Richard's N. American photoblog
27 May 2009

new york / wednesday / 2012

sorry for the lack of updates - we've been busy, and new york is one of those cities that makes you want to go out and do stuff, rather than stay indoors and blog! i've taken a few pics though, and i'll be putting them up soon, if not right now, but in the meantime, here are just a few.

breakfast at the noho star. french toast with fruit. and coffee. and maple syrup. and tim.

i have no idea what "curb your dog" means

and a few more from cleveland

this guy brought all his friends along to the show

cleveland / sunday / 1948

the helio sequence have just finishing an outrageously good set for the audience at the 18th annual great american cook off, here in sunny cleveland. i've just had a vegetarian dinner, but the smell of the ribs was pretty amazing! went for a wander around the festival, and the tower mall, and met some very friendly keane fans, some of whom had driven many hours to get here. i hope you like ribs too, then it would be a great day out. i'm always amazed by the distances people travel to see bands in america and canada - i guess the countries are just so huge that the distances seem small. it's not uncommon for people to drive a thousand miles to a show. i am hugely flattered, and honoured! to put it into context, driving from land's end to john o'groats (the longest journey from the south west of england to the north east of scotland) is 874 miles. you cannot drive 1000 miles in the uk without having to turn around and head back to where you began!

today has been fun. definitely an insight into a great american day out. cleveland is a very industrial looking city, and i'll try to get some pictures of the steel structures that dominate the landscape - bridges and flyovers seem to be everywhere. in the meantime, here's what i've been up to today, and i've put a couple more toronto pics below too.

jack on the bone ribs - cooked in jack daniel's... sure smelled good!

i love this oven!

a previous winner

this buildng dominates the cleveland skyline

prizes awaiting their victors

the end of the line

jesse wants one of these. badass buggy parked outside the mall

i've never been to a mall with an entrance hall like this before


the building in the background (the may company) is lovely

663 ft above sea level

figures in the window of an empty building

the beer slide - aim for the bull's eye!

i never managed to work out what these ducks were for.

more toronto-by-night pics

toronto / sunday / 0100

gig was great, except for the insects that seemed to be trying to eat me alive, or land on my drums - they must have had a nasty shock. anyway, i'm on the bus and i'm gonna try to upload one photo that i just took. it's me and rob - partner in crime, lighting genius and all-round good guy, with the whole of toronto laid out before us. i am very pleased with this one. hope you like it. (might even make it clickable, tomorrow, if i can work out how). UPDATE: you can now click the picture to see it a bit bigger...


toronto / saturday / 1636

we just soundchecked, and have time to put up a few tourist snaps from yesterday. i had two veggie dogs for lunch - one mild, one spicy. they were bloomin gorgeous.

one of my favourite bits of graffiti ever!

the white squirrel coffee shop is lovely (west queen st)

whoever put up this sign needs their eyes tested...

my foot, on the glass floor, in the big middle blob of the tower.

the view from the top blob (aka sky pod)


toronto / friday / 1250

just got into town, and have the rest of today to wander. i love this town - the people are friendly and the music shops are good! it's also very veggie-friendly. kyle's favourite veggie hot dogs are right here in toronto!

rob and i managed to, um, "gain access" to the dry dock behind the back of america pavilion, but only after dark, sadly. it's definitely getting worse - the handrails we had used to climb down into it last time were pretty much collapsed. we stayed at ground level... the cranes on the dock are amazing, and i love taking pictures at night. i hope you like the results...

you can see a plane taking off in the background (it's a 30 second exposure)

the bright blue shape at the base of the crane is the gig venue


philadelphia / wednesday / 2010

just sat listening to the a camp record, colonia. it's gorgeous. we drove to philly overnight, and woke up at the world cafe for our radio session and guest presenters spot - it's fun choosing records to play, but it's so hard too! how can you ever choose just three or four songs from the millions out there? i chose a findlay brown song, plus classic blur and r.e.m. and finally donny hathaway - i've been listening to the album he made in 1972 with roberta flack - totally brilliant.

can't believe it, but i've finished watching series 2 of breaking bad - the best thing i've seen on tv in a long while. i'm gutted to have no more episodes to watch. sorry to say that i haven't taken any pics today. i meant to, but never quite got round to it. i haven't managed to get further than the venue or the bus - it's one of those days on tour when you just stay on tour, and the real world stays at arm's length.

washington, district of columbia / tuesday / 1923

tons of pics to upload. jesse took this first one about three hours ago outside the whitehouse. today is a global day of action for troy davis ( http://www.amnestyusa.org/ ). troy's case is increasingly high-profile, and rightly so.

we have had a couple of days here, and had a chance to wander a fair bit. we also spent a bit of yesterday recording some drums for a fun cover we are doing (sorry... can't tell you what - it's a secret right now in case it turns out we ruined it!), plus a couple of drum loops for a demo tim is working on. managed to get that done in time to go to see the washington nationals play the pittsburgh pirates. poor washington - they were doomed to lose from the moment i bought one of their caps in support! it was fun, and followed by a night out. sadly, thomas sweet was shut by the time we wandered home (tim and i had some of their amazing ice cream the night we arrived), so instead we had a late night snack / early breakfast at the georgetown cafe (open 24h) on the way home. not the healthiest of days, but a really fun one.

our dressing room - the conductor's room. you know you are in a classy joint when that's on your door.

anti-nuclear protest outside the white house

navy yard subway station

and then the sky turned this amazing colour!

i set up a long exposure shot, and the guy hit a home-run - that's why the fella stood up and cheered. nice timing, but crap photo!

the studio, out in arlington. it was a great place, expertly run by Don Zientara, who engineered for us.

scott (drum legend) soundchecking the drums when we arrived

this is one of my favourite shots of tim, ever - never happier than in a recording studio.

we recorded to tape - i had approx 16 minutes to get it done - three takes plus 90 seconds for the loops!

don and his desk

jesse was there to lend a second drummer's opinion

and to help packing up

tourist shot no.1 - people playing with kites in front of the monument. it's bloody massive. i think there must be several million american flags in washington.

tourist shot no.2 - the back garden.


pics from chicago

cool mural

there are a few really cool old theatres in this area of chicago - this was where we were playing, just along from a venue we played a while back, called the riviera.

and this place was being restored - maybe next time!

i guess we found the swedish area

windows at the aragon

the entire venue was hand-painted by one man, over the course of 3 years. it's insane.

real plant / painted plants

alien mops

the iconic overland train system

firefighters memorial


and someone had asked for a pic of me, so i took this in the mirrored tiles at the venue in st. paul.


chicago / saturday / 1900

the helio sequence are just finishing a great set - went out to front of house to watch the first half. they are really fun to watch and make a really powerful sound, and i can tell by the applause that the chicago crowd enjoyed it.

went out for a wander today, and took loads of pics, but haven't had time to go through them to look for good ones, so i'll do that tonight / tomorrow.

chicago is a good town to wander around. jesse and i found some great music shops on N Lincoln Ave, but i couldn't persuade him to spend any money, despite my best efforts. we wandered past a park where there seemed to be four different kids' baseball games going on - it couldn't have been more like a film (probably where things are about to go bad - think the park scene at the start of terminator 2! or do i have a dark imagination?) anyhow, we've had a good day here, and i'm looking forward to playing. the venue is already packed out, and i can hear bittersweet symphony ringing out of the PA. next up for your listening pleasure - mat kearney. have a good saturday night, wherever you are!


the twin cities / friday / 1639

just finished soundcheck. my shadow x 100. it's not the easiest song to play...

yesterday was a stopover in lincoln, nebraska - our second stopover day there (last was a couple of years ago). i went to the university bookstore to buy a snowglobe (and some cornhuskers merchandise for some american pals back home). jesse and i had a nice healthy lunch in the coffee shop - and a really good coffee (on P between 13th and 14th, i think). we have been to the cinema both times we've been here - spiderman 3 last time (not the best film ever); star trek this time - much better! both starring kirsten dunst, coincidentally. whoops, it's just been pointed out that it's actually the fabulous jennifer morrison (star of house - sorry ms morrison!)... tom bought me the best popcorn ever, and then helped me eat it. i think it had about a pint of liquid butter poured over it, so if we have heart attacks onstage tonight you will know why. rob had scoped out the railway yard, so we went down there to take some photos, then met the others for pizza at yia yias (who have an amazing selection of beer), then went to see local guy marc thornton (http://www.myspace.com/markthorntonmusic) play at the zoo bar - i really enjoyed the set.

hit the bus and hit the road at midnight, and woke up here. looking forward to the show tonight - i remember the last time we played here - it's a great venue. should be fun!


leftover shot from denver

love old-school limos

agee was repairing a 1952 chevrolet

look at this photo and tell me car design has improved...

ummm... does this look dodgy to you?

ok, i'm gonna upload a ton of pics of the lincoln depot. apologies in advance, but i just love the symmetry you get with all the straight lines. the sky was amazing too - just seems to be huge over here.

bullet holes in the waiting room window




denver / wednesday / 1650

just finished soundcheck and said hi to a few fans outside tonight's venue. we tried out my shadow in soundcheck for the first time, and it sounded rocking. still got a bit (actually a lot) of rehearsing to do, and tom wants to find a better guitar sound for it, but you never know, we might be able to bust it out at some point on the tour.

we woke up on the bus in boulder, for our now regular acoustic slot on KBCO - that place has such a good little studio, and it looks out on the mountains, so i took a few pics. i could definitely live in boulder for a while - all that rock climbing and healthy air. wouldn't get any work done though! oh, and the guy who served me at starbucks was probably the most friendly and polite barista i've ever encountered. jesse has been filming everything on his new flip camera.

