7:58pm, 18 Mar 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 7:18pm, 18 Mar 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo *** These photos on this Sunday in Texas are great, many thanks, Richard! XXXXX

Posted by Isa at 6:52pm, 18 Mar 2012

This one, and Tim's Book Club, are my favourite posts from this site!! \o/ Thank you very much, Rich, keep on!! All the best from The Frog Prince Squad :-)

Posted by Beth at 6:20pm, 18 Mar 2012

These photo's are fantastic. I love the latest ones that were uploaded today. Keep them coming...

Posted by sue 96 at 5:43pm, 18 Mar 2012

Oh my, HofbräuHäuser everywhere! - That girl with the golden purse looks like she is going to devour Tom any minute...LOL!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 5:30pm, 18 Mar 2012

I want to be that starbucks coffee cup!!!!!!

Posted by aída (méxico) at 5:09pm, 18 Mar 2012

An even more artistic view of Austin! I think those are magnificent photos! thank you so much for sharing!!

Posted by gris.gtz at 5:01pm, 18 Mar 2012

Richard, che fantastica sorpresa è stata per me oggi trovare queste nuove immagini dal tuo photoblog!!! Vedo che sei andato un bel pò in giro in questa città e come sempre hai colto i particolare più insoliti e stravaganti di alcuni edifici americani! E' bellissimo che tu condivida con noi questa tua passione delle foto, sembra di viaggiare insieme a te in giro per il mondo! Mi hanno molto colpito le foto dove vi vedete tu e Tim riflessi nella vetrina di un negozio e quella dove ti vedi sempre riflesso su una vetrina e sei chinato per scattare la foto, sono due immagini molto particolari! Ti mando un abbraccio Rich!!! Sabrina da Catania, Sicily!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:24pm, 18 Mar 2012

Lovely picture of the Driskill Hotel, one of Austin's most important landmarks ( I hope you got to have breakfast there...it is delicious!!)) It looks like you are enjoying this amazing city!! Austin has a special place in my heart since I went to college in Texas!!!! I am glad you are promoting your new album in a city that has a deep-rooted musical tradition in the USA!!!!!! Hugs!!! Giselle

Posted by gisellita at 2:13pm, 18 Mar 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo **** Wow very nice pics, indeed! Thank you, Rich and have a very nice journey, and all of you. Warm hug! XXXXX

Posted by Isa at 12:14pm, 18 Mar 2012

Amazing photos, as always!! ... Greetings from MEXICO !! And to all the KEANE fans around the world :)

Posted by MaFerBT at 7:58am, 18 Mar 2012

Texas?!? Wth are u doing in texas?!? Why didnt anyone tell me u were coming to texas?!? Btw, in the LA pics, what was it that mafe the pretty shadows on that building??

Posted by DHBull at 4:12am, 18 Mar 2012

Timmy te amooooooo! thank you Rich for these amazing pictures! :D Greetings from Chile

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 4:06am, 18 Mar 2012

Your photos are amazing, Richard! The stairs and your reflection and Tim's in the glass are stunning. Thanks to the webcasts and the photoblog we feel as traveling with Keane. Now I'm making liters of coffee to stay awake till 3:30am... hoping we could see Stubbs online... Strangeland is the best!!! Have fun in the rest of your trip, love from Argentina ♥♥♥♥

Posted by sandra@arg at 4:05am, 18 Mar 2012

Richard: Me encanta poder conocer otra faceta tuya....Gracias!

Posted by Yesenia.g at 1:25am, 18 Mar 2012

Thanks Rich for posting pics. Love looking at them, some really great ones too. The other half of that bench is waiting for me! I love the cute puppy too! Please keep posting and include us on your travels. Love you guys so much xxx

Posted by jo-anna at 12:11am, 18 Mar 2012

lovely to see the world through your eyes :) thx

Posted by melledelvani at 11:45pm, 17 Mar 2012

Rich, you're very well-travelled and your photoblog is like a trip booklet of my dreams. Thanks, beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 11:41pm, 17 Mar 2012

Great set of pics for today!!!!! Thanks so much, Richard. You're peachy keen.....:^).......Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 11:17pm, 17 Mar 2012

back on the road again photos! looks like the same camera guys from last Jimmy Kimmel show. thanks for Fred Astaire star on Hollywood Blvd and the Texas puppy pix! the Roosevelt Hotel is haunted according to it's history. thanks for getting out on foot to see the neighborhoods, great photos that way!

