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is my favorite "Perfect Symmetry"

Posted by PepeRoman at 8:02pm, 05 Apr 2012

Playing Along? I've never heard that one...*looks up and listens* Oh my gosh. I didn't even know you could sing the word "melody" that sweetly, write such amazing lyrics that explain just how I feel, and drive a relentless and fun beat into your head until you can't even think...... ~Love love love you all from Pittsburgh

Posted by ottokat at 11:47pm, 11 Jan 2012

little broken words is an illigal album, it's a mix of b-sides and pre H&F songs

Posted by adressunknown at 6:01pm, 20 Nov 2009

I've heard that there's a CD called LITTLE BROKEN WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iis it in Mexico?????????? I love KEANE the best band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by naye at 1:26am, 13 Sep 2009

really great. the best one. great great great concert in lebanon and on behalf of my country i say thank u very much

Posted by jad_fadel at 9:47am, 09 Sep 2009

Freakin' Awesome!!!

Posted by Drummerboy100 at 10:02pm, 21 Aug 2009

just amazing!!!u guys are brilliant u know how to make music,and how to make everybody to love keane i love u so much i hope u come back to mexico!!!love u tom love you love u!!!! and...ive heard of a cd named little broken words but in wikipedia doesnt appears and it doesent appears here!!! can someone help me please??? repeat LOVE U TOM!!!

Posted by eugeniachaplin at 3:21pm, 28 Jun 2009

hi guys i dont know if u read these comments but id like to say..................if someone asks me "whats your favourite keane song?" i go into this crazy frenzy because i dont know which one to pick........ i say somewhere only we know NO bedshaped NO everybodys changing NO NO NO NO NO! and it goes on 4 quite a while.... i cant even pick a fav song off each album.... oh and then all the b-sides come into it!!!!!!!!!!! so thankyou KEANE for making all this beautiful music and for giving all your fans so much pleasure while listeneing to it.... also thanks for being soooo amazing live. i think your talents are endless and keane will live on forever. oooops i made my bottom lip wobble there :) thanks guys you are truly GENIUS! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kisses from home, England xxxxxx michellekeane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by michellekeane at 2:44pm, 08 Jun 2009

One usually gets rather tired of a band after listening to their music every single day, it never happened with Keane, and as time goes by they keep getting better and better. I think the album is amazing, and Perfect Symmetry in particular is such a meaningful powerful song!!!! Tim, you trully are one of, if not THE, best songwriters of this decade. Tom as usual, amazing voice, and Richard...never before has a brit pop band had such an amazing drummer. You guys are trully Magnificent. Thank you so much for the Buenos Aires show. Love, Vicky

Posted by legsofstone at 2:53pm, 05 Jun 2009


Posted by ana.sc.brazil at 4:56pm, 01 Jun 2009

The overall feeling of Perfect Symmetry is as usual -- great! Some lyrics are a bit visceral for me but other than that I appreciate every song's distinct flavour. As my true favourite group, I hope Keane remain popular for many years to come!

Posted by Allie at 10:54pm, 25 May 2009

you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by maessa15 at 4:02am, 16 Apr 2009

Great disco, great songs !!! I love you guys ! And.... I LOVE YOU., TOM !!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

Posted by Raissa at 3:00am, 15 Apr 2009

i love you..... ilove you alot... but im so confused you know? i so want to know were i can buy your complette discography I really want it jiajaja well i love yoy ok please come in again to Mexico ILOVE YOU TOM...

Posted by Anny Lizzie at 2:57am, 26 Mar 2009

Kisses from Brazil, we love all you!!!