the gig tonight should be good - we played here a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun, so let's hope tonight matches it. in the meantime, here are a few pics from yesterday and today.

reservoir dogs?

us, on the security screen at the social security office. in hindsight it wasn't such a smart idea to take this pic, but the security guy realised i am just a harmless idiot, and let me off. he even looked after my camera for me instead of making me take it back to the hotel. nice guy.

i concur!

jq and i went to the university campus shop. i bought gifts for my niece and nephew, and the utah shirt i was wearing after the show last night. jesse bought me a pen - thanks jesse!

boulder - the view from the radio station. climbers will like the look of the amazing looking slabs on the right.

we are going from left to right...


tom and jesse working out my shadow in the dressing room / dungeon

my shadow is one of those songs with a long intro with no drums - should be great for taking photos onstage.

it's also a while til the bass kicks in!


salt lake city / tuesday / 1230

went for breakfast at the lovely lamb's grill cafe. i had an omelette with hash browns - proper ones, not the big triangle things you get in europe. it was good, but i can't get used to half and half in coffee - makes it too sweet, in my humble opinion. tim had the short stack, beth french toast with bacon. i tried both (not the bacon) and they were amazing. really really fresh and crispy. the maple syrup was great too. col had poached eggs. he is incredibly healthy these days!

just been to the social security office to apply for something or other - more paperwork for colin, probably.

went bowling last night with some of the crew - i broke 150 but production manager ant was the star, winning both games with scores above 160. not sure the locals were too threatened...

oh, and here's a match ball from anaheim the other day - we got given some as our venue was right by the ground. thanks very much!

people seem to like tv sets in windows here - you get the sound pumped out too. i have no idea why.

one of the older buildings in the town centre. it's pretty business-centric in the centre. i went into one newsagent but it seemed to be stocking bongs and crackpipes more than the new york review of books, so i left pretty quickly.

odd self-portrait in the reflection of a table

the town hall

wherever you are in salt lake city, you can see the surrounding mountains, and some of them still have snow - it's my main memory from last time we were here, and gives the city a really great backdrop.

if you look closely you can see rob...

thom, overwhelmed by the power of the brunswick 2000

our winner, holding his pose!

(i kept tripping over my laces)

ant checking the scores; rob bowling

the wonderful lustre king

spotted mr w in the window of benihana. also (not pictured) tiger woods; bill clinton...

our breakfast joint

french toast and bacon

the short stack

dentists look away now...

omelette and hash browns

it's a lovely place

and it has hat-stands for every booth. awesome. i want a hat like this - i know i'll look ridiculous, but they are just damn cool.

salt lake city, utah / monday / 1716

listening to teenage fanclub grand prix. got a few pics from the journey across - nearly 700 miles.

we popped into a small truckstop on the way. i found my biggest snowglobe yet, so i'm pretty happy about that. i'm also trying to collect fridge magnets of each state we go through. i don't know why - i guess this is the lure of the truckstop. here are the pics i promised, plus some from the shop...

i should go and get some lunch, but i just found a box of oreo cookies in the minibar. the temptation of miniature bottles of whisky has never been an issue for me, but oreo cookies? game over.

oh, and Chris... Arlene is the bus driver!


see that white peak in the distance? that's where we are headed (and this photo was taken over 450 miles into the journey). america is huge.

the joy of getting off the bus for a few minutes...

...as demonstrated by ant and thom!

what is cheese curd?

rob looks like he suspects there might be some colo(u)ring in this cookie. it was very pink indeed.

pepper teriyaki buffalo jerky anyone? it's tender and delicious, apparently.

or perhaps a metre long snake of candy?

there's that mountain again - still miles away

i love seeing yellow school buses, just like the yellow cabs in new york. it's like being in a film.


bus - on interstate 15 between fillmore and scipio, utah / monday / 1120

good morning everyone, we have an internet connection on Arlene's bus! it's slow (the connection, not the bus), so i can't upload pics, but i can do text - so this is what's going on: we've travelled 430 miles since we left annaheim last night, and i just got up. tom is up, so is colin, tmtts. no sign of jesse, beth or tim. we're driving through a beautiful high mountain plain - we are at an elevation of about 6000 feet - Arlene says we have been climbing all night. mount catherine is coming up on the right hand side. it looks hot out there, but some of the peaks still have some snow on them. i love these roads - you can see for miles in every direction. jesse just appeared - he says he slept well and has been writing emails in the back lounge (i'm up front, watching the world go past). we just drove past a ranch - looking place - white fences and horses grazing. this is what touring in america is all about - just seeing the landscape, the space and the absence of people. i don't think anyone from europe gets to experience this kind of empty space. i'll take a couple of snaps and put them up later...


west hollywood / saturday / 1808

just a quick update. the first show of the tour was a stormer! oakland really welcomed us back to the usa. thanks so much! we drove overnight to los angeles, and are here for a couple of days. jesse and i took the chance to hit the shops on melrose, and had a nice breakfast at the m cafe. we ended up staying out for hours, and i hadn't taken my camera, so i'm sorry for the lack of photos. imagine sunshine and blue sky, and two lost-looking englishmen and you've pretty much got the picture... went over to the venue for soundcheck, and then headed back to our hotel for a bit of dinner before the show. tonight we welcome mat kearney, joining the helio sequence for our bill for the tour. if last night sets the tone, then this is going to be a great tour.


oakland / friday / 1924

a few pics from today... went for a walk down to the water (i've never been there in all my visits to this city). it's a lovely place. i loved walking through chinatown, and the italian quarter, then finally to the waterfront. had a nice lunch with tim and jesse, and then headed to the venue for soundcheck. it's a beautiful theatre, and i've put a few pics of it below.

san francisco / friday / 0750

just woke up - not a bad start on fighting the jetlag! got here yesterday afternoon, sunshine, mid-twenties, very pleasant. went for a wander with jesse - he was fighting the urge to buy a new camera (though not the leica that he's had on his blog). last time i was here i came into town for a huge anti-war march, but today all was quiet. i have never been sure what to make of this city, but i'm definitely coming around to it. it's really walkable (for an american city - they are often really spread out) so you don't need a car - that helps a lot. seems like a pretty healthy place to live if you have some money, but there is a huge amount of poverty here too - there have always been a lot of homeless people here, but it just seems to have increased this time around, or maybe i'm just noticing people more because the economy is in the news. quite a few closed-up shops too - the huge virgin megastore on market is now just an empty space. we had a good wander round, then went to lori's diner for some food with tim and colin. i had the best onion rings i've ever tasted. managed to stay awake until about 1030 (the equivalent of 6.30am in the uk). not bad!

that snowglobe...


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It's more phots, very, very good! it's a beautiful paradise!!! BRAZIL- GOIÂNIA

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Ahh, how I love the Archive. There are many undiscovered photoblogs and interviews for me to explore. A dunebuggy! I learned the stick shift on a dunebuggy! Happy you got to see one! You tell 'em (the blue horse) Jessie! I'm also attemping to answer two caption questions. The phrase, "Curb Your Dog," generally is a nice was of saying, "Keep you dog on the sidewalk or take responsibility and clean up after your pooch. Cheese curds are, I think, the skim or whatever they call it. Basically, it's the lumpy cheese top they used to trash. One day, somebody thought, "Hey! We could package and sell these for money!" I personally don't like them but whatever. Much love to Keane and the crew.

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Thanks for adding more of the Cleve. pics. I know the History of each bridge you added photos of, here. Would be interesting to have that sort of discussion With you, if you would like that[Keane]. I Love bridges so much, and have scaled a few for photos and enjoyment. Tim's Blue photo is just Great, plus his breakfast looked absolutely delicious!!! Hungry now.... Have a good time, Keane - Wherever you are........!~Love ya, A.!

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You rocks Rich!!!!

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@@@@@@ Richard! I love your photoblogs... are amazing!!! and I like Tom's short hair :D he looks gorgeous!!! have a nice day guys. Lots of love @@@@@@

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it`s very very funny!! i like the pics... i love them =) amazing.. From: Peru

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Awesome! Thanks for such a great show at Radio City, NYC!!! Leonardo (and his two angels) were kind enough to rescue me from the back of the mezzanine and let me have their extra ticket next to the stage!!!! Thanks Leonardo and co.!!! You made me the happiest person in the Hall!!! (Sorry I lost you in the crowd on the way out, was not my intent.) Possibly the best night of my life! AndreaB

Posted by AndreaB at 3:27am, 02 Jun 2009

I love the pictures of the CN tower Rich. I was there back in March and the sky pod scared the beejeevies out of me. One of the CN employees pushed me on top of it because I was too afraid to walk across. Everyone thought it was funny except for me I was screaming like a teenage girl.Surprised you weren't scared. Anyways come back to America soon.. we miss you already. Mara

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Hello Richard!Nice pictures.I love the photos and your comments!I was wondering if you have a favorite subject to photograph, people, places, landscapes, buildings..... I found this video with a also very nice photography:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1UUVU93JdI I like the videos with the band but I think this one matches very well with the song

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(( Hello Everyone )) You catch some of the coolest Cameos ever.. Great capture of Tim in your knife.. Love the door way.. The building after is very artsy looking.. Neat..Love the old and new look of the buildings..Flies are pretty bad around this area.. Theyre worse as the summer goes on..I love the bridges but I always get really uneasy driving over them.. The night shots with the lights on the water are amazing.. Thank You For taking the time and giving us Another Great Photo Blog Richard..

Posted by b0ndsbustybl0nde7 at 3:43am, 01 Jun 2009

that bug DID bring all his friends to the cleveland concert! they were even in our hotel! i felt so bad for you guys on stage because it seemed like the lights were attracting them! lol,you guys were great though, even with those unexpected,tiny memebers of the audience flying around.