Posted by jaguar at 11:11pm, 17 Mar 2012

Your photoblog is a sight for sore eyes! I love the signs, shapes, and photos of the band. Can't help but notice that you posted a few that bring to light the gun culture in (parts of) the US. Hmm... wonder what your thoughts are about this aspect of this strangeland (pun intended). Excitedly awaiting for the release of the new album, and for when Keane tours the US.

Posted by karleu at 10:56pm, 17 Mar 2012

Richard thanks for sharing your photos. I liked all and especially the photo of the clouds and the doggie!! :D

Posted by jal at 10:10pm, 17 Mar 2012

LOVE the pictures, as always. Thanks so much!! Hope you all are having an amazing time. Getting super excited and anxious thinking about when US tour dates are coming!!

Posted by blinky234 at 9:43pm, 17 Mar 2012

I can't wait to see another Keane concert, I really miss you guys... Anyway, I loved he new songs, I have already cried listening to them. Keane are great, I want the new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME TO ME MAY 7TH Much love from Rio, Brazil

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 9:12pm, 17 Mar 2012

Hey, Richard! Thank you again for the pictures, most of them look very arty :) I really liked the two pictures with stairs and the one in which Tim's sitted in front of a building

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 9:08pm, 17 Mar 2012

Thanx for pics Richy love 2 u and love 2 all at team keane.

Posted by Babs2009 at 7:36pm, 17 Mar 2012


Posted by Melisa at 7:07pm, 17 Mar 2012

@Gudrun I am glad you are enjoying the new material also.Finally, we have our Keane back.

Posted by JHanna02 at 4:10pm, 17 Mar 2012

Loved your two gigs at SXSW.... one thing I thought was pretty cool was seeing Mr. TMTTS enjoying your music as much as everyone else at the "Filters" party...tapping his feet! I was several feet away from Mr Quinn and Mr. Hughes before your gig at the "Rolling Stone" party....didn't want to invade your space or time.. well quite frankly...I was a chicken...maybe someday I'll get the courage to say "Hello".....

Posted by Nina at 2:33pm, 17 Mar 2012

Richard, sono contentissima di queste nuove immagini dal tuo photoblog, che bella sorpresa, grazie!!! Anche queste sono eccezionali, mi piacciono un mondo, in particolare mi ha colpito tantissimo quell'edificio con il dinosauro arrampicato sul tetto, davvero originale, chissà di cosa si tratta...Ti mando un abbraccio e alle prossime foto!!! Sabrina from Catania, Sicilia!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:10pm, 17 Mar 2012

Enjoy Texas on St. Patty's Day! Maybe you'll get a shot of a redneck in a green cowboy hat. That will certainly add some southern charm to the collection! Love the website overall.

Posted by thavens at 4:36am, 17 Mar 2012

Nice photos!! The one with Tom is just... Ah...

Posted by Akane_ at 4:06am, 17 Mar 2012

Ridchar I am charmed with your photos!! It was what mas was surprising to see in in his page. Regards:)

Posted by makita_charice at 1:14am, 17 Mar 2012

Rich, you have an excellent eye!!! I love your point of view of life! Have a great trip, guys! Kisses from Buenos Aires. Eliana.

Posted by Gilraelen at 11:01pm, 16 Mar 2012

ISA, from Brasil, Sao Paulo **** I do LOVE Richard´s pics! These are great, thank you! All the best, guys! XXXXXX

Posted by Isa at 9:18pm, 16 Mar 2012

@JHanna02: And in my head it´s Black Rain and Sea Fog, LOL!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:37pm, 16 Mar 2012

Haha, 'Tom Pretty and The Heartbreakers'! Is this Keane's new name? :D Weird arrows, btw. Come to Brazil soon! []

Posted by rafaelacarla at 6:50pm, 16 Mar 2012

So nice to have your photoblog back, Richard!

Posted by .:lizzy:. at 5:17pm, 16 Mar 2012

wow, I ...can't keep up...you're...moooooving tooo faaast!!! lol Too many updates with website&twitter, help!!!! I loved the pictures, I'm glad you had some time to spend in the city. So cute the little dog...Hugs, Simona

Posted by sim163 at 5:06pm, 16 Mar 2012

Wowww! Come to São Paulo again! Please!!!

Posted by FF-happy at 1:45pm, 16 Mar 2012

I am finally singing a new Keane song in my head all day. "Silenced by the Night". Thank you Keane.

Posted by JHanna02 at 11:16am, 16 Mar 2012

la foto de Tom...hermoso!