Posted by favola18 at 3:00pm, 16 Mar 2009

It's perfect... I love all the songs... I feel so we haven't all you here everyday in my country! kissessssssssss!!! We love you and we're wainting for you again.. the show was perfect! Adriana Barbosa - from Brazil

Posted by favola18 at 2:59pm, 16 Mar 2009

keane es lo maximo ,gracias por aber buelto a chile son lo mejor

Posted by wero at 5:27pm, 14 Mar 2009

Great songs great album just lov it!! i lov all the songs keane [Perfect]

Posted by alba.g.92 at 3:20am, 11 Mar 2009

me encvanta es una de las bandas que me gusta mucho -- si alguien quiere chatear este es mi msn - keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com keane_linkinpark@hotmail.com si se conetan no se arrepentiran

Posted by cerocool 3.0 at 1:47am, 11 Mar 2009

Aun no decido cual es mi favorita ... siempre q escucho el disco oigo algo nuevo, algo q me gusta de cada cancion ... Simplemente brillante !!!

Posted by Fabyscuera at 11:41pm, 06 Mar 2009

Todos stos albumes son calidad, lastima q no puedo descargar todos los albumes d sta banda tan de awevo

Posted by zaifer at 1:16am, 05 Mar 2009


Posted by rondellbond at 11:19pm, 02 Mar 2009

ii LOVE 'Spiralling' - WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lol... ((If Youu See This, Natalie... Then Tell Me!!)) ;) (Y) ii Love Youu,, Thomas Oliver Chaplin;; Timothy James Rice-Oxley;; Richard David Hughes;; Jesse Joseph Quinn;; Yourr All AMAZING ;) XxxX

Posted by AmeliaBaybee95 at 5:20pm, 28 Feb 2009

When I got the record, I started to listen to every song, following the rhythm and the lyrics... and I fell in love with "Playing Along". My fav. song ever :)

Posted by arashikun at 9:45am, 14 Feb 2009

......And..... TOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

Posted by Raissa at 1:01am, 10 Feb 2009

Perfect Symmetry is not "a song" is "THE SONG"....really pefect !!!! ...

Posted by Raissa at 10:57pm, 06 Feb 2009

Great disco, great songs !!! I love you guys ! Raissa. Brazil - São Paulo.

Posted by Raissa at 10:47pm, 06 Feb 2009

hey guys. i went to see you last night at the nottingham arena.... but i need help i really really want one of those multi colored checked shirts.... can you tell me where you got it from????

Posted by sadie2753 at 10:48am, 02 Feb 2009

Having now seen them live and then hearing the album once again you can pick out new bits & pieces and appreciate all the more what a great album this really is.

Posted by bosa608 at 3:37pm, 01 Feb 2009

I love this album :D Could you release "Black Burning Heart" as a single, please?? It's an awesome song!!

Posted by Dra_House at 7:02pm, 29 Jan 2009

esse álbum é um dos melhores,eu amo keane!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Brenda Mikaelly at 10:31pm, 22 Jan 2009

all of this songs are beutiful! i can't stop listeningto them! thank you for lyrics !

Posted by Pernille at 6:09pm, 18 Jan 2009

wow... i can't say anything else just wow. Especially love is the end it's really beautiful.

Posted by Miss Kiwi at 6:21pm, 13 Jan 2009

I like all keane's songs, kisses from argentina!