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Les dernières photos postées sont époustouflantes de beauté. Rien à redire ! Bravo mon cher Richard.

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Hello guys!!!!! I just want to wish you good luck for your show tonight!!! You´re great so please stay the way you are♥

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Great pictures ! LOL for the mosquito ! But it can't be worst than in Lappland, i remember my trip ten years ago, it was big clouds of mosquitos all around, (even prams had mosquito nets to protect babies)...it was amazing. I like very much your blue pictures and the last one with the "bridge" is fabulous. (One of my favourite is the picture of the beginning with the "Bouddah"). Good show tonight (your cats must be really happy to see you enfin, because, dis donc, it must be hard for them all these trips ! One of mine (we wonder which one....) have one's way ( me fait la tête) even when i leave few days...)

Posted by athallie at 1:31pm, 30 May 2009

RICHARD...Curb your dog means that when out walking the pup, if he goes potty, CLEAN UP AFTER HIM!!LOL! Thx for an incredible night in NYC....and thx for coming to chat with us. after..i was with my gf, the one who grabbed your "man boob" lol!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Keep on Rockin!!!

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Great, pictures, Richard !!!!!! =) TOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

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Thank you, Sherry W. -it didn´t occur to me at all... my kind regards to Michigan

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Today there were my old casettes which have attracted my attention. I was looking through- Deep Purple, Nazareth.... Elvis Presley and - his song" Honey Money" -this reminds me that we couldn´t be reduced to a consuming machine. I love to be a consuming machine/if I can allow it/ but I repeat - " All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any".*my lovely st.paul/ Like a bolt from the blue we have the blues. Tom and Tim are damn amazing blue... my best wishes and many kisses to you and to America

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@Almond blossom (o Daniela mejor??): Hola!! Gracias por tu respuesta :) La verdad es que creo que debajo de la servilleta debiera estar Richard para tomar la foto desde ese ángulo, de lo contrario me imagino que tuvo que ponerse encima de Tim para tomarla :S jijiji... Bue... Uno más de los tantos misterios que quedan sin resolver de las fotos de Richard xD En todo caso, igual son geniales!! jajaja... Un abrazo :)

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Hey, mercedes, I'm thinking that Tim just might be the one with the napkin on his lap, no? If not, then he is hiding very, very well.....Sherry, Michigan, USA.

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thank you richard i loved all your pics i love new york is really nice,thank you richy nice,nice,nice,nice,nice,nice,nice,nice pics !!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx for you tim,tom and jesse xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ROSE xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.

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@ Simona163 ~ Thanks for talking with me! It was a pleasure to meet you...I'm so glad I said Hello because it did cross my mind that I may be wrong. I couldn't pass up the opportunity! I was shocked when I saw you at first...thinking, 'What are the chances that Simona would be here...all the way from Italy?' ----- well, pretty good apparently! Keane brings good people together! Hope to run into you again some time...hopefully in Italy! That would be just wonderful. Take Care Simona! XO-Michelle316

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Great, pictures, Richard !!!!!! =) TOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

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Thanks for sharing,this all what you do for us , confirms you have love in your hearts. I´d read for awhile the article from K. Bibby about the scientific evidence that the heart is the major center of intelligence in humen beings, i.e. we have a brain in our hearts.Then I read about an ancient Hawaiian practise -Ho´oponopono, designed to cleanse internally, thereby others to be cleansed. I have been looked at french toast with fruit, coffee, maple syrup, glasses, but not at Tim/ maybe invisible/,no, that´s seems to be all very tasteful/delicious/ with love and Gratitude!

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You guys are so brave0going up the tower-I'd be so scared!!!

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haha-curb your dog....i have no idea what that means either.

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Great pictures of Cleveland!!!!!!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you at the rib cook off. You're a really sweet person, I will always treasure your autograph and the memory of meeting you. The show was fantastic!!!! You all are very nice, hope you come back to Cleveland soon! LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@ Dra_House: Yo veo a alguien (o parte de alguien) en la foto. Quien está sentado en la mesa. Puedes ver algo de sus piernas con una servilleta blanca de tela en la parte inferior de la foto. ¿Será Tim?¿o será Rich mientras tomaba la foto? Saludos y que estés bien. Daniela.

Posted by Almond blossom at 10:09pm, 28 May 2009

Richard!! Hey!! In the first pic (breakfast at the noho star. french toast with fruit. and coffee. and maple syrup. and tim.), where was Tim?? I don't see him... not even a little piece of him :( (Did anybody find anything of Tim in this pic??) BTW, yummy breakfast :) A HUGE HUG FROM CHILE :)

Posted by Dra_House at 8:51pm, 28 May 2009

Hello Keane, I am one of your older fans. I saw you last night @ Radio City in NY and you were absolutely fantastic. Your show was so full of fun and energy. I've seen alot of great bands throughout the years (Led Zep..The Who..Queen, etc.) and I am thrilled to have had the chance to see you and hear your music in my lifetime. You were all so generous to come out after the show to talk to us and take pictures and sign autographs. Thanks again Tom for being a sport and signing my article of clothing! Tim and Richard you are also priceless, thanks for making my night so special. I hope to be around a long time to enjoy your music. Continued success to you all!

Posted by vicki1171 at 8:43pm, 28 May 2009

nice photos, thank you very much !!!! XD

Posted by www at 8:09pm, 28 May 2009

Definitely your night pics are the best! love them! keep blogging them, they´re great!

Posted by MagaNardi at 6:25pm, 28 May 2009

@@@@@@ Hello again Richard! , I hope you're well, the last photos are great (Tim & Tom looks very... blue!!! o_O hahaha) and I love the pictures of their food, but sometimes that makes me hungry LOL. I waiting for more, and more fun pics of Jesse JoJoJo. Thank you very much. Lots of Love. @Jess @@@@@@

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 6:00pm, 28 May 2009

Richard, This is very nice to see all your pics. Thank you. We travelled from Phoenix AZ to LA to see you this time and to Berkley CA the time before. As an American I agree it is awesome to be on a road trip and see the land. Lots of wide open space in the SW. It would be great to see you in Phoenix. I could be your mom for a day; I have 2 teenagers. We love the music. Please keep it up!!! We look forward to what's next.

Posted by joycel at 5:39pm, 28 May 2009

Hello Richard! I hope you have a good rest after many gigs... Could you think about visit CHINA, please? I'm longing for the "Richard's China Photoblog" so much... and I hope I can see Keane's gig one day... We just waited so long... I believe dreams will come true.... =) And I look forward to the SBE's gig on 30th May, though I live far away, in Guangzhou, China... Syrinx from Guangzhou, CHINA...

Posted by Syrinx at 5:08pm, 28 May 2009

Hi Rich! I like very much your pictures...The third of "colorful buildings" is very nice. The door of "Manufacturers Trust Company" looks like a door of an ancient temple taken from any “Indiana Jones? movie :) And I think that two pics of Tom and Tim with under the blue light ,looks like BLUE MAN GROUP! ;D ... Greetings to all! *Daniela (Chile)*

Posted by Almond blossom at 3:20pm, 28 May 2009

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO ******* wow, many of new great photos, thank you, Richard, I do not know New York but I do intend to going there someday! Thank you for all these marvelous and interesting pictures, you have a poetical "eye" ( I am not sure this expression exist in English)! Thank you again! LOTS OF LOVE TO MY FAVOURITE BAND! WARM HUG! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by isa at 3:12pm, 28 May 2009

Thank you so much Richard!!!!! The pictures are great!!!! I´m so much looking forward to seeing you in Cologne!!!! It´s gonna be amazing!!!! I wish you all the best♥

Posted by Julia B. at 2:31pm, 28 May 2009

maybe...dogs just go wild inexplicably on that part of the street...just maybe....

Posted by anabela at 2:02pm, 28 May 2009

VEO QUE LA ESTAN PASANDO MAL JAJAJJJAAJ ... BEAUTIFUL! NICE RICH TO SHARE ALL THIS WITH U.S., I LOVE YOU BOY, AND THACKS , You may notice that I very much appreciate the culture of each place, GENIUS! MUA

Posted by paula*arg at 1:58pm, 28 May 2009

RICHARDD! THE SHOW WAS AMAZING LAST NIGHT. YOU GUYS BLEW ME OUT OF THE FREAKING WATER! but im so sorry the crowd was dead! that mustve been awkward for you guys but every time tom came around by the star things i screamed for him! i was so damn close! come to nyc ASAP!

Posted by angeloveskeane at 12:26pm, 28 May 2009

Thanks Richard!! Finally coming in New York, every pics are so lovely:) The night view seen over the stage is beautiful. That's so nice venue. And a glossy blue light shows Tim like 'Blue Man'?...haha.

Posted by asak720 at 11:16am, 28 May 2009

Oh and sorry but I guess it's better to write "with big wide-eyed eyes"... Maybe or then I don't know, sorry !

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:57am, 28 May 2009

Hello Richard!!! I love the pics,but the first one MMMM with your breakfat on the table,and your sunglasses too !!! Very energetic !^^ Tim and Tom looks stunning at the gig!!! Thank you very much for keeping us update.Love Keane .Love you boys!!! Kisses Kari xx

Posted by Kari from spain at 10:45am, 28 May 2009

@Miha, quand j'ai commencer à taper, le dernier message posté était celui de Sabrina... Entre-temps, ton message s'est affiché alors que j'étais toujours en mode "login" , c'est normal ?!...

