O2 Academy SOLD OUT

25 May 2012

Birmingham, UK

GIG # 597
  • georginamay
  • georginamay
  • suered
  • wrightk15
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  • wrightk15
  • wrightk15
  • LoopyLynda

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Comments (9)

This was an awesome gig....again at 02 Birmingham...so up close.....you are world class......and next week...off again to see them in Notts....3rd time.......yipppeee.......love you all...xxx

Posted by LoopyLynda at 3:21pm, 23 Nov 2012

Fantastic gig. Loved every tune x

Posted by Dizzypug@hotmail.com at 6:42pm, 30 May 2012

Looking forward to this.

Posted by Tom Green at 12:25pm, 24 May 2012

this is my 1st keane gig - never been able to get tickets before....does anyone know approx wot time there coming on stage....

Posted by ryley81 at 12:15pm, 24 May 2012

Travelling over from Dublin yet again to see the best band in the world!! Won't be long now - can't wait!!

Posted by Elaine at 8:38pm, 22 May 2012

3 days!!!! Soooo excited!

Posted by georginamay at 8:09am, 22 May 2012

Am so excited! My first ever Keane gig because I've finally managed to get tickets! :D This is going to be a very special day :) x

Posted by georginamay at 3:35pm, 04 Mar 2012

really i haven't got mine yet :( i pre-ordered through km.com

Posted by [x..leanne..x] at 1:08pm, 01 Mar 2012

yesssssssssssss got my tickets !!!!!!!!!

Posted by godadgo at 10:11am, 24 Feb 2012