Posted by eliana at 5:32am, 13 Jan 2009

Hey, I'm a guy from Guatemala, I first heard Keane this last year (2008), listened Somewhere Only We Know and said... it's really nice, saw Everybody's Changing video and got speechless... was great and brilliant and creative and original, so I got the 3 full albums [Hopes And Fears, The Iron Sea and Perfect Symmetry]. In first album they don't mention God at all... in second are some strange phrases in 'Is It Any Wonder?': "Nothing left inside this old cathedral, just the sad, lonely spires..." and 'Try Again': "God I wish you could see me now, you'd pick me up and you'd sort me out..." for me it's interesting... The last album 'Perfect Symmetry' starts 'Spiralling' with an "Oh!" as I can see, the song talks about the fame, dreams but in 2nd verse sounds like a "creator" talking to his rebel creation... "I reach for you, you slip throw my fingers..." then finish saying that the most of stuff that makes us wanna live, like being rich, powerful, famous or enamoured makes us tumble down... "Did you wanna be the president to start a war...?" nice to see how someone spit the truth in the face of the... humans? OK, but the in the song 'Perfect Symmetry' talks about this damned technology, that this world will soon disappear, of how this life makes us pay for what we do (I completely agree with it) the stuff of the needle in the groove... but I don't quite understand why they mention "Holy truth" "there's no golden Heaven" and yeah there's a whole lot of lazy people in churches that hopes that God would be the solution of everything and they won't have to fight, but is Keane talking about every religion, 'bout everyone who believes in a god? I do believe there's a creator God that already spoke 'bout salvation, love, hope... peace (sometime... somewhere...) and an unchangeable end. So take me out of my doubts: Do the band think that there's no God? Have they some kind of hate to religion or beliefs or faiths? What's really the message of the song, is it that mortal life is all that exists? I'm sorry this is too long but if someone that isn't laughing at me, can please say something about this or if someone of the band or near them can explain me what this is about of if I just exaggerate it. A Keane fan, I hope someone could write back... j:Montenegro j053montenegro@yahoo.es free_at_last777@hotmail.com thanx 4 reading

Posted by j053 at 10:49pm, 09 Jan 2009

I don't have any word to say, just wonderful fantastic and every great expresion that came up with. no more no less!!!!!! just perfect Isadora from Argentina

Posted by isadora at 9:51pm, 08 Jan 2009

hola escribo desde méxico para decir que KEANE es la mejor banda del mundo todas sus canciones me gustan, saben llevo escuchandolos 4 años gracias a un amigo de la preparatoria. Mis canciones favoritas son: EVERYBODY´S CAHNGING ya que me identifico mucho con ella y NOTHING IN MY WAY, espero que elsiguiente single después de PERFECT SYMMETRY sea AGAIN AND AGAIN. GRACIAS POR VENIR MUY PRONTO A MÉXICO Y POR ALEGRAR TODOS LOS DIAS DE MI VIDA.

Posted by helios at 3:54am, 03 Jan 2009

*four weeks ago (i think) Spiralling was number 1 on Prima TV's(roumanian TV channel) music chart for a week! and this week number 1 is The Lovers Are Losing!!! so i wouldn't be surprised to see Perfect Symmetry soon in the same music chart, at the same position!!! almost everyday you can see Spiralling on MTV Romania and a commercial about your latest album!! it's interesting because in the past rarely you could see a Keane video here. *so i hope this is a good reason for you to come in Romania, more exactly in Cluj-Napoca (where i live) or somewhere near my lovely town!!:-D Happy new year!:) your faithful friend, Oana ^_^

Posted by \"special friend\" at 6:18pm, 31 Dec 2008

Perfect Symmetry...such a powerful song!! Thank you guys, I get goosebumps every time I hear Perfect Symmetry or Black Burning Heart. Tim, you've outdid yourself this time, those are amasing lyrics, as always complemented by Tom's great voice and Richard's skillful drumming, but this time...I was amazed by you. See you soon boys

Posted by legsofstone at 2:08pm, 29 Dec 2008

This re-interprets my last comment (on the song "Perfect Symmetry") after some more digestion. As a Christian I was particularly offended by the line, "spineless dreamers hide in churches" (the gospel backing vocals infer Christianity), and disagreed with some other lyrics. I don't blame Keane for expressing their views on this - I only wish they had done so without such a crude line. My love for Keane is still there, in spite of this!

Posted by alewis_marie at 8:45am, 28 Dec 2008

I had your CD yesterday :) And now I only listen this brilliant CD ! Thank you guys :)

Posted by lel at 5:41pm, 26 Dec 2008

this is the most brilliant cd of the year waooooo!!!! the lyrics are amazing!!! just waiting for them til come to Mexico!!! February 25!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by korona at 5:09pm, 26 Dec 2008

I have the last CD and I love it ♥ I'm going to see you tom on March 7 when you come to Argentina becouse I love you and I love the band!! ♥ kisses!