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:34am, 28 May 2009

Oh, Thanks Richard !... It's so kind of you to post an update while you had thousand other and better things to do over there... Sirens, sirens, sirens & buildings, buildings, buildings but anyway, I can understand your excitement because it's a city so cultural that certainly must keep you up wide-awake, wandering like a mad with big wide-eyed !... I imagine Mister HUGHES coming back from NYC with headlights in place of eyes !!!... Richard, you're so nosy that you probably have had not enough of 2 eyes... Anyway, it seems you were not the only one to swallow some crunchy creatures in Cleveland... MMMM !!!... By the way, it's time to make your "toilet training"... So actually, the billboard means "Please, NO S**T"... Given that some people are not very clean, such kind of campaign is probably valuable to human kind too... So for instance, it could mean too "No wee-wee" against walls... Then I hope that you've acted properly !!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 10:18am, 28 May 2009

Good morning to everyone! I wish you a safe travel back. I hope everything will be all right and you'll be able to have a nice rest in the plane. Take care.

Posted by Mihajasoa at 10:11am, 28 May 2009

Hello Richard, ma quanto sei gentile, ti scusi sempre e giustifichi quando non ci siete, sei una persona meravigliosa!Ti auguro un futuro ancora più splendido del tuo presente! Sei così perbene e raffinato ed è bello tutto quello che ci racconti, adoro le tue foto: la colazione con i tuoi occhiali da sole e la custodia della macchina fotografica vicini, sembrano mettere la firma alle tue foto , belle sia quelle comprensibili che quelle incomprensibili !Che dire poi dell' insetto sulla tazza? Mi piace pensarvi all' interno di un centro commerciale come delle comuni persone, bizzarra la macchina che è piaciuta a Jesse: proprio lì dentro ci si può riparare bene dagli agenti atmosferici!Carino il barbecue , sembra quasi di sentirne l' odore, singolare quel gran forno , le anatre della giostra e poi per quanto riguarda il centro commerciale anche qui ne abbiamo tanti ma sono tutti ipertecnologici dentro e fuori, neanche io ne ho mai visto uno con il tetto decorato e lavorato come quello di un teatro!Divertiti tu insieme ai tuoi compagni che sono anche loro delle bravissime persone come te ! Io ora chiudo, saluto un attimo gli amici del forum che poi devo andare a scuola dove oggi si terranno le prove orchestrali , a presto dalla CATANESE SABRINA , GRAZIE SEMPRE DI TUTTO, PER ME è SEMPRE UNA GIOIA COMUNICARE CON VOI !

Posted by Sabrina v. at 9:44am, 28 May 2009

I envy you so much for getting the chance to visit all these places, you should definitely not feel bad for not blogging when you have all THAT to discover! :D / hugs from Emma Jo, Sweden

Posted by emmia at 9:06am, 28 May 2009

I got back from Radio City not too long ago either and I MET TIM, RICHARD, AND TOM!!!!!!!!!!! They will never know how special this is to me, my life is basically complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show was just UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU KEANE, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for signing my tetris patterned sweatshirt, hehe!! :)))))))))))))))))))))

Posted by lmko at 9:05am, 28 May 2009

I just came back from Radio City in NYC and it was AMAZING!!!! Thanks Tom, Tim and Richard!!! Love u 4ever!!!!!

Posted by Mariana-keane at 8:42am, 28 May 2009

VISCA EL BARÇA I VISCA CATALUNYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by CristinaBlanch at 8:36am, 28 May 2009

Wow the Noho star must be posh - the cutlery isn't plastic !! (what is it with American diners using plastic plates and cutlery LOL - just won't cut the mustard chaps!!) Excellent photos Richard - that will be one fat book !!!!!

Posted by MaryDM at 7:40am, 28 May 2009

I've been itching ever since I saw the photo of the mosquito - it's bringing back memories of Minnesota (it's the unofficial state bird there, you know). That doctored photo of Tim is freaking me out - he looks like Michael Meyers from Halloween and it's scaring me. :O That venue looks really cool though - love the roof! Thanks for the great photos, as always! Safe trip home!

Posted by Nico at 7:31am, 28 May 2009

Beautiful Cleveland pics! The ones with Tim in blue lighting are fantastic! I was recently at that venue... cool to see it from your perspective! Sorry about those pesky mosquitos. Hope it didn't rain on you guys like it did for The Killers! The stage was soaked.

Posted by travelfish at 7:07am, 28 May 2009

BTW.... CURB YOUR DOG means you need to pick up after your puppy takes a sh*t! LMAO!!!

Posted by annie nyc at 7:03am, 28 May 2009

Hi guyss oooo yeah! this is eutiful ooo the sky wuoo!! the lines hehehe well Good Luck and take cake ok kisses to Tom Tim Rich and Jesse!!! from monterrey mexico

Posted by karoLennon at 6:30am, 28 May 2009


Posted by Teresa Kleppe at 5:19am, 28 May 2009

Dearest Richard! Thank you so much for the update! I really loved it! I have a friend who lives in NYC, and she is going to your gig tonight! Can't wait for her report! haha! I miss New York, I was there two years ago around this time, your pictures really brought back some wonderful memories that I had. It is an amazing city. Your pictures made me wanna go to New York again. It is the last stop for your North American tour, am I right? Ah, it is so sad to know that this wonderful trip is coming to an end. I don't want to say goodbye to you guys! It is so hard for me to watch you guys going back to Europe. Oh well, what choices do I have, right? I still remember the LA gig 3 weeks ago, it was the best night of my life ever. Time passes so quickly! You went from west coast to east coast. So please please please enjoy your last gig tonight, and have a safe trip home! Hopefully I will see you very soon. Good luck with the show and everything, say hi to Tim, Tom, Jesse. I love you all. Do promise to come back! Please! I really miss you! *kisses* *hugs*

Posted by Griet at 3:28am, 28 May 2009

Saw the Cleveland show three days ago! Ammmazing! I've always thought that the CD technology is just not high enough quality to capture all of Keane's glory! Totally worth the 15+ hr drive to see you! YHTA and EW stole my heart. Loved MS and IAW is a favorite :) Thank you for signing my CD, chatting and letting me take photos with each of you after the show! Haven't stopped smiling since :) Loved how Tom tried to get poor Richie in trouble for being a vegetarian at a meat festival...

Posted by picklepine at 3:28am, 28 May 2009

Hi Rich ! and Tom and Tim and Jesse !! Are you guys enjoying New York? I hope so, it is a wonderful city! hey Rich, aren't those glasses Tom's? In the picture of your breakfast in New York, I mean! mmm I miss you guys, love you so so so sooooooo much ! love from Argentina we are crazy about you, I think you noticed that when u came here haha

Posted by lalivaldez at 2:52am, 28 May 2009

Lovely photos thus far Richard! Couple of things: 1. LOL at the "Curb Your Dog" bit. We're kinda strange about animals here in the good ol US of A. Reminds me of a family story where one of my uncles was nonchalantly walking his very well behaved dog on a leash, on the street and some random guy came along and started yelling: "CONTROL YOUR DOG!!" People are crazy sometimes... 2. Cheese curds- never had them before, but check out more about them here: http://doorbell.net/tlr/cheesecd.htm. 3. Why would a newsagent stock bongs and crackpipes? Ah well, guess that answers the question as to why the media is the way it is these days.... 4. Seeing the photo of the tunnel at the Navy Yards stop on the Metro brings back so many memories. Thanks so much for taking a picture of it. 5. If you come back to Baltimore again, and haven't already done so, check out the Baltimore Aquarium. Edgar Allen Poe's house is not far from that central area and the plaza/mall on the other side of the docks has (or used to have) a great veggie tempura vendor (and the name escapes me) that you should try if you get the chance. There's also a great crabcakes restaurant not far from there. ... and now I'm rambling, but thanks for sharing the pics!! :)

Posted by Emmybear at 2:49am, 28 May 2009

Omg!! Did you eat tim as well??? …if you didn´t , can i ?..just joking i´m a veggie too!!! But i could make an exception!! Naaaa,just joking again! ¬¬ ----------------- LMAO about that one with the mosquito or whatever that thing is!!! Did you have a great time with them??? i Don´t think so,,, :P Anyway i love the pics specially those with the Bridges, i like Bridges as long as i don´t have to pass by one!!! (are those that jesse mentioned on his blog?) ohh you don´t have to answer me that .. just take you time, lol!! -------------- I also like the last two, i love skies, you can get those skylines by the coast or in the country side, you are lucky if you see one star in the city …and if you stop to look the sky ,people watch you like if you were crazy!!! That´s sad… bye lovely man have fun tonight …niza from Chile.

Posted by niza at 2:49am, 28 May 2009

MR.HUGHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!thanks a lot for these lovely pictures!...the ones from Cleveland look awesome...Tim sort of looks like a smurf, haha because of the blue light :P...Anyway, thank you for taken the chance on your busy schedule to share these pics with us.......HugsAndKissesToKeane...but actually a very special KISS and HUG for you MR.HUGHES, because you're the one that keeps us entertain with your gorgeous pictures!!!! thanks luv!!!!

Posted by samanta.g at 2:31am, 28 May 2009

Richard, After you posted your pictures of Clevelan, I sent the link for this blog to my brother-in-law, who lives there. He's a Keane faan and somewhat house bound dealing with leukemia. here's his response. "The pictures of all the cities on the tour are interesting. They definitely give a perspective of Cleveland through eyes of someone from a different country which we seldom get or look for ." ...He enjoyed looking through you photos, as we all have. Thanks again for taking the time to share it all with us. (I sound like a broken record, I know, but I really mean it....xx Jo Anne

Posted by jo anne at 2:27am, 28 May 2009

RICHARD, YOUR PICS ARE AMAZING !!! I like all of them, but specially i love the Toronto ones, Thanks for the updates and may you have a super gig tonight in NY. I wish I could be there !!! I send you tons of kisses and hugs Mr Huges. Keep on sharing with us the lovely moments that you live with the band. Love from your faithful MEXICAN FAN ...

