11 Mar 2010

Now that Stop For A Minute has made its radio debut, we're able to give you a 90 second preview of the track right here on keanemusic.com. We hope you like. (Until Mar 19, you can also hear the full version of the song on the BBC iPlayer after 1h 53m here.)

Night Train (featuring Stop For A Minute) will be released on CD and download on May 10 - and you can pre-order a special numbered edition of the EP through the Keane Store (for just £6.99 / €8.12 / US$11.44) right now by clicking here.

(And, yes, we really did manage to stop a stopwatch on exactly one minute for the picture.) 

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Posted by Poltergeist at 4:33pm, 09 May 2010

The voice of Tom is unique!! Please como to COLOMBIIAAA SOOON!!!

Posted by Juu Keane at 4:09pm, 17 Apr 2010

Cuando vienen para Venezuela....!!!!Exelente Banda...!!!

Posted by ney at 11:37am, 15 Apr 2010

Well, I liked it. Reminded me rather of Better Than This and Spiralling. Come on guys, you didn't really want them to stick to drums, piano and voice for evermore did you? That would be just like Oasis putting out the same old sludge each album with no change for 15 years! The Beatles, Radiohead and Blur changed with each album and Keane are one of the very few modern bands who have the courage to do that.

Posted by indiegirl1980 at 11:21am, 28 Mar 2010

it's diferent but I liked.Gook luck Keane.

Posted by iveth at 11:30pm, 27 Mar 2010

wow muy bien hecho... es pegasosa! siempre excelentes

Posted by lupita at 5:48pm, 27 Mar 2010

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Posted by caizimo at 3:57pm, 27 Mar 2010


Posted by mavic at 11:07pm, 26 Mar 2010

Not a big fan of the song--but I do like how the atmosphere of the song reminds me of a nice, sunny day.:D

Posted by wishes4keane at 5:17pm, 26 Mar 2010

Excelent!! Keane it´s just the best, congratulations. We´ll wait for you in Mexico!!!

Posted by ulises007 at 4:12am, 26 Mar 2010

I love this track! Sus canciones siempre me alegran. Espero y puedan venir a México. I wish the best for you! Kisses

Posted by tock at 1:49am, 26 Mar 2010

hah second comment... but even though this song has more of a pop flavor, you have to admit it is much better and more creative than any pop out there. and keep in mind not all pop is trash, it just appeals to the masses more. and i really enjoy this song: it's sunnier than some of their others, but it's nice!

Posted by paintedlove at 11:40pm, 24 Mar 2010

I really love this track! The melody is beautiful, lyrics are very haunting and Tom's voice is gorgeous. The only thing I did think was that K'Naan's singing voice wasn't able to compete with Tom's but hey, who's can??!! A x

Posted by andreaedwards30 at 6:07pm, 23 Mar 2010

It sounds sooo fresh))))))) K`Naan is a good choice!!! Come to Belarus, Keane, and bring him too! Dying for May 10th

Posted by crazy_bee at 5:34pm, 21 Mar 2010


Posted by Aleeza at 7:35am, 21 Mar 2010

Exitos con este nuevo tema!!! y Colombia los espera...

Posted by 1keane at 12:56am, 21 Mar 2010


Posted by NATY_LOVES KEANE! at 10:19pm, 20 Mar 2010

Hi guys, I'm french. It would be so beautiful, if you'll come in France :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ! Je vous aime.

Posted by Anneso at 5:44pm, 20 Mar 2010

i like this song! , me gustaria escuchar la cancion completa, espero que este albun lleve mas la escencia del piano por lo demas siempre brillan,(vuelvan pronto a Buenos Aires)los queremos...

Posted by linny at 5:36pm, 20 Mar 2010

muy bueno!!!!!!!! vuelvan a la Argentina pronto

Posted by nadiarusso21 at 2:26pm, 20 Mar 2010

la cancion esta muy buena, suena muy bien... espero escucharla completa... pero... ke vuelva el keane clasico... el ke tenia mucho piano sencillo... de a poco se estan volviendo muy electronicos... pero igual.. son los mejores Salta, Argentina

Posted by jorge keanero at 1:09am, 20 Mar 2010

I love it!!! Its brilliant!! I cant wait to hear the full EP!! I cant get it out of my head!!! LOVE KEANE!!!!!!! Especially TOM!! =)

Posted by acuarius21 at 2:30pm, 19 Mar 2010

I'm going to be honest and say this was absolute shit. It wasn't unique, it was like everything thats been in the hits for 5 years. I love you guys but this made me cry... To actually that somebody I loved could do this to me.(Joking, though I do love you guys.) This was a disappointment, but look some people liked it.....

Posted by aussieelyse at 10:58am, 19 Mar 2010

Not liking it much...I suppose if you want a song at a dance club this would do, but it feels like Keane has lost its way...who is this other singer? Sounds a lot like another song on the last album but I can't remember which one...one that I didn't like. Sad to say this as I do like Keane but not digging it.

Posted by tammy at 5:07am, 19 Mar 2010

no esta mal el tema pero podrían volver a hacer canciones con más piano como lo fue Hopes and Fears eso si seria fantastico ! saludos keane!

Posted by natalia.__ at 12:34am, 19 Mar 2010

thank you for this song guys!!! I'm anxious to buy the new disc!!! but I want to say you that I want to the keane of hopes and fears return. I'm not saying that I don't like your new songs, I love it too much!!, but I miss the keane of songs like " this is the last time". well, anyway I'll love you forever!!! I wish you good luck!!! kind regards from México... sorry for my previous message... was an mistake :)

Posted by annypauline at 9:01pm, 18 Mar 2010

gracias por esta canción chicos! realmente me gusta demasiado, pero espero que la anyday Keane de temores y esperanzas de retorno. No estoy diciendo que no me gustan sus canciones nuevas, realmente me gusta demasiado!, Pero me enamoro cuando oigo a mi primera canción de Keane (esta es la última vez), y sólo para ti he aprendido a tocar el piano, sólo para intentar jugar sus canciones, pero de todos modos te amaré para siempre Keane, Pero creo que ahora usted no hace la diferencia con otras bandas, como antes, creo que usted no es diferente, como otro bandas, Pero me encanta Keane todos modos! besos desde México!!! y le deseo buena suerte! Estoy ansioso para comprar el nuevo disco!

Posted by annypauline at 8:52pm, 18 Mar 2010

Hi folks, managed to log onto the sun session and heard the song in full the other day. Really love stop for a minute and I think the different voices coupled with the music work really well, can't wait for the EP on 10 May and looking forward to seeing you in June. All the best from Paul, Roger and Tim in London

Posted by p.clayton at 8:52pm, 18 Mar 2010


Posted by eve-keane at 6:17pm, 18 Mar 2010

love this song !! realy love it its exactly wath hepened yesterday and it's some kind of incredible fantastic song i realy enjoy it

Posted by jackelinne at 6:14pm, 18 Mar 2010

oigan oigan oigan...... no me digan que esto es KEANE?? NOOO me muerooo que les pasoo?? ahi que tris te zaaa!!! noooo porque porque XQ?? kissssess Eve!