Posted by i♥ukeane at 6:41pm, 25 Dec 2008

i just wanna tell you the new cd is amazing guys, well done!

Posted by tbl at 2:18pm, 21 Dec 2008

To clarify a previous comment, the track "Perfect Symmetry" does not contain hateful lyrics towards Christianity. The supposedly offensive line is as follows: "And maybe you’ll find life is unkind And over so soon There is no golden gate There’s no heaven waiting for you" For one thing it's introduced with a "maybe" meaning not for sure, and even if they mean there is no Heaven, not once does it say anything negative toward Christianity, nor does it belittle it any way. I'm a Christian myself, and I can say that this album certainly does not lash out at Christianity in any way. (Not to mention in Under the Iron Sea, there is a line in "Try Again," that pleas to God for help, so it's hardly fair to say that Keane is bashing God or His followers.) Anyway, this is a fantastic album. Cheers!

Posted by Missa at 9:52pm, 20 Dec 2008

P.S. I thought I was posting on "Perfect Symmetry"

Posted by alewis_marie at 7:15am, 09 Dec 2008

This song was the greatest disappointment for me. I was a huge fan of Keane and introduced their music to many friends and family until hearing these lyrics. I take deep offense as a Christian. There's nothing wrong with breaking musical etiquette but it is hard to accept that a talented, intelligent, normally good-natured band promoted these poisonous, hateful lyrics towards Christianity. I am not a fan of Keane anymore.

Posted by alewis_marie at 7:13am, 09 Dec 2008

Hello! I know that I am the only who know the lyrics all decor of all your CDs.. LOOOL.. I love youuu so much.. when I hear your music, I am always more protected, serious!! you may think I'm kidding, but no, I mean it. I feel stronger, better. PLEASE Answer me, send me an email! kissessssss and huuggsss with love

Posted by catarinasousa at 6:57pm, 07 Dec 2008

after almost 2 months of looking for the album, I finally got it!!! today it's my birthday so my sister bought me a present..and the present is a book and PERFECT SYMMETRY[:X]...i'm so happy...the songs are brilliant!! thanks. have a nice weekend!:) love, oana PS:come soon in romania:-D

Posted by \"special friend\" at 9:47am, 07 Dec 2008

Congratulations from MEXICO CITY, bravooo, bravisimooo.

Posted by cateepillar at 9:46pm, 29 Nov 2008


Posted by KARI from SPAIN at 7:34pm, 25 Nov 2008

the best guys :)

Posted by thomas_chaplin at 1:43am, 25 Nov 2008

I love Perfect Symmetry

Posted by brilliantim at 1:29pm, 18 Nov 2008

Ohhhh, DANKE !!!! In der CD sind sie so klein gedruckt, da brauch ich eine Lupe ;) Dankeschön :)

Posted by Ivis at 12:55pm, 14 Nov 2008

absolutely amazing

Posted by keaneboy1 at 1:35am, 13 Nov 2008

bad news! i didn't find your album in romania yet!!:| i'm still looking for it!

Posted by \"special friend\" at 3:51pm, 12 Nov 2008

come to ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!KISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by maruu_25 at 10:41pm, 10 Nov 2008

I just discovered the new album today .. I can't wait to hear it ..Thank you Guys to be the Best Band in the World .. Brazil is waiting the Gig !!!

Posted by jcarlitos at 7:56pm, 06 Nov 2008

Hi Keane I'm just writing down the lirycs of the sons by hand to memorise them better. I just read that PS is gonna be the next single, that's so great though my favorite track is "Playing alone"which I really hope will be the next single, could it be any sweeter song in the world? The lirycs of this album are so fabulous !! love them all!! who cares if it's antireligious or not, Enjoy the music. THE BEST BEST MUSIC= KEANE I know you'll never gonna come to my country, BOLIVIA =(, but please COME TO SOUTH AMERICA!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU...