Posted by beyondthesea at 2:24am, 28 May 2009

(sighs) just love your night time shots.....:-)

Posted by cjswench at 2:11am, 28 May 2009

HELLO RICH!!!!that beautiful picture! beautiful places that I loved the photos of the city and the water beautiful landscape and graffiti are very beautiful I love you more rich hope your photos and hope you return here in Buenos Aires! thanks for your willingness to show the locations of your trip and I love you kisses from here on we argetina Jorgelina keane!

Posted by jorgelina_23 at 2:10am, 28 May 2009

Thank you so much dear Rich, the breakfast french toast with fruit and coffee likes pretty good.Best luck always.Cheers,Rachel

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 2:08am, 28 May 2009

The show in Montclair was amazing!!!! I dunno but there is something about the way the theatre was built that makes the music sound even better live. Love Rich he was the only one who signed my ticket, but i also didn't have a pen...ne way KEANE ROCKS!!!

Posted by Nichole at 2:04am, 28 May 2009

Ha Ha. 'Curb your dog', maybe it means, don't let your dog foul the pavement, take him to the curb and do his 'business' in the gutter, lol

Posted by wrightk15 at 2:03am, 28 May 2009

Thank you Richard for the photos! The breakfast looks nice. Interesting menu. Maybe "Curb your dog" means that people have to take care their dogs don't do their business on the tree, (dogs, trees...); it's such a small tree. I wish good luck to you all for the gig! Bye!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 1:45am, 28 May 2009

Oh, that´s not nice, I´m hungry and this breakfast looks very hhhmmmm! Changing to the 3 words-the crazy building? How, do you know, it was a guy who brought his fellows? You should know, aliens also need some entertainment! Good-night & thanks!

Posted by Johanna at 1:40am, 28 May 2009

Amazing photos! Keep them coming, I adore looking through them. Richard has a good eye with the camera, finding the unusual and artistic in the most simple/or seemingly ordinary of any subject matter.I am only wondering what kind of camera he is using to capture these works of art?

Posted by riveredge at 1:30am, 28 May 2009

Great pictures from both Cleveland and New York Richard!! That doorway in NY looks smashing! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the rest of your NY pictures. Enjoy the last gig tonight and see you in London saturday! Cheers from Holland

Posted by WouterNL at 1:22am, 28 May 2009

and I love Atlantic

Posted by Johanna at 9:59pm, 27 May 2009

MR. HUGHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello?!......LOL..........HugsAndKissesToKeane

Posted by samanta.g at 9:48pm, 27 May 2009

Les angles de prise des photos sont bien choisis, le cadrage est soigné, le choix des sujets (quoique subjectif) est on ne peut plus intéressant : moi, je te dis : "bravo, Richard". Mais, la photo qui m'a plu le plus est : celle où tu te tiens devant la maison blanche "outside the whitehouse".

Posted by Hakim at 2:23pm, 27 May 2009

Hi Rich! I've been looking at this amazing photoblog... OMG! You're a great photographer. Really, everytime I take a look here I find beautiful surprises. I totally loved your Toronto pics. The ones in the sky pod blew my mind. Excelent job! Thanks for sharing this with your fans. Lots of love for you and of course, for Tom, Tim, Jesse and the rest of the crew. Thanks KEANE for giving such a great music to the entire world! XOXO

Posted by Hikaru_Bloom at 3:31am, 27 May 2009

Ciao! Thanks for these new lovely pictures...I was maybe hypnotized last Sunday, but I could not see the ducks O_O. Thank you for your patience guys, and thank you for the fabulous meet and greet after the show, I did not take it for granted, and loving keane makes me feel special, because you really are. The show was great, I loved Early Winter and of course every single song. My shadow is a masterpiece! I love it I love it! It was nice chatting with you Richard, you are a lovely person, indeed. I'm sorry for stopping Tim during his walk in the rib cook off, but I could not help myself. I was shocked and hope he understood what I said. Well my husband said I looked quite normal but to be honest I felt more than confused. O_= I suppose Jesse is going to buy a buggy ... he looks great close to it! One last thing....Michelle...thank you for recognizing me before the show! I was so happy to finally meet you!!! Take care, lots of love, Simona - Italy/Texas

Posted by sim163 at 12:36am, 27 May 2009

What a great set of pics from Toronto!!! It was an amazing weekend for me, highlighted (of course!) by the gig! I wonder if there are several venues around the world with a view like that... This might be a good time to start making arrangements for September... GRACIAS Toronto... VIVA KEANE!

Posted by kazza18 at 8:57pm, 26 May 2009

Amazing pics, Rich! Especial I like the Toronto skyline pics! Thanks very much! TTRJ - Good luck tonight in Montclair! Have fun together! ~~~ Much love... Silke :)

Posted by Silke (Germany) at 8:42pm, 26 May 2009

I love all pictures of Toronto Canada, come again!

Posted by doctora at 7:44pm, 26 May 2009

Your photography is amazing, Richard....not just the mechanical side of it, but the artistic side of it is phenomenal as well. You are the complete package, Mr. Hughes! Bravo!!...Sherry, Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 7:35pm, 26 May 2009

It is always worth the lonnngggg roadtrips to see you guys - great show in Cleveland!! You and Jesse were both very friendly as well when we met you at the mall. Looking forward to a summer festival date if you can get it on the list!! Come on Richard, as an "honorary brother" in The Sisterhood (you know who we are) could you PLEASE make it happen! Laura from Chicago

Posted by Laura at 7:34pm, 26 May 2009

These pictures are fabulous! Thank you for all of them!

Posted by ohiofan at 4:47pm, 26 May 2009

$30 Dollars for a t shirt!?!?! $30???!!! Why, that's outrageous! That's preposterous! That's ridiculous! That's highway robbery! That's.....that's........uh,that's......... oh, who am I kidding? ................I'll take two shirts, please.

Posted by lilahlamb at 4:29pm, 26 May 2009

I just realized that jesse looks like James Marsden!! richard I love your pictures, thanks for sharing them with us! COME BACK TO ARGENTINA SOON! WE LOVE YOU!

Posted by mariacampora at 4:22am, 26 May 2009

The Toronto show on Sat. was unbelievable! You guys were absolutely amazing. I'm planning to watch you guys again when you go to Kitchener in Sept. I'm happy that you had a day to wander the city and all your pictures are great, especially the skyline at night. It makes me proud of my city. I hope you got to eat at Fresh too--very good veggie burger. The rest of your pictures are awesome too--those ribs look crazy good.

Posted by gerri_cherry at 4:21am, 26 May 2009

Amazing show last night in Cleveland!!!! It was my first but not last, I hope. You guys are wonderful and so incredibly kind to your fans. It was a dream come true to see you live and to meet you at the signing. I am so impressed by your patience. We will miss you in the US but look forward to your return. Have a great time in NY! Hope to see you in Pittsburgh some time ;) (BTW: The plastic ducks in the photo are for a popular kiddy carnival game; some times they use fish and little fishing rods instead / Each child gets to choose a duck and beneath the duck is a number or color which corresponds to the prize they win.) XOXOXO – Michelle316

Posted by Michelle316 at 3:36am, 26 May 2009

Omg i can belive it , noo maybe is only a concidence ¡!! And im just going mad ¡!! But if Rich did´t read my posts ( i´d love to see one of those time-lapse (USA). Best regards, niza. Posted by niza on 2009-05-20 02:01:14 or …i guess there is no chance of an USA timelapse!!! you´re too busy.Posted by niza on 2009-05-21 02:43:39) …mmm? ….i guess he just read my mind!!! But is nice to dream about it , though! Hahaha anyway i was waiting for this i love it - the time lapse it reminds me the last year when we were waiting for PS!!! ñ_ñ thanks Rich i know there is a lot of work and time there… bye lovely man ¡!!

Posted by niza at 2:47am, 26 May 2009

I love your pictures of the cities at night. Hugs from Brazil :)

Posted by Laauura at 1:16am, 26 May 2009

Haha I can just picture all the boys with their own Dune-buggies. They would have them all uniquely decorated. XD There's an idea for you boys....tour the world on dune-buggies! Glad you are enjoying your trip in the States!

Posted by LitwithwhiteLight at 12:58am, 26 May 2009

Thank you Richard for your consideration and more amazing pictures. There is something very magical about snow globes I agree. PLEASE GO TO VIENNA - not only will this make my friend Gudrun very happy but will give me an excuse to go there to see you guys and meet up with a group of Keane fans who are every bit as passionate as the South Americans and truly dedicated to Keane. Travel safely guys and take care of yourselves and each other, J xxx

Posted by Jan (Yorkie) at 12:32am, 26 May 2009

richy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please ,this pic with youre feet in the higthness killme i'm afraid !!!!!!!!!!! please don't do that .... now that i can breath,very nice pics now you makes me be in 2 places at the same time !!!! thank you like always richy !!!!!!!!

Posted by rose chaplin at 12:28am, 26 May 2009

:oD Night-night !...

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 12:21am, 26 May 2009


Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 12:17am, 26 May 2009

It's still funny to look the world through the eyes of the man behind blue eyes... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaekgRtsTiQ&feature=related Lovely song and I still remember the famous picture of THE WHO on the cover of my "33 Tours"... Shame on me because I got rid of this one too !