Posted by eve-keane at 6:14pm, 18 Mar 2010

this is new !! it's such a great song i can't stop hear it i realy love it at the first time i hear , it's awesome :D

Posted by jackelinne at 5:45pm, 18 Mar 2010

Hi everybody, in fact my first reaction was ????? . What I only can recognise was Tom's voice. Anyway, I do love Keane's musical style, but I am open to new sounds, not all the new songs now :). Keane always surprised us with new styles, and now they did it again. So I think we can give them a chance and try to learn to enjoy it. Kisses from Portugal

Posted by Micas at 11:52am, 18 Mar 2010

Excelente,Fantastico,sublime!!!!!adore escuchar lo poquito de este tema.la verdad que estoy ansiosa de escucharlo completo. No olviden que lo Amamos y los adoramos en Argentina. I LOVE YOU KEANE!!!!!

Posted by hikaru_26 at 2:33am, 18 Mar 2010

Just stopped for a minute again to say that I absolutely adore you guys! Love all your albums, B-sides, covers etc but as for SFAM must admit I needed some time to fall for this song. Anyway i think now it's fab, played and sung perfectly. Thanks! Hugs and kisses.

Posted by utisgirl at 9:02pm, 17 Mar 2010

I learning english, but I trying to tell what I'd like to say. I kew it all the time, that Keane can be better. I love every song of Keane, because all song from Keane has a great sound. All right, Tom has a great voice, but he's nobody without Rich and Tim. Anyway, the new song I think is the very best in 2010. 'Stop for a minute' is something new finally, I can't stop listening. That song isn't simple good, that Perfect! Bravo!

Posted by AmyG at 7:27pm, 17 Mar 2010

this song is brilliant inspiration keane another great success for them I'm happy for you congratulations on creating music as spectacular as this song besides it gives me great pride that participate and make awareness on social problems and global ecology, and wish them well many years of success my part I are also in the awareness of the ecology of luck bye ah! and I hope soon to return to mexico "are the friends we call brothers ^ _ ^"

Posted by ñañaranga at 6:48pm, 17 Mar 2010

is there any word stronger than PERFECT to comment KEANE's 'stop for a minute'..?

Posted by gokselcinarci at 4:55pm, 17 Mar 2010


Posted by paula*arg at 1:10pm, 17 Mar 2010


Posted by paula*arg at 1:07pm, 17 Mar 2010

I'm so sad ... because they quickly come to Argentina! sniff, but I'm moving some contacts in Spain to send me the cd jajjaja

Posted by paula*arg at 1:06pm, 17 Mar 2010

@acmurphy : Is it too much to ask to stay polite, please ? ;)

Posted by Vic! at 1:00pm, 17 Mar 2010

Ok, three plays later, I REALLY like this song! Yay! Keane have done it again! Now really can't wait for NT! I wasn't going to listen to any songs until I was holding the actual CD so I don't get all impatient waiting for 50 days but I obviously gave in...

Posted by picklepine at 4:00am, 17 Mar 2010

Truly the lovechild of K'naan and Keane. I like it. I don't usually listen to hip hop but K'naan writes with a soul so it'll stretch my music comfort zone in a good way :)

Posted by picklepine at 3:55am, 17 Mar 2010

i don´t like it at all!!!! we´re really desappointed!!!! Ruth and Ani by Argentina.

Posted by anikeane at 2:10am, 17 Mar 2010

To be honest, I don't like it. Sorry. :(

Posted by heartsdesire at 1:58am, 17 Mar 2010

For me this song really good, I know how people can say this song is not Keane but its just one song and most of the time change is good. I think the song is catchy and K'naan is a good add in the song... even tho some song aren't good w/ rappers (like Coldplay's Lost which Jay-Z kills the song) I think it's just PERFECT!!!!

Posted by III KEANE III at 1:14am, 17 Mar 2010

what??? this song is beautiful y los que dicen que es fea para que se hicieron fanes??????? yes i talk in english and spanish and mariana esta locaaaaaaa!!!!!! que tim es lindo??????? estas loca tiiiiia????ahora cuando vengas vas a verr amigaaaaa (maar! es a la que me refiero eh?)chau la cancion es preciosaaaaaaa!!!!

Posted by karenthebest at 10:13pm, 16 Mar 2010

@Frankie: You sure? Have the Cylons given up their great plan? There are definitely some models aloose here who never went into production! Captain Adama and Starbuck saw to that!!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 6:21pm, 16 Mar 2010

really really keane is the best ever

Posted by armanimania at 5:16pm, 16 Mar 2010

this song is actually pretty amazing. once you listen to the whole song, i think you will love it. the lyrics are so brilliant! and even though i am one of those people that can not stand rap or hip hop i actually enjoy this song. the lyrics make up for anything that i disliked before. congratulations Keane! truly amazing.

Posted by twins+dn at 4:47pm, 16 Mar 2010

If you love Tim, go to http://www.xfm.co.uk/news/2010/keane-we-want-to-work-with-paul-simon?c mpid=Xfm%20London%20Newsletter%20March%202010%20%281%29&CMP=EMC-SP and hear his interview. Enjoy, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 3:19pm, 16 Mar 2010

Hey AC/MC Murhy ! We are Keane, not rap/ hip hop fans. We understand polite language as well. No need of swearing. Try again to prove your point. Cursing does not mean you've got a point nor it makes you right. In fact, we love Keane as much as you.

Posted by Miss Teake at 12:49pm, 16 Mar 2010

night train..i remember these words from 'try again' i fell asleep on a late night train i missed my stop and i went round....KEANE is part of my heart and life..perhaps they will never come to TURKEY,but i am waiting to June 2010 to go the Forest Tour...

Posted by gokselcinarci at 11:24am, 16 Mar 2010

I love the song, well done Keane, can't wait to hear the others! Julie

Posted by swains at 9:04am, 16 Mar 2010


Posted by PIERO at 5:57am, 16 Mar 2010

For all who loves the new song, look at this "Keane & K'naan Perform Stop For A Minute at The Sun Showbiz Bizarre Bizsessions" on here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4JhV9LjuoY. Congratulations guys!!!!! Greetings from Argentina!!

Posted by XuliKeane at 4:30am, 16 Mar 2010

I really don't like it u_u Im a really big fan of H&F, UTIS, PS.... i like the changes but this... these are not you u_u so sorry.. I still love you keane u_u

Posted by Aileme at 3:57am, 16 Mar 2010

los amo con todo mi corazon tom tim rich!!!!!!mucho!!!!!!les deseo toda la felicidad del mundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zury!! argentina

Posted by Melisa at 2:00am, 16 Mar 2010

Hahaha KEANE......!! I love This Great Song...!! haha great...!! CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOU........!! hahaha KEANE KEANE KEANE...!! :D love love love..!! :D

Posted by xXKeane_adiictaXx at 1:24am, 16 Mar 2010

Great information : one can love a band but don't love some of their songs...it is not a crime. Thanks to respect opinions of each one ! And i am not worried about Keane, anyway they remain good musicians.