Posted by TaniaF at 4:14pm, 06 Nov 2008

PS is brilliant, I'm really really happy with my Cd, congratulations for all the band, you're always fantastic. And Tommy you're always better, I love you hard. SÃO PAULO IS WAITING FOR YOU GUYS, WE LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE EACH DAY!

Posted by Pri Brazilian at 1:22pm, 06 Nov 2008


Posted by itzel at 9:51am, 06 Nov 2008

Congratulations on this album mates, I purchased it yesterday and I just can't stop listening to it "again and again". I could feel the real Keane sound in here, the Keane music I love, Keane at their best. I love you. Steve (Italy)

Posted by ste75 at 8:22am, 06 Nov 2008

hola keane son mi grupo favorito he escuchado yodas sus canciones y me gustan bueno quiero desearles muchos exitos por favor respondanme gracis......... son lo mejor gabriel yanez de toluviejo- colombia

Posted by yanez10 at 6:38pm, 04 Nov 2008

this album kick ass!!!!!!!

Posted by MIA-MIA at 4:18am, 04 Nov 2008

Kazakhstan is continuing to listen fantastic works of this wonderfull group also!!!

Posted by Aizhan at 6:23pm, 03 Nov 2008

I absolutely love this album, just as good as Under the Iron Sea (MY FAVORITE ALBUM EVER). "Cold like some magnificent skyline, out of my reach, but always in my eyeline" Brilliant!!!

Posted by B3yond at 10:57am, 03 Nov 2008


Posted by sebsarg :) at 11:54pm, 01 Nov 2008

the best album, see this had everything, it is just perfect im very pleased and proud to be an owner of this cd! and the past 2 also :P

Posted by mexican keane fan at 9:57pm, 01 Nov 2008

??у ?½?°?º?¾?½?µÑ† Ñ‚?¾ Ñ? ?º?¾?½Ñ‡?¸?»...

Posted by AlekSmart at 11:38pm, 31 Oct 2008


Posted by keithch at 9:24pm, 27 Oct 2008


Posted by bandiera at 6:26am, 24 Oct 2008

Fantastcs songs Tim, pure poetry. Thank you for this amazingss songs. I owe you very much for making myself have a good time and delete the stress that surrounds me whith the studies. THANKS TIM!!!! kisses from València

Posted by Kar_black at 3:14pm, 22 Oct 2008


Posted by paraiso at 7:15pm, 21 Oct 2008

It's purely incredible. Best album of the year, decade and century. I think it's so good because it combines things from the first album with the second album and also has new stuff! That's probably why I love it so much.

Posted by Only Joekeane at 5:55pm, 21 Oct 2008

keane ok mi tracky . carolina

Posted by paraiso at 5:38pm, 21 Oct 2008

I confess I have not appreciated this song until I just took the time to read this. The lyric is very cleverly constucted and the way it fits to the melody like a glove...Very impressive...congratulations Tim..you are a maestro!

Posted by symphonie at 3:11pm, 21 Oct 2008

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!! but would you guys put some chords into it?(please,please,please...)

Posted by chocolatejammy at 12:29pm, 20 Oct 2008

thanks guys! :) i'm waiting to 23/10 to sing aaaall this songs :D

Posted by eeuggee at 1:10am, 20 Oct 2008


Posted by NellyEdith at 9:49pm, 19 Oct 2008

TIM, baby, you know? With these wonderful lyrics you have touched me very very deep. You are so talented and you can express deep and true feelings that through Tom's voice make me a better and happier person. Thanks for this incredible record!! You three guys must be very proud of it. I send you a big hug and all my love . Here, in Mexico, we are waiting to see you again and sing all the new songs with you

Posted by beyondthesea at 7:44pm, 19 Oct 2008

Tim, thank you very much for permission to publish all the letters of the new disk before it reaches the shops of our country. In this way is not endless waiting. For those who are studying English, we can put into practice our knowledge to be translated literature of all such items until the desired day. Do not forget us, the fans of South America to include in its new tour, please!. All my love. Mariela - Argentina.