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 12:16am, 26 May 2009

Pics of Toronto are indeed utterly brilliant but sorry Richard, although the other pics are still very amazing, I don't like much the pic of this pig on a spit roasted... That's without regard to his family !!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:52pm, 25 May 2009

Awesome concert last night in Cleveland! So glad I got to meet you! You captured the very essence of the rib cook off in your photos!! Thanks for mentioning us fans who traveled long distances to see you! Come to Pittsburgh next time! xx

Posted by Fly-To-Me-Keane at 10:35pm, 25 May 2009

Hey Richard!! Your photos are really, really great. Thank you very much!!! Especially the one with the skyline is amasing. I can´t wait to see you in Cologne!!!! It´s good to see that you enjoy yourselves. Have a wonderful time!!!!

Posted by Julia B. at 8:53pm, 25 May 2009

I tnink, I have made my dreams were coming true by looking at your wonderful pictures, Richard. That pic of Toronto at night with you and rob is very,very exquisite ! / very profound feeling/ .I´d love walking the beautiful mall every day with exquisite pleasure. Today I was in our capital and I saw Depeche Mode on big billboard- /22.6./ I´d like see Keane on it! Now I must give PC my sun, because he have forgetten his notebook at college. goodnight, sincerely

Posted by mercedes at 8:34pm, 25 May 2009

Hey Rich! Great pics my friend. The skyline ones are absolutely amazing. Glad you are havinga good time in N.A. The show in Boston was fabulous!

Posted by KGEagle08 at 7:33pm, 25 May 2009

Richard! Thank you for taking these beautiful pictures of the US. You really capture the essence of America in them! Loved your show in Minneapolis on the 15th of May!! Keep the pictures coming!! Love seeing what you boys are doing on tour!

Posted by joanneg63 at 6:58pm, 25 May 2009

The End Of The Line...?? Handle with care...!!! ;-P.......... Now I shall think of you as the Traveling Wilburys.........Or better the Traveling Keanos....... LmAo!! ....Those BBQ pics made me hungry! And I've just eaten something...!! ..........Thanks for some awesome shots again! Keep them coming!! .......Love from Berlin*

Posted by malena at 1:53pm, 25 May 2009

Oh, yeah! The grass is always greener, the sun shines brighter, the sky seems bluer, the ribs smell better (even to a vegetarian), and the fans are more friendly and travel longer distances to see you on the other side of the road, ooops, what a long "road", the Atlantic. I think I got it right. Thanks for the pictures, anyway. See you on the "not so green side" of the 'road' hoping to find you in the same high spirits although you don't need extra efforts here to fill a venue. Cheerio. BTW, thanks for the pictures and updates, Rich. Ace and spot on as always.

Posted by Miss Teake at 1:50pm, 25 May 2009

Hey Richard!! Happy to know you're having a good time in Canada :) Wonderful pics of Toronto... The lights of the city reflected on the water are amazing!! However, I hated Jack on the bone pic: the image of that little pig on the grill broke my heart :( Sorry. A HUGE HUG FROM A CHILEAN VEGGIE FAN :)

Posted by Dra_House at 1:48pm, 25 May 2009

@UMA!!!! Ya estoy de vuelta!!!!! BSSSSSSS

Posted by KARi FROM SPAIN at 11:44am, 25 May 2009

Thanks for many nice pics, Richard!! Oh, just dynamic cooking!! Fever of the festival seems to come here!! Sometimes I feel impatient in my small country enclosed by the sea. Although I am proud of the place where I was born and grew up, of course... Anyway, so lovely many many pics! The neon reflected in the surface of the water is very beautiful.It's like a rainbow. 'the end of the line' reminded me of the scene which I saw in old days.

Posted by asak720 at 11:29am, 25 May 2009

Big thanks Rich you are very kind sharing your pics with us.Very interesting pics and Toronto's pics are amazing.Enjoy your day and nice trip to NJ.

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 10:54am, 25 May 2009

That looks like a pretty meaty day out! I love the extra few Toronto shots too. Just beautiful. xx

Posted by sam (uk) at 9:56am, 25 May 2009


Posted by Teresa Kleppe at 8:57am, 25 May 2009

hi Richard! beautiful pics from Toronto!! And that ceiling from the mall in Cleveland is unbelievable!!!!! The ribs cooked in Jack Daniel's must have smelled goood! Strangely, I'm craving whiskey now, not ribs :P Take care! x

Posted by ana_lore at 8:56am, 25 May 2009

Love the pics, LOVED Saturday's show in Toronto... just keep being awesome!

Posted by manukanu at 8:22am, 25 May 2009

Sorry again, it's "b0ndsbustybl0nd7". :{

Posted by Mihajasoa at 8:08am, 25 May 2009

Hi Richard! I like your job

Posted by MIA-MIA at 8:07am, 25 May 2009

Oh! The mystery of the duck has already been solved by b0ndsbustybl0nd. Sorry, and thank you too.:)

Posted by Mihajasoa at 7:54am, 25 May 2009

Hi, Richard! I'm really enjoying these latest photos that you've posted. MMMM.....barbecued ribs! That reminds me. I gotta go and take out my grill out from storage now that the weather is beautiful. Those pics of Toronto at night are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see New York city through your camera lens!

Posted by lilahlamb at 7:49am, 25 May 2009

Thank you Richard for the well documented blog! All the pics are very interesting. About the ducks, last time I saw plastic ducks children were trying to catch them with a kind of line. However I see no lines nor children, so I'm as much puzzled as you. Looks like it was a fair though. Funny figures but I'm sorry that such a building is empty. The entrance hall is impressive! Splendid pics of Toronto! Hot sh-t! A glass of water please! By the way honey is good for the throat, not only for bears. I wish everyone a nice travel to Montclair! Have a nice day. Enjoy your day off!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 7:39am, 25 May 2009

I was at the Toronto show, it was AMAZING!!! Cannot wait for my favourite band to return to T.O.!! I love the shots of the night skyline. The reflection of the city lights on the still water is gorgeous. On a side note, I came across a neat a capella version of Somewhere Only We Know on the internet and thought some of my fellow Keane lovers might enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDlhA3SaDlw&feature=related

Posted by olas_483 at 7:36am, 25 May 2009

@@@@@@@@ yeeei!! it's so cool... and each time is better and better and better! LOL Thanks Richard! @@@@@@@@

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 6:46am, 25 May 2009

Uuuhhh, more pics, that´s so great! Thank you, so much! I hope the gig was amazing! That´s so nice, how you describe how little the UK is, I like it a lot. Quak, kuak, oky doky!!!

Posted by Johanna at 6:07am, 25 May 2009

Lovely pics, i must say that those Toronto at night pics were amazing, they almost made me wanna go to Canada, wich i really never thought i would like to. Anyway those jesse's sunglasses (the white ones) are really cool, where are they from? Thanks for entertaining me on this mini holiday that we argentinians had this weekend, kisses to y'all (just love the southern accent):)

Posted by MagaNardi at 4:49am, 25 May 2009

(( Waves to Everyone)) Love the self portrait in the mirrored tiles \m/ ...I didnt find the Swedish section of chicago..Glad you guys did or we might have missed that Awesome shot of Jesse posing with the donkey..(( Classic )) My first time on a train was to Chicago.. It really is the way to go..I like the fish bowl shots of the stadium...Dry Dock Pictures are very neat. \m/ .. Ariel shots of Toronto are making me feel queasy.. Good Job.. I love that shop that looks like its a magnet for all the bike parts.. Graffiti is cool as usual.. The night shots of Toronto are Amazing.. Wow what a wonderful view.. The floating ducks are a game..Usually they have a number or symbol on the bottom and you match that up to a prize..Im starting to see those window clings more and more..I like the idea..That is a Bad Ass buggy but it doesnt look like anyone has any fun with it.. Chromes nice and all but eh...Youre in the Heart Beat of America.. You should experience no less.. The Band is Amazing and since the U.S. and Canada are so large, some have to travel...You All are Well Worth it and besides Road Trips are Fun...Thank You as Always for taking the Time and Sharing with us All..

Posted by b0ndsbustybl0nde7 at 4:43am, 25 May 2009

thanks for the update !! this time I don´t love all the pics…sorry . I guess is maybe something against all that meat there !!! It´s an stupid feeling, but .. I don’t know ! anyway enjoy Cleveland !! i Really love those pics from Toronto!!! Specially the one with all the colorful lights! Kisses from Chile. niza

Posted by niza at 4:11am, 25 May 2009

once again you amaze us with your fab pics,rich. thank you. the night time ones are looking fabber than ever...:-)

Posted by cjswench at 2:39am, 25 May 2009

Smashing pictures again Richard!! All your pictures from the USA have been great! The ones from Toronto at night are just smashing! Have fun tonight! Cheers from Holland!

Posted by WouterNL at 1:42am, 25 May 2009

MR.HUGHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!I had written quite a bit, but I dont know what happen that it's not showing ) perhaps I hit the wrong button... :( .........Well, all I said was that the first pictures, really make me hungry....hahahh....and that i LOVE YOUR NIGHT SHOTS OF TORONTO....Can I use one as my laptop wallpaper??? .....and just a little request......MR HUGHES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After tonight's gig can you come out so someone can hand you over a little project some boardies put together for all of you.....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!...You rock, Mr Hughes!!.....Wont bother you no more.......HugsAndKissesToKeane

Posted by samanta.g at 1:40am, 25 May 2009

Awesome pictures of Toronto Harbour, Rich!! I just have to ask: where exactly did you take them?

Posted by SarahV at 1:20am, 25 May 2009

Rich, Toronto´s last picture is absolutely gorgeous!! The colorful lights reflected in the water are so beautiful! Thank you Rich for your lovely pictures, they make me feel closer to the world's best band ever!! I really love keane passionatly!! Lots of brazilian kisses!!