Posted by athallie at 12:47am, 16 Mar 2010

I'm kinda disappointed. sounds like that all that commercial music I hate 2 hear. I mean, it's o. k. trying not 2 remain always the same, but this time, it didn't work for me. I can't believe what I'm going 2 say but, Who are you guys? and What have you done to Keane?

Posted by dragonly_ah at 12:14am, 16 Mar 2010

Great song, sounds different, but is a great song, i can't wait for the EP to come out.

Posted by gero30 at 11:27pm, 15 Mar 2010

Sure is a new side that I'm not used to hearing. Is it a new direction, and the future for Keane? I'm anxious to hear the rest of the ep, and it seems to be stating off good. You all need to recognize the talent and effort it takes to achieve the simple clean sound, and the wonderful vocals we've grown used to and overlook. Keep it up guys, yall are definitely having fun, and that's all that matters.

Posted by kmpeeps at 11:26pm, 15 Mar 2010

It's the fourth time I listen to it and I really love what you did. I admire your courage to have collaborated with others artists and to be able to change a little your own style (although this was not necessary, with all the talent you've got !). It sure is as initially it is surprising to hear other voices than Tom's voice into your songs, but it is a very nice work! I will say that I admire your music, your piano is fantastic and... therapeutic ! Thank you for all these beautiful moments. I'll never forget Tom's voice which travel every step of my life with me. Each of you are a part of me, I hope you'll continu the light me on my steps. With all my love, Noémi

Posted by elblon004 at 11:21pm, 15 Mar 2010

WOOW, I loved that song! It's very beautiful, perfect, a bit like spiraling, I really loved, good work guys. Keane I love you, love so much, I'll always be with you, always.

Posted by Fernanda Góes at 10:16pm, 15 Mar 2010


Posted by NATY_ARGENTINA at 10:07pm, 15 Mar 2010

ooh keane the best group! I lovee them :D

Posted by and_rea33 at 9:51pm, 15 Mar 2010

Dear Tom I'd like you to sing dans le port d'Amsterdam de Jacques Brel it's a song with a lot of intensive drama it should suit you thank you indeed X X X O O O

Posted by EliSaBethBBBBB at 9:31pm, 15 Mar 2010

Hello there! g'evening :) Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.Love ya Tom..Kissssss

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 8:28pm, 15 Mar 2010

Youhouhou!!! Juste trop top! Bravo les gars! bisous and see you maybe in canock

Posted by Julay at 8:00pm, 15 Mar 2010

It sounds sooo good men !!! So impatient to hear the whole album !!!! I hope to see Keane in France !!!! See You soon Guys! =)

Posted by kanye-jean at 7:56pm, 15 Mar 2010

I can't believe how awful some people are!!! I hope this doesn't affect the guys (Tim, Tom, Richard) because some of you like to criticize just because you're bored, like you knew so much about music huh??.... LOVE U KEANE!!! KEEP GOING, YOU'RE THE BEST !!!!! =D (despite what some jerks may say)

Posted by crystaldoll at 7:53pm, 15 Mar 2010


Posted by alekeane at 7:47pm, 15 Mar 2010

THE NEW SONG IS BEAUTIFUL, me encato Stop For A Minute!!!!!!! es cierto que el sonido es diferente al que keane nos tiene acostumbrados, pero todo evoluciona, cambia y la musica de tom, tim y Richard lo hizo y me parece genial. bien por ellos, todo combio es bueno si es para bien....greetings from OAXACA MEXICO!

Posted by liriobsb at 7:03pm, 15 Mar 2010

I have no words, Simply amazing a huge risk but it works Good Luck!!! Carla from Mexico City

Posted by MaGiCk MuSiCk at 6:41pm, 15 Mar 2010

Listened to it lots of times now loved it when i first heard it still love it thanx Keane xxx

Posted by ruthie at 6:30pm, 15 Mar 2010

Hi. I'm sorry for my third comment, but it suddenly have dawned upon me. After many listenings to the song and reading different opinions by people here and there on the Internet, I appear to find a clue why many are not satisfied with this song, so to say. I think it's all about singing by K'naan. Please, don't get me wrong, I don't mean that he is a bad singer, no. Now I realize that for people who got used to Keane songs and singing by Tom Chaplin, it's too hard to accept this 'different' singing by another artist. I didn't know about him as an artist before and not familiar with his creative work, and must admit that I myself don't like the singing by K'naan in this song much. Honestly. It's just not mine. And of course Keane listeners were also worried whether they really have changed their sound to this one. No, I don't think so. As it was written somewhere here on the Keane website, Keane are known in circles of hip-hop artists. So, I think they just decided to give a credit to an artist who seems to like their music and helped (supported) him, having made this collaboration, a common song together. Well, it was risky to do something in a completely different genre, but they coped with it, really. Just imagine, if it would be only Tom's singing, without rap part... me thinks, it is actually not bad song (and I said it already before), even could be a bit similar to 'Spiralling'. I'm just upset that at times people are so harsh in their comments. Hopefully, nobody from the Keane team and band (or K'naan himself) are not hurted or offended by the negative things that were said. And I'm sure that when they will be touring in June and sing live, they will once again show how great musicians they are, sharing their incredible energy and enthusiasm with people. I'm just with all my heart for them and sending sincere wishes and inspiration on their way. Don't worry, guys, everything will be ok, absolutely. With love and credence.

Posted by olenenok at 6:25pm, 15 Mar 2010

MMMMMM maso maso, tengo q escuchar mas aun. Mucho mucho no me gusto, veremos..... :(

Posted by carolK at 5:46pm, 15 Mar 2010

must be nice listening to the voice of Tom, and I love the song love keane and wish them all success .. please come to mexico kisses.

Posted by rubisita at 5:37pm, 15 Mar 2010

Hi Guys: This song is great, great, great....EXCELLENTS!!! THANKS !!! For being always update, the page, want more.Congrats,for the BLOG, I hope u check out the messages..... THANKS A LOT MISS U!!!! Natalia (ARGENTINA)

Posted by natalia1234 at 5:23pm, 15 Mar 2010

all you people who are hating this song, ur all cunts, this song is class, yeah keane were brilliant back in the day, but i get bored of listening the the same old things, not theres anything wrong with it, keane have always been experimenting with different things, under the iron sea was more electric then hopes and fears, and perfect symmetry was brilliant, thats why keane are good, this song is amazing, they have just literally made all the new modern day music look like absolute shit. The rapping is brilliant, and k'naan, the one that is actualy rapping is'nt one of them typical everyday rappers either, he actually makes sense, fuck all you haters. Keane forever :)

Posted by acmurphy at 5:07pm, 15 Mar 2010

Re: my last comment - a small typo - Clear Skies blew BOTH my socks off, not just one!