Posted by Mariela at 6:02pm, 19 Oct 2008

********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** ********** THOSE ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONGS IN THE WORLD!!!! :) ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** **********

Posted by A.B at 1:41pm, 19 Oct 2008

TIM! Have to compliment you for sharing the lyrics to each and every song! Your right to express yourself artistically Is Important, and without any undue criticism or infringement on a copywright! I Understand just about All of your comments - whether they are about what goes into the Artistry, or if the statements you make are generally regarding Human Nature. Truly complex, and always interesting, this Human Nature detail! So, much appreciated and Carry On >>>>>> Love, Anne!(PS-- Thanks for the autograph!!!! X's to you as Well, my Good Friend!). ~a~

Posted by anya at 2:36am, 19 Oct 2008


Posted by marielawm at 9:59pm, 18 Oct 2008

Thank you guys for a great new album. I have to admit that it took a little while to get used to your new sound. But the more I listen to it the greater it gets. I have listened to Perfect Symmetry so many times that I wake up with another tune on my mind every morning now. Well, that’s what I call a good start into the day! See you in Cologne soon

Posted by K@tinka at 5:42pm, 18 Oct 2008

PERFECT ALBUM. I can't stop listening to it. I'm finding it hard to decide which is my favourite song. Kisses from Argentina.

Posted by gabus at 3:47pm, 18 Oct 2008

°°°°°°°°°°°°° THANKS TIM °°°°°°°°°°For taking the time for review°°°°°°°Keane I love these songs°°°°°°°°°°°°A greeting from The Salvador°°°°°°°°°°°°

Posted by iveth at 2:58pm, 18 Oct 2008

My favorite is Perfect Symmetry... so great... bless you Tim!

Posted by KeaneeW at 2:57pm, 18 Oct 2008

But the CD version includes the lyrics

Posted by Minerva777 at 11:33am, 18 Oct 2008

thank you :) i dont like it when i buy a CD and dont have the lyrics for it.... btw... im addicted to the new album..... thank you for the music!!!

Posted by sivan at 3:50am, 18 Oct 2008

Thank you Tim!!!!

Posted by pionia85 at 3:21am, 18 Oct 2008

Tim is to good to be true! hehehe, kisses! loving your work from Brasil!

Posted by ludmila at 12:05am, 18 Oct 2008


Posted by Alejita at 11:27pm, 17 Oct 2008

Bravo Keane!!

Posted by keanemty at 10:28pm, 17 Oct 2008

Great!! Gènial!!!!Amazing...A-S-O-M-B-R-O-S-O!!! Mexico Loves You Lots Guys!!! Karen Winchester

Posted by karenwinchester at 10:02pm, 17 Oct 2008

I've had to wait a while for the album and have been particularly curious about the lyrics to You Haven't Told Me Anything, so this helped a lot. I should hopefully get the album tomorrow. I've been so tetchy all week 'cause I know it's fantastic 'cause I listened to the previews on LastFm. I just wanted the DVD Deluxe Version... hence I've had to wait longer for it :). I reckon it's worth the wait. Even if it is agonising. This album is absolutely fantastic... Keane have really brought themselves back, and I admire them so much :). GO KEANE(:

Posted by essayena at 9:47pm, 17 Oct 2008

perfect symmetry is only art!!! great gays!!!!

Posted by mich keane at 9:40pm, 17 Oct 2008

thanks so much!!!! you just need 'my shadow' and 'time to go.' peace out...

