04 Aug 2008

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  1. Spiralling

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Oooh this song make me move!! did you want to be a winner? !! ***

Posted by keane_8@hotmail.com at 8:00pm, 27 Nov 2009

it reached #23 in the download charts :)

Posted by adressunknown at 6:02pm, 20 Nov 2009

Me and Natalie know this in FRENCH & ENGLISH.

Posted by AmeliaBaybee95 at 11:50am, 23 Apr 2009


Posted by rondellbond at 11:12pm, 02 Mar 2009

Great song....! ...And...TOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

Posted by Raissa at 1:00am, 10 Feb 2009

It's a really great song... specially that "Ohhhhh!!!" at the beggining... It's Great!!

Posted by jazy at 8:05pm, 25 Dec 2008

i love you keane!

Posted by naxop at 4:35pm, 16 Nov 2008

I can't find that album!!!!!

Posted by GabyStefanoni-Mexico at 3:53am, 14 Nov 2008

I haven't heard it complete yet, but coming from such an amazing band it's very easy to think that this is a very great album

Posted by kanko at 4:05pm, 16 Oct 2008

Porfa Incluyannos en la Lista...O Me Paso Al Reggaeton

Posted by karenwinchester at 9:58pm, 15 Oct 2008

this album is so different and yet so similar, once again surprised me with this wonderful music, there is no doubt that this is my music has become so epidemic that is almost as if I will live through the boys!!! i love you VANIA

Posted by vaniacarlos at 5:54pm, 15 Oct 2008

Best track award !!!! Great news. Well done ! Tom, Tim and Richard. You have made my day.

Posted by squibs at 3:17pm, 06 Oct 2008

this song is so peachy!!!! i love it!! and th 'ooh' does NOT sound weird, for any of you out there who think otherwise. it adds interest to the song. great release!!!! peace out! =D

Posted by marie135 at 4:29am, 27 Sep 2008

L.O.V.E I'm only 13 years old and come from Denmark! Can't wait for you guys to come to Denmark! I LOVE YOU AND I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ALL YOUR MUSIC!

Posted by keane... at 1:51pm, 25 Sep 2008

I love this song =)

Posted by jessikeane at 9:17pm, 23 Sep 2008

bravo!! standing ovation!! radical change, we hope to see you in latin america soon!!

Posted by Chuko UNAM at 6:45pm, 22 Sep 2008

loos amo :)

Posted by sofia11trt at 10:51pm, 18 Sep 2008


Posted by danny at 10:51am, 15 Sep 2008

que bueno fue para mi escuchar esa cancion ... me sono extraordinariaaaa!!! y bue muy buena la entrevista espero poder verlos en octubre .... jejeje bye

Posted by sebsarg :) at 11:43pm, 06 Sep 2008

I love Spiralling!!!!!!!!

Posted by fer at 9:06am, 06 Sep 2008


Posted by hhh at 5:39pm, 02 Sep 2008

Gabriela Marilyn I love you!!!!

Posted by rafapop at 5:38pm, 29 Aug 2008

Hello my friends: Tom, Richard and Tim, I and my girlfriend Gaby We love their music, are the best!!! and look forward "PERFECT SYMMETRY" ! kisses! !thank you for your songs so beautiful!!!

Posted by rafapop at 5:36pm, 29 Aug 2008

A rEcOmMeNdAtIoN : LiStEn To ThE cOmPoSiTioN oF eArLy WiNtEr KeAnE !!!!!!! iS bEaUtIfUL !!!!************* :b AttE: NaTaLiA * Q.m.

Posted by NATY at 4:48pm, 29 Aug 2008

YeAh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LoVe KeAnE. KeAn ThAnKs FoR yOuR WoNdErFUl MuSiC !!!!! kEaNe YoU aRe WeLcOmE tO mErIdA, YuCaTaN, mExIcO. I nEeD tO sEe A LiVe cOnCeRt KeAnE !!!!!!!!!!! * I LoVe ToM cHaPlIn XD !!!!!!! AttE: NaTaLiA * Q.m.