Posted by jacs at 4:41pm, 15 Mar 2010

@flyaninnocentlife - I'm with you entirely! One of the reasons I love Keane is that they have produced such a wonderful variety of excellent music. There will always be some songs that you like more than others, that's the way of music and of so much else in life! Personally, I love this track - I knew it was going to be very different before I heard it and it dips into a genre that I'm not that familiar with. It didn't blow my sock off like Clear Skies did on first listen, but I have found it has grown on me more and more over the last few days and now I can't get it out of my head. I always try to listen to new music with an open mind and to quote the title of an old George Michael album "listen without prejudice" ! :) Well done Keane - looking forward to the rest of Night Train! xxx (By the way, for the record, I haven't been a "Tween" for many a long year - sadly!)

Posted by jacs at 4:38pm, 15 Mar 2010

I absolutely love this track!! it's a masterpiece, so catchy, so nice to hear.... Keane rocks and K'naan is good too!!! Those bands that keep doing the same album over and over really bores me. Keep on movin' Keane!!!! Lots of kisses from Brazil.....

Posted by carolgarcia at 4:09pm, 15 Mar 2010

oh man, some of you are taking all this far too seriously. "i wont buy a keane album again until they change back to H&F and UTIS".... sad much?? Personally i love that Keane dont get old! the thing that makes H&F so amazing is that its unique. each album has been completely different and i love that. of course there'll be some songs along the way you don't like, but thats how it goes with all bands- you're allowed to not like some of the songs! i hope Keane keep trying different things and having fun. I would hate for them to get stuck in the rut of the same album over and over (like coldplay or U2 for example- no disrespect intended). If Keane are happy, the fans are happy ^_^

Posted by flyaninnocentlife at 3:26pm, 15 Mar 2010

Ugh! I really miss the older material and hope the rest of the cd is better. Sorry.

Posted by Arch65 at 2:42pm, 15 Mar 2010

Hi I just read all the comments and I have to say to the fans of keane REALLY? I mean keane has shown in a lot of songs who the band is and the music that makes and just for one song are you going to judge the band and say all those things. I think that you should listen more songs to do a judgment ... To keane I just have to say that I believe in you and you did a great song!.. :)

Posted by majose at 4:03am, 15 Mar 2010

Tim, Tom and Richard are adults. I think they can handle a little critisism. Both songs I've heard over the radio (Stop For a Minute & Clear Skies) are a bit poppy, innit? Lyrics great, melody great (but I think these songs are going to be categorized as pop songs - sorry, I'm just saying). But all and all, not bad. I love the rapping part - it brings different color into your music. Tell you the truth, when I 1st heard it, i was, WTF?!...haha. (Ok, don't kill me Keane fans, Imma fan too) But then I listened to them over and over, and i started to get it. We just need stop for a minute, take a deep breath, and open our ears & minds to get used to your new music. I can't wait to hear the rest of the EP mini album. Love, June.

Posted by k3k31974 at 3:04am, 15 Mar 2010

i'm really liking this! i love the rhythmic background, sounding like a train! keane hasn't lost their creativity, innovation, emotion, or meaning at all in this song! every great band evolves, so even though it's miles different from hopesandfears, it's expected. who likes a one-toned band? yay! lots of love from new jersey

Posted by paintedlove at 2:37am, 15 Mar 2010

Hi guys, i like the song, but i always think : I need the style of hopes and fears back !! :'( . Come on keane, you can do so muck BETTER THAN THIS : )

Posted by paulis_argentina at 2:16am, 15 Mar 2010

We Might As Well Be Strangers for all I know about Keane these days.

Posted by jhanna02 at 12:50am, 15 Mar 2010

wow... lagu yang bagus dan kereennnn.....

Posted by yoyok at 12:28am, 15 Mar 2010


Posted by keaneinmyheart at 12:10am, 15 Mar 2010

@Mary Ann :) exactly my thoughts thanx x

Posted by ruthie at 11:51pm, 14 Mar 2010

more I listen to you more I love you Tommy

Posted by EliSaBethBBBBB at 11:34pm, 14 Mar 2010


Posted by gabriela at 11:15pm, 14 Mar 2010

The song is very good! Can't wait to hear it in total when it will be released. I am hoping to be able to get the EP in may? Will it be released over in Canada too? And of course how could i end this post whitout saying how much i love Keane and specially Tom's voice! Wish you all the best with the EP! Love from Montreal! xxx

Posted by Belledents at 11:02pm, 14 Mar 2010

Pedestrian. Not catchy, trying to hard. Boooooooo.(eo)

Posted by keanefantoo at 10:48pm, 14 Mar 2010

I forgot 2 say i also luv Muse, Radiohead, Coldplay, Strereophonics, Travis, Blur, Lost prophets, Kasabian, Kings of Leon and Nickelback.

Posted by Babs2009 at 10:38pm, 14 Mar 2010

I would say I was shocked when I heard this song. Even though Pefect Symmetry was quite different from the music Keane accustomed us, I thought it was quite a brilliant album. However, this track will really be hard for me to get used to. Anyway, I really admire Keane for having the guts to try on differnt stuff everytime. Wish you good luck!!.

Posted by gisellita at 10:34pm, 14 Mar 2010

hi friends, i'm listening your new single and is great that amazing song, thanks keane for make the best music. only i'm waiting your new album... see you later friends... from méxico city joe ramirez

Posted by helios at 10:33pm, 14 Mar 2010

Im right on my soapbox 2nite The Brits best breakthrough this year nominees were Florence and the machine, Friendly Fires, Pixie Lott, J.L.S, La Roux i would of picked any except the teenyboppers J.L.S Florence is fantastic, Pixie Lott is great, Friendly Fires are ok and La Roux is brilliant electro sound. who picks the winners at these award things Oasis 4 best album over 30 years Keane was robbed even Radiohead are better than Oasis and even though Freddie has died Queen r better than Oasis.

Posted by Babs2009 at 10:31pm, 14 Mar 2010

WOW!!! It really surprised me, I have to get used to this song, I liked it. Congratulations Guys!!!!!. Inés (MENDOZA ARGENTINA).

Posted by Iny at 10:20pm, 14 Mar 2010

I just think this track is amazing and cos i like it doesnt mean i like the teenybopper stuff as i call it Miley Cyrus/Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana/Westlife/Girls Aloud/The Saturdays/Britney Spears/Justin Beiber etc im a rock chick 4 ever i luv our Tim, Richy, Tom, Jesse, Kaiser chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Elbow, The Killers, Bloc Party, Snow Patrol, Onerepublic,Katy Perry, Pink,Florence and the machine,La Roux, Pixie Lott, Amy Mcdonald, Nerina Pallot, Nelly Futado, James Morrison, Shakira, Robbie Williams, The Feeling, Scouting for girls, Sophie Ellis Bexter, K'Naan, Kayne West, Estelle, Rihanna, Nelly, Tim Mcgrawand loads more. Ive been a fan of Keane since before their record deal 2 island in 2004 i saw them on Jools Holland in 2003 and ive never stopped being a fan watch out Dalby Forest Babs will b there.