Posted by shesay at 6:46am, 16 Mar 2012

you're first Strangeland photoblog! my god I'm very happy that your photoblog is back,you not have an idea how I missed your photos. I hope you are having a great time in the U.S. You know that here in Mexico we love and miss you. xoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxox

Posted by rose chaplin at 6:33am, 16 Mar 2012

muy lindooo XD los kieroo :)

Posted by anna lizzy at 4:47am, 16 Mar 2012

Guys! I'm so happy to see you like that, more successful than ever! I'm proud of being part of this big family. I'll always be your fan, because you're not like the others bands, you're Keane, my Keane! Magnificent job! Love you! Come back to Brazil, we're all waiting for you! - Fernanda Góes

Posted by _spiralling at 1:52am, 16 Mar 2012

nice pics Rich!!!---- come to chile soon :D

Posted by dany90 at 1:46am, 16 Mar 2012

i want that car!!!! :D

Posted by keanixa (Chile) at 1:37am, 16 Mar 2012

I really liked your photos, David, especially the pink jeep, but I would have liked more yellow, I hope you continue uploading more photos of the places where they are and thanks for showing these :D

Posted by Marilú at 11:06pm, 15 Mar 2012


Posted by Gisselle Ardián at 10:58pm, 15 Mar 2012


Posted by STEPHIE at 10:02pm, 15 Mar 2012

Great!!! Can't wait for more, Richard!

Posted by Hattie at 9:45pm, 15 Mar 2012

I´ve never been to America, but isn´t it kind to show people where the bike lane is, with this arrow? (It looks like the bike lanes of London). Sorry, stupid joke, but I´m stupid obviously!!!

Posted by Johanna at 7:59pm, 15 Mar 2012

I like the plug photo - and the others photos too. It looks like a frightened green face! hahaha Kisses

Posted by pri_loves_keane at 7:42pm, 15 Mar 2012

♥♥ thanks richard!!! ♥♥ me encantan tus fotos eres un gran fotografo!! keane i love you!!!

Posted by rubisita at 7:38pm, 15 Mar 2012

Richard-thank you for thisfunny pictures- Ilike the one with the handprint ; ) Andrea

Posted by pinguin13 at 7:28pm, 15 Mar 2012

Wonder what you all thought of Texas. Sorry I missed you at SBSW. Why don't you come to New York this summer and play at Bethel Woods outdoor concert venue at the site of the woodstock music festival in 1969? You would rock out at the world's greatest outdoor venue!

Posted by smccrudden at 6:48pm, 15 Mar 2012

Yeah ~New music/New tour/ New photoblog.....Life Is Good. Hope to see you again in Boston !!!!!!

Posted by Angels_Mum at 6:24pm, 15 Mar 2012

Another Photoblog dmlskadbnkamfa! THANKS RICH, THANKS SO MUCH

Posted by Jimechaplin96 at 6:07pm, 15 Mar 2012

Oh Rich! I love the pictures! especially the pic of Tom and the "Safe School " ... very funny In a nutshell ... I love Your photoblog's

Posted by CChaplin at 6:04pm, 15 Mar 2012

mexico :(

Posted by thekidmarvel at 5:59pm, 15 Mar 2012

merci richard pour ces photos, à qui appartient la main de l'empreinte??? votre album est super un grand bravo!!!!!

Posted by debycarpet at 5:33pm, 15 Mar 2012

Always on the street lol ..... Have fun in Texas guys!!

Posted by annie nyc at 5:25pm, 15 Mar 2012

Richard : thank you very much for your photos and we missed, you know why I started my love of photography. Please come back soon to Mexico. Kisses and hugs for you .

Posted by Marianamx at 4:32pm, 15 Mar 2012

Richard~ please keep on post the photo , have fun !!! ^.^

Posted by tracyyip at 3:59pm, 15 Mar 2012

Richard!!! I was wondering about your photoblog... a tour of Keane may have great gigs but it's not complete without your singular expression. Love the street sign! Thanks for sharing it with us!!! Hope you and your bandmates will be enjoying the trip as much as we can see. I think Strangeland is indeed your best album ever. Lots of love from Argentina!

Posted by sandra@arg at 3:58pm, 15 Mar 2012

Richard PhotoBlog is back ! GREAT !!!