Posted by MimifromBrasil at 12:59am, 25 May 2009

I was writing that the last picture (Toronto) was really sublime, but it is too late, now there are Cleveland's pictures...and to be honest, i don't like very much these pictures, (especially the first which is horrible for me...) But the Toronto's pictures are very beautiful. Have a nice show

Posted by athallie at 12:57am, 25 May 2009

The Toronto Show was amazing! You smiling when i waved at you made my year... might have been a coincidence but ill just believe you smiled at me. have fun the rest of the tour and thanks for coming to toronto. -Melissa

Posted by melissa bhagwandin at 12:07am, 25 May 2009

Some really interesting pictures in there. Good eye! And thanks a lot for sharing. :)

Posted by pointgard022 at 11:32pm, 24 May 2009

Thanks for the last and lovely picture uploaded after gig... Much appreciated and the anecdote about the insects is priceless but I guess this was not worse than being an unfortunate racing cyclist who tends to swallow few insects that came stuck on teeth !... Kudos to Jenson, once again... Richard, I think you must listen again Teenage Fanclub "Grand Prix" in order to bring him luck for next race and it would be funny that this becomes a kind of ritual !!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 11:06pm, 24 May 2009

WOW, that's a great pic Mr. Hughes, thanks for posting..

Posted by nina at 11:03pm, 24 May 2009

Thanks for making the picture clickable. It is really a beautiful one. You're lucky!

Posted by Oona at 10:57pm, 24 May 2009

Rich!! Thanks for the clickable pic... It's gorgeous!! :D A HUGE HUG FROM CHILE :)

Posted by Dra_House at 10:19pm, 24 May 2009

Great, pictures, Richard !!!!!!!!!!!!! TOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

Posted by Raissa at 7:27pm, 24 May 2009

suffering from vertigo with some of these pics *shudders*. still great pics though x

Posted by marinski at 7:21pm, 24 May 2009

stunning photo of you and Rob, Richard.... well done... xx Jo Anne

Posted by jo anne at 6:34pm, 24 May 2009

@@@@@@@@ Ohhh lovely picture with Rob.... Thanks Richard, you're a brilliant photographer... mmm I think that has already been mentioned, but never mind jojojo... thanks for all, and again good luck in your next gigs. Lots for Love. @@@@@@@@

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 6:06pm, 24 May 2009

Wow, that pic of you both with Toronto in the background is amazing Richard.! Make it the front cover of your book !!! ;)

Posted by MaryDM at 3:44pm, 24 May 2009

Hey Richard!! Great pics!! I loved that one with you and Rob in Totonto... It's really beautiful!! And the other I loved was the "chickens" grafitti: I imagine the glasses one is Tim and the smoking one is Tom!! xD hahaha... Did you take a pic of those gorgeous VEGGIE HOT DOGS... Didn't you?? Yummy!! So sorry about the insects, I guess you ended full of bits :( but sure those lucky insects had a good feast with you... :D A HUGE HUG FROM CHILE to my CUTE-VEGGIE-DRUMMER :)

Posted by Dra_House at 2:58pm, 24 May 2009

Absolutely fantastic shot!! Love the way you got the skypod thing smack in the middle between you two. Great composition! You are a very, very talented guy, Rich! We appreciate your sharing with us all....Sherry, Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 2:43pm, 24 May 2009

Oh Rich,I'm so sorry about the insects.Safe trip and best luck tonight,take care! Blowing kisses to Mr Chaplin,love you sweetie ,have a happy Sunday :) Rachel

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 12:08pm, 24 May 2009

Wow, that last picture is absolutely smashing! Toronto looks great by night! Cheers from Holland

Posted by WouterNl at 11:35am, 24 May 2009

Thank you, for this lovely sunday-morning surprise! Well, I guess that the insects, just have a good taste! Fresh food is healthier, than cooked one? And of course, they wanted to get a good-heavy vibe-rhythm, to tell their fellows. You didn´t kill them, or? The beautiful colours-reflection in the water, did you took it like this, really? Wow! I guess seeing this was even more better, even the pic is really good! Thanks! Wishing everyone a good-day!

Posted by Johanna at 11:17am, 24 May 2009

MR.HUGHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful picture of you and Rob!...I love the view!!!....Have a goodnight sleep...I'm off to bed now....Kisses,......................................HugsAndKissesToKea ne

Posted by samanta.g at 9:26am, 24 May 2009

The Toronto sykline pic has to be one of my all-time favourite pics you've taken, the colours and reflections are beautiful. The view from the tower is stomach-turning! I think I need to get a better camera and practice more because I never get this quality of photograph, ever. Thanks Richard, you are great. xx

Posted by sam (uk) at 9:21am, 24 May 2009

Wouah! Fantastic shot! Thank you!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 8:59am, 24 May 2009

MONDAY??? LOL ñ_ñ i Loove the pic!!! Thanks Rich for share that beautiful brightly lit city!! Niza from Chile. night night...

Posted by niza at 8:06am, 24 May 2009

Hi Richard, that last photo is amazing!

Posted by suered at 7:42am, 24 May 2009

hi rich!!! i love all your pics!!!!! they are great!!!!! i hope the gig were great!!!! i love keane!!!! p.s. come back mexico soon!!!!! please!!! kisses from silvia!

Posted by chivis at 7:18am, 24 May 2009

Thanks Richard!! What kind of insect? Oh,it's surely hard... Anyway, it's a wonderful night view! And seems like very amusing town:) Graffiti and the brick wall seem to mismatch, however they are very cool. I like the art that used iron scraps. Will not those wheels fall? If I pass by side, I will probably throb a little...! The design of the train here is also very lovely:)

Posted by asak720 at 6:40am, 24 May 2009

Have a nice travel to Cleveland! Sleep tight!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 6:16am, 24 May 2009

The CN Tower...I was there 20+ years ago while on a middle school trip. The height and the glass floor didn't faze me, I'm sure. Now though, I think I would be white knuckling it!

Posted by renee.0311.508 at 5:22am, 24 May 2009

Very cool pics!!! Thanks again&again Rich! Good luck tonight!

Posted by yessicachaplin23 at 4:17am, 24 May 2009

wow!!! amazing pics as always Rich, you're great!!! with every new post of yours is like read your own diary, it's feels great!! I like specially the ants on the walls, freak and fun ! Dou you want a kiss? here is one! muac-muac hahah (and a thousand for Tom, sure) A hug to all the lads !

Posted by pilibelleza at 4:04am, 24 May 2009

hello richard!! i love the graffiti pics, i like to see that "side" of every city. The second pic is cool :) i also loved the grafitti pics you took in Argentina i think...- it was also really nice to see the pics of Toronto, i went there ages ago and stepping on the clear floor of the CN tower was one of my favourite parts haha i was a kid :)

Posted by ana_lore at 3:59am, 24 May 2009

Thank you Rich, interesting pics I like the originality in graffitis.I love this urban art,much luck tonight.Cheers

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 3:04am, 24 May 2009

MR. HUGHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great pictures as always....There are plenty of urban artists out there...thumbs up for them!!!...the SkyPod pictures...OMG!!! , I'm scared of heights...I'd probably faint being up there..well, either faint or start crying and freaking out....hahahaha....I read you guys are going to be on Jimmy Fallon's show, awww he's fun!! Take pictures of him hahahahah....anyway, enjoy the rest of the tour, and we'll be waiting for more lovely pics!..................HugsAndKissesToKeane

Posted by samanta.g at 2:57am, 24 May 2009

Great, pictures, Richard !!!!!!!!!!!!! TOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

Posted by Raissa at 2:50am, 24 May 2009

My husband and I are both enjoying your photos so much, Rich! We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the time you are taking for us, your fans. For folks who don't get a chance to travel, you've given us such a gift. Love your comments, too. By the way, we said hello to you after the Aragon/Chicago show. We're the 25 years+ vegetarian couple. .....Loved the show! Waited 3 years to finally see you all in person....well worth the wait! Take care! ....Sherry, Michigan, USA.

Posted by Sherry W. at 2:49am, 24 May 2009

Richard, If I knew I was going to meet you on Thursday night in Boston, I would have come prepared with some art for you :0) Hopefully I'll see you guys again, and I'll be sure to have something for you signed, P-A-P-I (krista)

Posted by again and again at 2:25am, 24 May 2009

HELLO RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... GREAT PHOTOS OF ALL THE PLACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I LOVE THIS PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...YOU HAVE A NICE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...KISSES...HLN_MTHRFCKR_LA KEANERA

Posted by HLN_MTHRFCKR at 1:35am, 24 May 2009

Hi guys, I tell them that I am very happy today because a friend gave me a couple of videos of you Keane, so it was my birthday the day April 26th, spend a beautiful afternoon watching their videos, while toward gymnastics , now I'm good at my job, and I do not see time go to rest. Well I leave you a kiss. Love Romy.

Posted by judith juje at 1:33am, 24 May 2009

Richard, I notice it was totally worthless to tell you to be careful because you seem ready to brave any kind of spaces, anyway !... Thanks for your amazing pics... I would be scared to death on this glass floor... About graffti, "Graffiti Soul" is the SIMPLE MINDS's new album to be released on May 25, 2009... Oh dear, it would be so useful to always get this kind of translation English/French... Savour the "chiens-chauds" and have a nice gig, tonight !!!

Posted by Agnes(Fr-15/07/2007) at 12:58am, 24 May 2009

Ah Toronto... my old stomping ground, before I became a Londoner! How cool to see the guys taking pics of things I used to see every day !