Posted by Babs2009 at 10:19pm, 14 Mar 2010

Sounds good!

Posted by aboutthecase at 10:05pm, 14 Mar 2010

I suppose it wasn´t posted by real Time Rice -Oxley! / I love you, real Tim Rice- Oxley!!!, / Tim wouldn´t say surely this : " Personally I can´t wait for this band to break up,..." I like profound and meaningful lyrics- many thanks Rachel!!!This song is also musically superb and K ´naan ´s voice is so gentle. There will never be a more talented group of boys/ Keane/ like this never. And it is not a flattery ,for sure!!!! It is Quality that will sell the EP! "Quality is never an accident , it is always the result of intelligent effort."- Music is the best thing ever! You are best musicians ever! All best to you!!!

Posted by Denislavia at 9:48pm, 14 Mar 2010

Sorry but I'm really not a big fan of this song i know how hard songwriting can be the melody is good and catchy which is crucial but this symbiosis with this indian thing just doesn't work out for me it sounds like it's missing the joining factor I hope that night train is altogether different but I look forward to it anyway :)

Posted by jo at 9:00pm, 14 Mar 2010

*laugh* ; )

Posted by Mary Ann at 8:44pm, 14 Mar 2010

You have mentioned all my favs, LOL!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 8:39pm, 14 Mar 2010

I completely agree with Gudrun (Austria) that there is music out of time and Keane have created it! But I think it is unreasonable to expect every new Keane song to be "out of time". Most artist have 3 or 4 songs that stand the test of time, but I feel that in no way does that diminish my pleasure in the other songs that they create. Not everyone will be on repeat in my ipod, but I don't want to ONLY listen to songs that make me weep, or stop and remember a particular memory, or feel a great need to hug the person that I love! My God, if every song I listened to made me feel like that, I wouldn't get anything done in a day! I hope we all can enjoy Keane for who they were, who they are and who they will be. Song writing (like any writing) is a very strange art, so much of it is intangible. It just can't be forced. I feel certain that there are many more Keane songs that will speak to me the way that She Has No Time, Sunshine, Your Eyes Open, Untitled 1, Somewhere Only We Know, Nothing In My Way,Try Again, Hamburg Song, Black Burning Heart, Fly to Me, You Haven't Told Me Anything, or The Way You Want It did! Until then I'll just enjoy some new music and my old favorites! : )

Posted by Mary Ann at 8:32pm, 14 Mar 2010

@ Miss Teake, totally fair comment. That's how I see it, they're just having fun with it and it's a one-off. I don't have a problem with anybody disliking the song, I'm not entirely convinced by it myself but I'm not worried, it's not like Keane are going to do that style on every song, I'm still looking forward to the EP and the next album and still remain a big Keane fan. One song that people don't like shouldn't overshadow everything else that they have done. They are still a great band :) xxx

Posted by tonilevans at 8:29pm, 14 Mar 2010

excellent song, I'm expected to leave the disc

Posted by hiramcan at 8:24pm, 14 Mar 2010

I agree with Vic! I personally think K'naan's music is as poetic as Keane's music and just to say i don't like the Jonas brothers, Miley Cirus/Hannah Montanna, or Justin Bieber What really got me hooked onto Keane was hearing Somewhere Only We Know in the second episode of Grey's Anatomy and then i discovered HAF and UTIS It was music that i never even heard before and maybe we're all just waiting for sumthin like those beautiful and different albums again but 4 all we know that may just happen ... so stay hopeful and just say Keane can do no wrong :D

Posted by books at 8:21pm, 14 Mar 2010

Okay. Maybe the way to deal with this is to think that SFAM is a joke. Ishin Denshin is another joke. They had fun doing this EP, now it's our turn to join the party, or should I say par-tay as Hanna Montanna. Still love you, guys. Still believe in you. Still in need of your music. I don't regret pre-ordering the NT. Even if it will be just for MS. It's worth.

Posted by Miss Teake at 8:09pm, 14 Mar 2010

@Tim Rice-Oxley : Please be respectful, you may not like the song and are totally in your right to give your opinion but is it really necessary to be disrespectful towards K'naan ? He's as much as an artist as Keane is ! Don't forget that. ;)

Posted by Vic! at 8:00pm, 14 Mar 2010

This is a nice appetizer from another great Keane work. I'm loving this phase, because we have news more frequently.

Posted by roosy at 7:56pm, 14 Mar 2010

Just you wait an see - Ishin Denshin coming up!

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:54pm, 14 Mar 2010

Keane are just having a bit of fun with this song so i see no harm in it if its just a once off kind of thing. I think the song is good . At the end of the day we dont own the band so they can do what they want. Keane are not stupid im sure they know what they are doing. Its only from an EP for christs sake,its not the be all and end all. Like i said im sure Keane know what they are doing.

Posted by irish mark at 7:45pm, 14 Mar 2010

@Tim Rice-Oxley: How does it feel to have a musical identity crisis? ;-)

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:25pm, 14 Mar 2010

@Gudrun please don't twist my words. I wasn't trying to attack anybody.

Posted by tonilevans at 7:10pm, 14 Mar 2010

Isn't it interesting, the only people who seem to like this song sound like tweens who also love the Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus, etc... Nice job selling out guys. You wanted to attract a larger audience, congratulations. Take your new BFF Kanan or whatever the hell his stupid rap name is, and create horrific bubblegum pop/rap music together like the big bosses at Universal want you to. I will NOT be buying anymore albums from you until I hear Keane circa 2004, 2006 come back. Personally I can't wait for this band to break up, it would make the dying process go much faster. And Doraf? I don't know of any successful band that reinvented themselves this much. That's called having a Musical identity crisis. That isn't to be respected, it's to mourn the lose of how great a band this used to be. Rice-Oxley, out.

Posted by Tim Rice-Oxley at 7:05pm, 14 Mar 2010

I Have got to take back my last comments regarding this new song....Its Growing on me now after plyaing it over and over .But dont like the rap .love clear skies

Posted by linearamp at 7:03pm, 14 Mar 2010

@tonilevans: Why do you call criticism Keanebashing? Is it no longer allowed to voice a different opinion ( with an explanation) or criticize? Being a fan does not mean I have to find everything uncritically GREAT, AWESOME EXCELLENTE etc.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 7:03pm, 14 Mar 2010

@HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO // Stop For A Minute lyrics Keane... Some days, feels my soul has left my body Feel I'm floating high above me Like I'm looking down upon me Start sinking, everytime I get to thinking It's easier to keep on moving Never stop to let the truth in Sometimes I feel like it's all been done Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one Sometimes I wanna change everything I've ever done Too tired to fight and yet too scared to run And if I stop for a minute I think about things I really don't wanna know And I'm the first to admit it Without you I'm a liner stranded in an ice floe I feel like I'm a thief who has no faith Maybe more than by the grade Of the drugs you took that day Sinking in the pain he's been inflicting Yet he's feeling like the victim Just a horoscope's to blame Sometimes I feel like a little lost child Sometimes I feel like the chosen one Sometimes I wanna shout out 'til everything goes quiet Sometimes I wonder why I was ever born And if I stop for a minute I think about things really I don't wanna know And I'm the first to admit it Without you I'm child and so wherever you go I will follow (rap) One... yeah... And baby you are just beautiful from crown to your cuticles You held down my two sons, you never frown when duty calls You know me, I gave you more than you can handle But you still keep a handle on it, even when I take something beautiful and vandal on it No more females? Well how come my emails got notes on a scandal It's like Eve with the apple, A priest in the chapel Overcome by the devil's tackle I'm still shackling the bad til I know I'm such a hassle every time I let my thoughts go I get baffled so I hardly pause I just crossed seas with these gnarly broads Cos it hurts me just to see what I finally lost So I guess I'm just a fiend Consumed by the scene The stage and the screens Where it's just me and Keane And if I stop for a minute I think about things I really don't wanna know So I guess I'm just a fiend Consumed by the scene And I'm the first to admit it Without you I'm a liner stranded in an ice floe The stage and the screens Where it's just me and Keane. Enjoy :D RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 6:22pm, 14 Mar 2010

Wow, I can't believe anyone has even brought up not pre-ordering the EP because of this one song, what about the other 7 songs, well 6 if you don't count My Shadow. I am proud to have had my copy of the EP on preorder since December and there is no way I'm cancelling it. Fine, it's not the Keane we know and love but it's just one little song on one little EP, it's not the end of the world if you don't like it. If you're really that worried listen to Sovereign Light Cafe again and look forward to the next album. This EP is just a one-off thing, a year from now you'll wonder what you were annoyed about. Sorry about that, I just wasn't prepared for any Keane-bashing to come from actual Keane fans - I'm used to it from everybody else :) xxxxxx

Posted by tonilevans at 6:16pm, 14 Mar 2010

A Belle semaine & plein de belles choses... Sérénité dans ton coeur. A bientôt Mihajasoa gros gros bisous.·*¨¨*:·.Rachel

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 6:09pm, 14 Mar 2010

It's like there's music from the past, music from the present, music from the future and there's music out of time. Whoever can do it - they do it, who can't do it - experiment. But we know that Keane can do it. Hence the disappointment. - Miss Teake, I have to borrow your words as you hit the nail right on the head. - About experimenting: I am a big Radiohead fan, a band well known for reinventing themselves several times, but they are always and distinctively Radiohead like no one else can be, always high quality stuff. But there are so many songs out there like SFAM, so why add another one? Can´t help thinking they are just going for the charts. Ok, but without my help. I regret having preordered the EP. I am just not into Lady gaga and the likes.

Posted by Gudrun (Austria) at 5:54pm, 14 Mar 2010

this is stightly unrelated but everyone please go to youtube and type in Young Artists For Haiti Wavin' Flag its a brilliant cover of K'naan's also brilliant song Wavin' Flag for the Haiti Relief!!!!

Posted by books at 5:52pm, 14 Mar 2010

I love stop for a minute!! i think it's a great song. I know a lot of fans don't like this song because of the new sound and everything.... rap and stuff. but i think it's great that you're trying different and new things :) i mean, how fun would it be to listen to 50 different versions of everybody's changing? i love hopes&fears, i love UTIS and i love PS and i think i will love night train too :)

Posted by EmmaAHB at 5:40pm, 14 Mar 2010

I actually like Stop For a Minute and mabe it'll bring in a new crowd of listeners :) I sing the lyrics to Keane songs in school whenever i'm bored and now my friends are sick with the band called Keane that they never even heard of before :( but i'm fairly sure they'll love this song and then fall in love with ALL of Keane like me ... YAYYYY!!!

Posted by books at 3:58pm, 14 Mar 2010

Hiya Tom!.......Hope your enjoying your Sunday! (",) one and only........ You´re a great singer and songwriter, you know. All Keane albums are great, and also Night Train EP will be! You can really proud of you and your work. Thank you! Love more kiss from Rachel for you Tom... Go on like this. You´re "the flame", ...Btw...a very happy MOTHER's DAY!!! YAYAYAAAA

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 3:07pm, 14 Mar 2010


Posted by julie22 at 1:50pm, 14 Mar 2010

@babs2009 - please don't get me wrong, I agree...Rap/Rock can go together (although classifying music in in these ways means we are falling into marketing traps)...but in terms of lyrics, this is very weak

Posted by saturdaysavior at 1:16pm, 14 Mar 2010

I grew up with Grandmaster Flash and The Sugarhill gang i appriciate rap and i think rock/rap goes together Aerosmith/Run D.M.C and Linkin Park and Jay Z then we got Tim McGraw and Nelly country/rap Over and Over a succesful no 1 single in U.S and the U.K.

Posted by Babs2009 at 12:59pm, 14 Mar 2010

Please dont keep critisizing this track the music/lyrics/rap are 100 % luv u so much Tim, Richy, Tom, Jesse and K'Naan XXXXX.

Posted by Babs2009 at 12:52pm, 14 Mar 2010

Appreciate you are trying a new direction, but I am worried if this is the song you launch with - interesting vocals by k´naan but music behind is weaker than normal...and the rap (I started with an open mind and I go back as far as Akfrikaa B and Gmaster flash), but..."baby you are just beautiful from crown to your cuticles..." man oh man! No preorder from me I'm afraid.

Posted by saturdaysavior at 12:14pm, 14 Mar 2010

Awesome track! After listening to it umpteenth times I re-discovered it. It works on me the same way as Lady Gaga's Poker Face and Black Eyed Peas's I Gotta Feeling. It gets into your mind and you can't get it out. And you can't help liking it. It's addictive. But it's not Keane enough. @roromck Let me add Simple Minds and New Order to the list of the bands I admire for never changing a bit and always sounding fresh and hip. It's like there's music from the past, music from the present, music from the future and there's music out of time. Whoever can do it - they do it, who can't do it - experiment. But we know that Keane can do it. Hence the disappointment. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with this track - it's good enough to break the chart, but fails to win my heart. And I can rap. My cuticles need nail stylist, right.

Posted by Miss Teake at 11:49am, 14 Mar 2010

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their voices and sounds always cheer my heart. Kissesssssssssssssss

Posted by duda at 11:45am, 14 Mar 2010

Awsome!!!!! I love it!!! it's like... like your old work... but with a new sound... i mean... ahhhhhh IT'S GREAT!!! that's all I can say XD

Posted by KasiB at 6:31am, 14 Mar 2010

simplemente genial, simplemente estupenda, SIMPLEMENTE KEANE...!! LOS AMO!!