Posted by samus at 3:41pm, 15 Mar 2012

Rich, I loved all the photos, especially the Safe School pic, it has words in English & Spanish, very interesting. Photoblog rules. Beijos, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 3:39pm, 15 Mar 2012

Wonderful surprise, Richard! Your PhotoBlog is back!! Both my hubby and I so look forward to this....you're the greatest!...Sherry W., Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 3:25pm, 15 Mar 2012

SALUT RICHARD °°°comme dhabitude on peux compter sur toi°°° pour nous faire partager ta passion la photo !!! elles sont tourjours tres originales merci a toi °°°° j''adore le rose!!!! vous avez bosser comme des chefs votre album est geniallllll GROS BISOUS ******* a qui appartient l'empreinte de main??????

Posted by choupette94 at 3:14pm, 15 Mar 2012

Nice photos, Dickie!! I think we'll start collecting photos of that hand print xD

Posted by pskeane at 2:59pm, 15 Mar 2012

Richard, mi era mancato il tuo photoblog, che bella sorpresa!Come sempre le tue foto sono originali e alcune anche tanto divertenti e non mancano mai le foto misteriose!!! Mi è piaciuta tanto l'immagine di Tom e sono simpatiche anche quelle della jeep e dell'interno del camion!Mi piace anche quella dove c'è scritto school, mi ha fatto ricordare che oggi dovevo andare a scuola per le lezioni di violino agli alunni ma è chiusa per motivi di sicurezza, sai , la Sicilia è stata colpita da un brutto temporale alcuni giorni fa... Ti mando un abbraccio caro Rich, sei un bravissimo fotografo !!!Sabrina from Catania!!!

Posted by Sabrina v. at 2:51pm, 15 Mar 2012

Richard, I SO enjoy these blogs!! I know I sound like a broken record, but I really hope you guys come through Michigan this year, as I am dying to see what you'd photograph!

Posted by petersl1 at 2:46pm, 15 Mar 2012

Awwwwwwwwe how we have missed the photoblog, it is GREAT to be back again. I just had to post a comment and say just how LA is that pink Wrangler Jeep! Welcome to Hollywood. LA BABY. Safe travels.

Posted by charlotteh at 2:13pm, 15 Mar 2012

Brilliant pics Richard, love your photos, it feels like we are on the travels with the band :) Still floating on a cloud from last Friday's Bexhill gig, roll on Folkestone.... and hopefully the O2 arena later in the year?! Love from sunny Kent xxx

Posted by missladydj at 2:01pm, 15 Mar 2012

You're beautiful

Posted by Hefei stone at 1:58pm, 15 Mar 2012

nice pics Richard!!! 8-D

Posted by leny at 1:33pm, 15 Mar 2012

the rolling hills are beautiful this time of the year....spring has sprung and Im here to see you live since 2010......cant wait

Posted by Nina at 1:32pm, 15 Mar 2012

Awesome pics Richard, thanx! Always a real pleasure to see your photoblogs! Hope you & the guys are enjoying it over in the US! The KROQ webcast was fab! Hope you all have a blast at SXSW & look forward to your updates! Lotsa Love Ange xxxx

Posted by 1FOXYLADY at 1:04pm, 15 Mar 2012

thanks, Rich) so great)

Posted by Keaneful at 1:03pm, 15 Mar 2012

Such cool photos! Thanks Richard! Hope you guys are having fun!! XXX

Posted by louisa at 1:01pm, 15 Mar 2012

About my favourite picture from today: what I really like about it is the way the shadows compose it, it's so beautiful! Anyway, thank you once again for the photoblog, Rich! COME TO RIO

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 12:59pm, 15 Mar 2012

YEEEEEES! Photoblogs photoblogs photoglos! New tour, new album, new photoblog! Oh how much I missed all that! Thank you, Richard! The pictures are awesome, as usual! I really enjoy your photoblogs (and I am quite sure you enjoy making them as well hahaha). Here's my favourite from the pictures posted today: the Strangeland logo

Posted by Juliana Scaffa at 12:55pm, 15 Mar 2012

Rich, please... Don't forget your famous animal photos!! HUGE HUGS FROM CHILE =)

Posted by Dra_House at 12:50pm, 15 Mar 2012

nice photos as always rich ! I want to have the D700 too, it is really good !

Posted by Music-Keane at 12:48pm, 15 Mar 2012

Just great boys, can't wait for may 7th

Posted by ami_keaner at 12:46pm, 15 Mar 2012

Nice Pics!! Wish you have had started your Photoblog in Bexhill... Have a good trip!! Greetings from Germany!! Adriana

Posted by LaKeane at 12:44pm, 15 Mar 2012

Hey, Rich!! =)

Posted by Dra_House at 12:42pm, 15 Mar 2012

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