Posted by Megan_O_ at 12:52am, 24 May 2009

Thank you Richard! I've never seen so many graffitis in my life! And they look good! They're funny too and original. That's also the first glass floor I see. I'm not tempted.:S What does it feel being in the most elevated observation deck in the world ? Good luck for tonight! Bonne chance pour ce soir!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 12:33am, 24 May 2009

keane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! richard is cool!! i'm play drum and toco song de ustds back argentina =)

Posted by humpup at 12:24am, 24 May 2009

Cool... I love the pics from the CN tower. I've been there and have taken a pic of my foot too... felt very dizzy afterwards. It's amazing that you can see the mists of Niagara Falls from the top observation desk.

Posted by Intergirl at 12:14am, 24 May 2009

Richard I love you!!!!! Your pictures made my day! I'm so thankful!!!!!! You're the best!! I love every single one of them, really. Your pictures took me to the places I've never been, and you can't believe how wonderful that feels. Thank you again for the update! The graffiti ones are stunning, and your birdview shot of the city landscape is extremely powerful! The glass floor looks a little bit scary to me cause I'm always afraid of height, but I imagine it must be a fun experience, am I right? Well then, please take care, and enjoy your tour! I l will miss you! See you soon dear Richard!

Posted by Griet at 12:13am, 24 May 2009

Oh! A few years ago I took a similar picture with my foot on the glass floor of the CN Tower... kept thinking about all those elephants on top of it!! but that wasn't enough and my vertigo got the best of me! :-) loved the view from the restaurant windows though. At least the white squirrel coffee shop is on solid ground!:-)

Posted by anabela at 12:03am, 24 May 2009

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO *********** HEEEEEEEE! Pics on a Saturday, marvelous, it brights my night (now)! I had no idea that Toronto could have such places like the first pics! Amazing... I thought it would be everything so "clean and tidy", ha ha! Great... the glass floor is amazing as well -- weird! Thank you Rich for these great pics, many thanks indeed, they are great as always! Have a nice Sunday and my wish is for all the lads, love you! Warm hug! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by isa at 11:39pm, 23 May 2009

Hiya Richy theres a lot of good graffiti in Toronto and i like the bike/scrap metal collage thing its all very artistic. How r u all and how many gigs hav u got left b4 returning safely/healthy back 2 the U.K. u r all gonna b so shattered as next Sat u hav Island Records gig which me and my bezzie r going 2 and the next day at the pinkpop festival i dont know where u all get the energy i dont work full time but i couldnt keep up with the pace u lot hav. Take care Richy X luv 2 all at team Keane X.

Posted by Babs2009 at 11:31pm, 23 May 2009

o.O!!! I love the one with all those staples, i don´t know why ? And i like those from the observation deck… but i´ll probably faint if one day i go there!!! Thanks Rich …have fun tonight ¡!!

Posted by niza at 11:20pm, 23 May 2009

Nice shots of Boston at night! If i wasn't so damn tired i would have walked around and took some also, but my rational side got the best of me!! ---sonia

Posted by a_bad_dream at 10:52pm, 23 May 2009

Huge as Mr.Hughes? ok, really - but, thanks for the street-reporting updates! Looks good! Thanks, for putting me a smile on my face, about the CN-Tower sign! You know, I never was there, but it´s the sign for the entrance of this huge building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh boy! more trains and this stuff?

Posted by Johanna at 10:23pm, 23 May 2009

Great pics Richard, you're quite talented! love that you shoot (and adore) parts of the city that are usually hated jajaja Anyway love you guys, you rock! Just discovered your "another one bites the dust /dance wiv me" cover and it blew my mind, genius :)

Posted by MagaNardi at 10:21pm, 23 May 2009

Wow. those are some of the best photos ever!! that photo of the skypod between the buildings is stunning and the graffiti speaks for itself. how do you find all this amazing graffiti?.... I've been up in the skypod, but ti sacred me. :-) ...again great photos, Richard....love your photoblog....xx Jo Anne

Posted by jo anne at 10:16pm, 23 May 2009

Richard, I love your Toronto pics, especially your comment about the CN Tower sign with the arrow in the wrong way (you with the astute eye..he-he). Did you gallantly march across the glass floor of the CN Tower? Glad you're having a good time. Can't wait until you come to NYC. Very veggie friendly here too!!! - Karen

Posted by karleu at 10:01pm, 23 May 2009

Hi Richard! Great pictures, I love the graffiti pictures and the pictures from the CN Tower, they look smashing! Also some awesome pictures from the streets of Toronto! A really cool update today! Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy the gig tonight!! Cheers from Holland

Posted by WouterNL at 9:48pm, 23 May 2009

"ilovekeanesobadthatimfillingthewholecommentspacetoexpressmysurrealist iclove" girls piss me off everytime i am flicking through the new archives. nice pics rich, it's great you take the time!

Posted by diatzi at 9:00pm, 23 May 2009

Richard! You took my advice and took a few from Boston! Thanks! :0)

Posted by again and again at 8:39pm, 23 May 2009


Posted by A.B at 8:21pm, 23 May 2009


Posted by Deb at 8:15pm, 23 May 2009

harmless-maybe, idiot-never! scary carpet too. i love bowling shoes,so comfy, i keep meaning to pinch a pair when we go but my conscience just wont let me!!! can you tell me someone would put a cushion inside a bass drum??? great pics look forward to more....thanks, marina x

Posted by marinski at 7:22pm, 23 May 2009

I have watched your video, your interviews, - Tom´s interviews , your songs since this morning. My Shadow -when we will be born we don´t know what is waiting for us when we die it is similar...yes the roads of our arrival and of our leaving are different. Then- my first doctor- terrible, I want better forget it.And in" Keane allant acheter des claviers" - I ask myself "why is the street leaking?" It is caused by overpressure, nature or...?But now These pictures of rusted cranes at night providevery special atmosphere , feeling which you can perceive each in other way. I love it , all pictures of US or Canada as well. The belief in good, justice/or God/ ddon´t exclude indecent thoughts, it is never-ending fight/ my own experience/ , love you so much

Posted by mercedes at 7:12pm, 23 May 2009

Great, pictures, Richard !!!!!!!!!!!!! TOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

Posted by Raissa at 5:54pm, 23 May 2009

Hello!!!!!! I want one little LIVE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we miss them... so much :(

Posted by MIA-MIA at 5:22pm, 23 May 2009

Wow! Well done, Richard! Your' pics are amazing, I love the ones taken in the night, they're really enjoyable! You're a genius!!! I guess you even sleep next to your camera! Ha ha! Keep on enjoying USA and please rest for a while.... You're workaholic!!! :-D Cheers from Colombia!

Posted by Honey at 4:59pm, 23 May 2009

great pictures!!! I love beisbol! that's rare because i'm from argentina but anyaway!! jajaj Argentina miss you guys!!!! kisses and hughs!!! maruuu_ kaiser keane!!!(L)

Posted by maru at 4:30pm, 23 May 2009

Great pics Rich. I'm still waiting for that book of you and Rob. Is it coming or aren't you gonna make it anymore??

Posted by Eline at 2:41pm, 23 May 2009

Good morning! :) I hope you enjoyed your breakfast. By the way French toasts are called "pain perdu" here, because it's supposed to be made with stale bread, a good way of recycling bread certainly. I'm not sure this is still practised here. Dommage. I wish you a nice day, with a climactic end tonight with the concert! :) Good luck in everything!

Posted by Mihajasoa at 2:11pm, 23 May 2009

As I got up, it was Perfect Symmetry, till it changed to Hopes&Fears, SHNT and right now it´s Something In Me Was Dying, omg, why do I love your songs?

Posted by Johanna at 1:53pm, 23 May 2009

Hello Richard, adoro queste tue lettere come a me piace pensare che siano ! E poi che dire delle foto, estrose queste del cantiere di notte, l' aereo che si vede in decollo e tutte quelle gru ! Ieri come vi avevo detto sono stata a trovare i miei parenti nella casa di montagna e la gatta ha fatto dei micetti qualche settimana fa , ora questi cuccioletti stanno crescendo , sembrano di porcellana da quanto sono belli ! Dapprima li ho trovati tutti raggomitolati che prendevano il latte dalla mamma, ogni tanto alzavano le testine e mi guardavano, hanno gli occhi azzurro-verde , poi uno è figlio di un papà ed ha il pelo piu' lungo e pezzato con delle macchioline scure ed è più grande come corporatura, gli altri due sono figli di un altro papà e sono dei soriani tigrati rossicci e più piccoli di statura.Ho cominciato a coccollarli un pò e loro sbadigliavano, chiudevano gli occhi , poi li ho stuzzicati solleticandoli un pò e si sono scatenati facendo capitomboli, salti e arrampicandosi per tutto il giardino! A proposito di gironzolare per negozi , io più che altro sono stata in giro per l 'abbigliamento e ho comprato due vestitini estivi molto femminili, uno di questi addirittura ha i merlettini , e un paio di scarpe di altezza media con tacchi e suola di corda , tutte molto decorate con pietruzze che brillano , scusate ma io sono contenta di ciò , certo gli uomini forse si mettono a ridere ma sono sicura che le altre donne mi comprendono benissimo !!! E poi a me piace raccontarvi a voi Keane tutte queste cose perchè anche voi date risalto alle normalissime faccende di tutti i giorni, secondo me siete delle persone amabili ! KEANE VI AMO E VI VOGLIO TROPPO BENE E VI PENSO TUTTI I GIORNI! VI AUGURO TUTTA LA FELICITA' DI QUESTO MONDO !!!BY SABRINA FROM CATANIA.

Posted by Sabrina v. at 1:52pm, 23 May 2009

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