Posted by klaus at 4:21am, 14 Mar 2010

i want moreeeeeeee, i am looking foward for the others, can't wait anymore.. GREAT

Posted by carina mori at 4:13am, 14 Mar 2010

Lovely!! Terrible bass, Tim, wow! Tom voice, each day sounds more like the great Freddy Mercury! BUT, I CAN HEAR ANOTHER VOICE THAT IS NO TOM!! WHO IS HE?????????? AND I PROMISE that this other voice is not into my head! ha,ha,ha. NOBODY SAID THAT THERE´S ANOTHER SINGER WITH TOM?!!!!! Someone wrote that Tom voice is a little strange. Only we realize the difference???? with love,

Posted by Monica from Uruguay at 4:01am, 14 Mar 2010

Mar?a, you're absolutely right about the number 4(IV, IIII), I hope we all Stop For A Minute but not miss the Night Train, ha, ha, ha...on the other hand, I don't understand why people are talking, keane style is a little bit this, a little bit that , music has no bounderies just like Tim, Tom and Rich art. Fans have fun, Regina.

Posted by Regina Brz at 3:49am, 14 Mar 2010

oh keane your music is better every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS VIVA KEANE

Posted by aliciakeane at 3:25am, 14 Mar 2010


Posted by debanhny at 3:18am, 14 Mar 2010

this fabulous love keane! the best band kisses from mexico! I love you tom *

Posted by rubisita at 2:09am, 14 Mar 2010

I loved guys! The music is great. You are unique and that makes me love them are the compositions and arrangements of excellent quality. You write and play very well, I love piano and synthesizer. We fans are very grateful. I

Posted by jujuba at 1:58am, 14 Mar 2010

Woooooow, it´s amazing!!! I want to buy the CD right now!!! Please come to Mexico soon!! I

Posted by anber at 1:32am, 14 Mar 2010

Yeeeeiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! My Goodness Can't Wait To Get Into The Night Train...Amazing Song To Start The Countdown 4 The New Album!!! Awesome, Awesome...Love You My Boys

Posted by karenwinchester at 1:30am, 14 Mar 2010

OMG!!!! i love it!!!!! it´s great!!! y can´t wait for the CD!!!!!!

Posted by ana1308 at 12:05am, 14 Mar 2010

this is amazing !!! lov it oh oh oh oh wow !!!!!!!!! :P

Posted by *NeNITA* at 11:12pm, 13 Mar 2010

It sounds great. Very excited to hear the new album. Keep up working from the heart and spreading your sound all over the world.

Posted by Alexander09 at 11:09pm, 13 Mar 2010

as for alll those in the defense of change!! THE CURE 1976 still the same till today! DEPECHE MODE! 1977still the same till today! from the Smiths to Morrissey only now after 20 odd years is there a difference! so save the evolution thing for the monkeys if you believe in that! and please give us an album of old keane Piano and melodies and your amazing voice!

Posted by roromck at 10:57pm, 13 Mar 2010

All I can say is Hope and Fears 4ever! I thought Under the Iron sea was far awat at that point now I long for that! I will always support and buy your albums seen you guys 4times! but you need to go back to that basement you guys were in back in the day and find your hearts! write for us your true fans! QUOTING MORRISSEY" A sad fact widely known The most impassionate song To a lonely soul Is so easily outgrown But don't forget the songs That made you smile And the songs that made you cry When you lay in awe On the bedroom floor, nuff said!

Posted by roromck at 10:53pm, 13 Mar 2010

There's something about Tom's voice that I find addictive so I would have to say, yes, It's lovely !

Posted by Liz H at 10:52pm, 13 Mar 2010

ISA, FROM BRASIL ********* Me again just to ask if someone know the lyric, please post it here, please please, thank you! :.)

Posted by isa at 9:57pm, 13 Mar 2010

HELOISA, ISA FROM BRASIL, SAO PAULO ******** I read some comments and have to say it´s great when a band try to experimenting something new. I think they made a great choice, with K´Naan, although I do not like rap, funk or also R&B. But I do love Keane and they´re right trying to make something different and new from those days of Hopes and Fears (brilliant) and UTIS (brilliant as well) and the other Eps as well. I think this new EP is not something that is coming to last forever, it´s just a phase and it´s alright. I also miss the marvelous piano pieces with Tim playing it marvelously (does it exist this word in English? Ha ha...). Anyway, I also miss those phases of 2004/2007. But people/artists shoulld try something new and experiment. I think that what they are doing. So far, I am enjoying it. When they showed their first songs of Perfect Symnmety I did not like them much, but after singing them well, the songs are great. Resistence. We must get over it and keep trying to understand what is new (but, nice/good). And I think they are doing their best. I do believe it. Anyway, let´s wait for the EP! Sorry the poor English, guys! LOTS OF LOVE TO MY DEAREST BAND! XXXXXXXXX

Posted by isa at 9:55pm, 13 Mar 2010


Posted by maar! at 9:54pm, 13 Mar 2010

it sounds really good! cant wait for the EP ! I still listen the perfect symmetry album kinda often

Posted by josephadrianzén at 9:50pm, 13 Mar 2010

Why did they take the Clear Skies out of the Youtube ? Please help us !

Posted by roosy at 9:46pm, 13 Mar 2010

that´s song so wonderful!!!! Come to Brazil!!!! We wait!!!! Obrigado!!!

Posted by Dsa2504 at 9:44pm, 13 Mar 2010

:**: oughy......... ___o___' i hate it..... gomenasai but thats my opinion :( idk but i dont like this new keane songs.... not at all, the best thing youve ever done guys is and will always be HOPES AND FEARS... ^^

Posted by Winter at 8:47pm, 13 Mar 2010

Awesome!! Can't wait to purchase!! MANY THANKS to Kevin Cameron at RadioClyde for introducing me to Kean's music!!

Posted by blueflyer66 at 8:45pm, 13 Mar 2010

Keane. Sorry to say. You are musical $hores.

Posted by Taurus at 8:42pm, 13 Mar 2010

wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to hear all the song!!

Posted by marian_w at 8:39pm, 13 Mar 2010

Hello...Just stopped by to wish you a safe & lovely night ... love~♪ Kiss kiss from Rachel for you.....

Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 8:35pm, 13 Mar 2010

la verdad que me encantó la canción buen trabajo....saludos!!!

Posted by -karen- at 8:00pm, 13 Mar 2010

Oh, so lovely to hear a new Keane song!! I've missed being on this site, I've been so busy!! Must make an effort.... Everybody changes eventually, but it doesn't change what they did. I love the H&F's Keane and I also love the PS Keane. They are evolving as artist, and we get to sit back, watch and enjoy!! Lots of LOVE form California!!! btw- Excellent photo KM.com!! The directional light and old school feel (do you really wear that huge watch???) make the image!! (I know, too much flickr, as usual!!) : )

Posted by Mary Ann at 6:55pm, 13 Mar 2010

To be honest wasn't convinced first time I heard Stop For A Minute but the more I listen to it the more I love it! Besides it's really catchy, hope it'll get lots of airplay. That's great that Keane has taken risks and proved their versatility again by using different sound/ music style to good effect. Can't wait for a video!