Posted by marie135 at 9:30pm, 17 Oct 2008

@doktor46: si, pienso lo mismo, es un graaaaan hombre :)

Posted by MIA-MIA at 9:26pm, 17 Oct 2008

********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** ********** THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ALBUM IN THE UNIVERSE!!!! :) KEANE,YOU ARE TALENTS!!! THANKS !!! ;) ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** **********

Posted by A.B at 9:20pm, 17 Oct 2008

********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** ********** THESE SONGS GIVE HOPE,ENERGY,HAPPINESS AND WISH OF LIFE !!! TOM'S VOICE IS THE SOUL OF THESE SONGS!!! ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** **********

Posted by A.B at 9:20pm, 17 Oct 2008

thanx 4 the lyrics! now i can sing along to every word wen i see you in manchester in january. love love love you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxx roll on january xxxxxxxxxxx :)

Posted by michellekeane at 8:54pm, 17 Oct 2008

El unico musico que se debe preocupar por sus fans. Pocos de su tipo. Tim (L)

Posted by doktor46 at 7:33pm, 17 Oct 2008

Perfect!! Now I don't have any excuse, I'm gonna sing so loud and clear!! xD Thanks Tim!!! ;)

Posted by rackzo at 7:30pm, 17 Oct 2008

Oh¡ thanks Tim....

Posted by atlantic crystal at 6:49pm, 17 Oct 2008

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTHANK YOU DEAR TIM !!! Have a great day !!!! Many hugs to you from BRAZIL !!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by CLEAME at 6:27pm, 17 Oct 2008

amazing! thanks guys! \o/

Posted by dinha_britrock at 6:19pm, 17 Oct 2008

aha tak to je este takto zvlast na texty komentar

Posted by mita at 6:08pm, 17 Oct 2008

Yes, Annie NYC! I also thought, I have the cd with the lyrics, so why this? And will I never know, what are the last vocals from "The Lovers Are Losing"? I don´t know if I understood them right! Will there be any light??????????

Posted by Johanna at 5:39pm, 17 Oct 2008

Cool, but doesn't the album come with lyrics already? I suppose this is for those that don't physically buy a copy, just downloads.... okie dokie.... thanks!

Posted by annie nyc at 5:16pm, 17 Oct 2008

Thank you guys!!!!

Posted by Zofinka at 5:12pm, 17 Oct 2008

than good... Now I can sing good songs xD greetings from chile.

Posted by rosmeritta10 at 4:24pm, 17 Oct 2008

thank you .

Posted by violet at 3:59pm, 17 Oct 2008

That's brilliant, I've been actually thinking about this today! Great, now I can sing on the tube ;)

Posted by athanasia at 3:28pm, 17 Oct 2008

So cool and so cute, Mr Timmy!!! So let´s sing!!!!

Posted by Simoninha (Brazil) at 2:34pm, 17 Oct 2008

Thanks! But I miss the last vocals by, so "The lovers are losing". Is it, "that´s when the pressure stop"? Does this make sense any all?

Posted by Johanna at 1:06pm, 17 Oct 2008

Fantastic CD and great lyrics, can't wait to see you at La Riviera and sing them all!!!!!!

Posted by eortega at 1:04pm, 17 Oct 2008

Yeah, now I can sing with Tom. = D All the lyrics are beautiful! Thanks a lot ; ) We're waiting for you! Love you guys, kisses from Brazil! = *

Posted by Luciana Magosso at 12:47pm, 17 Oct 2008


Posted by RACHEL-RIO-BRAZIL at 12:27pm, 17 Oct 2008

Thank's, Tim! You made my day! Lots of love from Brazil! Kisses! Bye!

Posted by Juliana (Brasil) at 12:13pm, 17 Oct 2008

brilliants. thanks Timmy l Love you :)

Posted by lily at 12:09pm, 17 Oct 2008


Posted by Piscilla_Holland at 12:08pm, 17 Oct 2008


Posted by linearamp at 11:53am, 17 Oct 2008