Posted by NATY at 4:42pm, 29 Aug 2008

the best song!!

Posted by isitanywonderk at 7:57am, 29 Aug 2008


Posted by isitanywonderk at 7:35am, 29 Aug 2008


Posted by ceci at 8:24pm, 28 Aug 2008

hola keane please ,please?? , come to PERÚ¡¡ me gusta su song spiralling y "the iron sea". cuidado carolina

Posted by paraiso at 5:36pm, 28 Aug 2008

Son lo más genial que jamas he escuchado

Posted by leo114k at 12:17am, 26 Aug 2008

Full of Energy! :D kisses* www.keanetrack.blogspot.com

Posted by Sara K. at 8:07pm, 24 Aug 2008

i love it... niza from magallanes, chile.

Posted by niza at 5:35pm, 24 Aug 2008


Posted by pazz at 12:44am, 22 Aug 2008

wowowoww me encanta esa cancion!!!! es una de las mejores

Posted by thinair at 11:23pm, 18 Aug 2008

Great !!!!!! This music is soooo cool ! I love Keane !

Posted by Ad? at 11:27am, 18 Aug 2008

I´m dying to have it (the record) and loved the song I think it´s very beautiful. Spiralling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by crystaldoll at 9:40pm, 16 Aug 2008

!!!!!!!!!!!!X-treme good Sooooooooooooooooooooong!!!!!!!!!

Posted by J-Double-K at 6:30pm, 16 Aug 2008


Posted by fortaleza at 5:44pm, 16 Aug 2008

I love "Spiralling" and I love Keane!!! It sounds really different and really close to you, I can't explain it. But... I can't stop listening to this song! I'm waiting for your CD... And I wanna see you in Spain!!! Please come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ivkra at 12:26am, 16 Aug 2008

This song is TOTALLY different from any of your previous recordings and yet we can still find some lingering elements which remind us its Keane........while you continue "pushing your limits", we REMAIN anchored....

Posted by nina at 1:21am, 15 Aug 2008

Spiralling is wonderful!

Posted by A.B at 2:56pm, 14 Aug 2008

Love it!!! You guys are the BEST!!!

Posted by stussygirl at 1:54am, 14 Aug 2008

Can't wait for the album guys :] Counting down the minutes.

Posted by AuraconE at 1:35am, 13 Aug 2008

This song is one of my favourites :D I can't wait to hear the next single!!!

Posted by Katia at 12:13am, 13 Aug 2008

Congrats guys! i'm waiting Keane here in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil BIG KISS' Rachel

Posted by Rachel (Rio-Brazil) at 1:33am, 12 Aug 2008

Mad. Crazy. Brilliant. KEANE.

Posted by iCeMaN pAuL at 12:23pm, 10 Aug 2008

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Do you wanna be an icon?

Posted by charlotteh at 7:39pm, 09 Aug 2008

Thanks so much Keane for a brilliant gift! Absolutely loving this song, magnificant vocals by Tom, just cannot wait to see Tom sing this live and to see the band enjoying performing together again. Here's hoping I can get a ticket for the Q gig on 29th Sept!

Posted by JaneA at 3:14pm, 09 Aug 2008

please keane, come to peru!!!!!!

Posted by joel at 11:11pm, 08 Aug 2008

Mates, you really are special! Loved the song! Congratulations! I'm already waiting for your gigs announcement for Brazil Tour!!! Cheers!

Posted by arbosi at 9:31pm, 08 Aug 2008

wow, i'm waiting for the new record spiralling, by far, is one of my favourite keane's songs!

Posted by mariano at 6:38pm, 08 Aug 2008

I love that "oouuhh!" xP kisses guys!

Posted by tamii at 6:37pm, 08 Aug 2008

I love that music. It's different and cool. I really like that. hugs for you guys.

Posted by Mariane. at 5:45pm, 08 Aug 2008

COOOoooooooooL!!! totally different from earlier tracks.....man i love keane...

Posted by darkmatter at 5:39pm, 08 Aug 2008