Posted by utisgirl at 6:41pm, 13 Mar 2010

Wonderful, Wonderful song Guys. I've listened to it with the Rap...without the Rap...equally good. It's like the rest of your songs...once in the mind...it won't leave...Mystic Lynn is predicting a huge success....everyone I've spoken to...LOVES IT. Well Done...again.Love to everybody Lynn..xxxxx

Posted by Keanelady2244 at 6:38pm, 13 Mar 2010

Nice song. A little change of pace and upbeat. Gotta give it some more listens. Curious to see what the rest of Night Train has in store.

Posted by merlinseason at 6:10pm, 13 Mar 2010

Excelente tema! Lo escuché hace un rato por el link de la BBC 1 y me encantó. Espero poder tener el EP. Les agradezco enormemente el poder oír un extracto del tema, ya que por el terremoto últimamente los ánimos no están muy buenos que digamos y esto me ha reanimado profundamente como siempre lo han hecho sus temas, sobre todo los del disco Perfect Symmetry. Un abrazo y un beso enormes desde Santiago de Chile, con mucho cariño, Piiñhaa :) SANTIAGO WE LOVE YOU KEANE!

Posted by Piinhaa at 5:59pm, 13 Mar 2010

hey guys! hope u'r good! i had to say this.. most won't agree as i've already seen... bu i think there may be some that think the same.... i'm not going to say that i loved the music, cuz i didn't (as some other Keane musics that really inspire me)! but for those who feel the same just think... this is only ONE MUSIC of an EP! u have already "tasted" Clear Skies (honestly it sounds really good lol) and there are still more musics (from this EP) to listen to... Besides we have to face this as a step of their growth as musicians, part of their pathway throughout music! They can and shall try different styles, so that they can become richer and richer as musicians, and also to discover in what style they're more comfortable in! It is totally different from what we were used to, like Perfect Symmetry.. But, honestly, this is a brave attitude, to risk and show so many different styles besides of what fans may thinkl! The lyrics still great! And c'mon its soooooo good for us to sometimes taste something different from their great talent! More albums will come and will certainly thrill us like they always did!----------------------------------------------------------- ' ', ----------------------------------------------------- Always supporting you guys! Lots of love from, Joana (Portugal)

Posted by Joana_marques at 5:50pm, 13 Mar 2010

bustamabetta baby ! cool watch just my timezone, a minute can change a lifetime.

Posted by hbrubout at 5:12pm, 13 Mar 2010

I loved the song, can't wait to listen all the EP!!!Dudes, today's been one year since your last concert in Rio de Janeiro, the best of my life!!!Wish you come back soon!!!love you!

Posted by nanee at 5:06pm, 13 Mar 2010

Brilliant!! I just loved it at the first time of listening. Can't wait to see you sing it in Thetford Forest!!

Posted by ingram at 5:06pm, 13 Mar 2010

Love, love, love! Can't get this song out of my mind!

Posted by versep30 at 5:01pm, 13 Mar 2010

AWESOME! but they failed. roman numbers in clocks, the 4 is not "IV", it's "IIII". u can look it in a watch if u don't belive me

Posted by Mar?a at 4:56pm, 13 Mar 2010

THAKS! It's great to hear from you all again! But, who else is singing besides Tom? Hope to see you back in Buenos Aires! XOXOXO Anita

Posted by anitamezzomo at 4:40pm, 13 Mar 2010

I'm still digging my heels in about the lyrics, but that tune is gradually dragging me kicking and screaming into the positive camp. I'm all for keane going in new directions, I just don't like the drop in the quality of these particular lyrics. xxx

Posted by ginga at 4:07pm, 13 Mar 2010

OHHH my God...is a beatiful song...K'Naan with you guys, just amazing...!! Have an amazing day!..xD..(Mexico, Nadia)

Posted by nad_88 at 4:02pm, 13 Mar 2010

*claps* I am SO excited about the EP guys!

Posted by kickawesome at 3:59pm, 13 Mar 2010

GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Es una hermosa canción...muy buena melodía y armonía. Excelente. James Mazzoni Buenos Aires www.myspace.com/jaimemazzoni

Posted by teclados60s at 3:48pm, 13 Mar 2010


Posted by keaneaqp at 3:25pm, 13 Mar 2010

Oh My God guys that is an amazing song. Well done ;) xxxx

Posted by john021 at 3:07pm, 13 Mar 2010

This song is amazing! really! its so beautifull! so as always! youre featuring with K'naan is amazing, Its sounds so great so happy. i love it! thank you Keane and K'naan for making this amazing song! Xx Priscilla from Holland

Posted by Piscilla_Holland at 3:00pm, 13 Mar 2010

Keane, You never fail to impress me! Love it! There is nothing tou have done that I haven't liked and I dont think you ever will! Can't wait to hear the whole of the ep! And Im so excited that my tickets have arrived! Cant wait to see you in June at Bedgebury! Love you all x x x x x

Posted by lisalife at 2:55pm, 13 Mar 2010

Brilliant! I love it!!!

Posted by taz at 1:05pm, 13 Mar 2010

I like this song. The melody is great. I wear a ten jejeje Congratulations!!! kisses

Posted by la_scream at 12:09pm, 13 Mar 2010

Love this new track. But, I'm not really happy about the voice of K'Naan. Maybe I need to get used to it.

Posted by raw at 11:56am, 13 Mar 2010

Great track guys.........see you at Cannock Chase June 2010 xxxxx

Posted by chelle72 at 11:39am, 13 Mar 2010

Hello Keane,is a very good sing,is really good to see you musical change that make,musical styles that implement constantly changing..are a spectacular band,my favorite,are very special for me. I hear most often,I say goodbye for today I expected a long day's work until today Saturday,jaja that might be resting sunbathing in house of friends, or in the pool. but ok,my must work,but just for me luckily I have no children or husband,jaja.but if a family who give me a little walk or come at my home. Ok guys kisses and love.Tom,Richard;Tim.with love Romy.

Posted by judith juje at 11:15am, 13 Mar 2010

Love it, and I even put Radio 1 on just for this, can wait for my EP album to arrive and cant wait for the forest shows xxx

Posted by Minerva777 at 11:02am, 13 Mar 2010

constanemente varian el estilo y se reinventan a si mismos sin perder la esencia. esperaba con mucha alegria este nuevo disco.el single esta muy bueno. felicitaciones!

Posted by claudio at 10:28am, 13 Mar 2010

I have to say I really enjoyed it, I was a bit nervous about this collaboration but i'm pleasantly surprised :) Cant wait for the full album. Well done guys :)

Posted by loraine at 10:25am, 13 Mar 2010


Posted by Emily Poulain at 9:58am, 13 Mar 2010

c'est vraiment magnifique j'adore

Posted by flomaria at 9:52am, 13 Mar 2010

Oh my god !!! Can't wait to hear the whole album!!! It sounds good , a new album a new sound, waouhhh how could they do ??? Love this song...

Posted by sophie d at 8:55am, 13 Mar 2010

WOW...........................my palms are moist and the hairs went up on the back of my neck.....what a fantastic new record.......

Posted by ljhkeane at 8:24am, 13 Mar 2010

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