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Sea fog comes like a river Rolls a stone it's rolling me (Sublime) Thanks Keane.

Posted by s3b4sti4n at 8:48pm, 06 Jun 2013

Sea fog comes like a river rolls a stone It's rolling in (Sublime) Thanks, Keane!

Posted by s3b4sti4n at 8:45pm, 06 Jun 2013

My favorite Cd :3

Posted by Dany Hughes Chaplin at 2:27am, 06 Jun 2013

Hello Guys, I'm Walter Medrano from Guatemala. I'm studying currently at Jhon Brown University in US. I'm studying cinema. I have a project for my class of digital editing, so I would like to use one of your songs, "Somewhere Only We Know", for my project. Do you allow me to use the song? The project is about creating a music video. Thank you for your time guys. I'm looking forward having an answer from you. Sincerely, Walter Medrano (479) 220 2287 medranow@jbu.edu

Posted by waldro4513 at 8:27am, 09 Nov 2012

If I choose a new single, it will be Sovereign Light Cafe! Or You are Young.... but the first "sovereign! is THE ONE!!!!

Posted by olivedrah at 4:43am, 04 Oct 2012

Great album!!!! I love the mood in this songs, Disconnected, You Are Young, Black Rain, In Your Own Time and Sovereign Light Cafe are heartily beautiful, it seems to be so difficult to choose a single here cause almost all can be great songs... Strangeland has a sentimental moon that I simply love!!!! Here in Brazil there are the simple version and the deluxe version.... Grace of God!!!! Thanks Keane... I love you

Posted by olivedrah at 4:41am, 04 Oct 2012

Hi Keane!!! You have no idea how your music changed my life!! It brought a lot of words to the things i couldnt say in a certain moment of my life. I fell in love with you guys in 2006 and since then you ate my favourite band!! Love your music. Keep it like that.

Posted by lichirio at 11:47pm, 22 Sep 2012

I doubt that even fans read these comments, but I can't but add this link to a channel with fantastic videos. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDP6OPAOlhBX1SoMVEfeIgg Haven't seen them all yet, but 'It's Not True' is amazing.

Posted by piaorockfan at 7:44pm, 31 Aug 2012

Dear Tom .. I know you do not read these things .. but you are in a wonderful country today .. Paraguay .. I am living in Paraguay, I am Argentina..I love this country, I hope to see the country, far and hear your voice .. You changed my life with your music .. I missed like you .. but I'm here .. stronger than ever with your music giving me strength .. Welcome to Paraguay!!

Posted by Agathadeoz at 3:03pm, 23 Aug 2012

Slips easily into my Top 10 albums of all time. Just a brilliant record and while every song is fantastic, Sovereign Light Café blows me away more every time I listen to it. Congratulations boys & welcome back!

Posted by desc1 at 1:46pm, 08 Aug 2012

beautiful disc, I love all the songs!! Just perfect, as everything you do!! Love you Keane!!

Posted by StrangeTam at 3:07pm, 28 Jul 2012

I love Strangeland!! My favorite songs: Day Will Come and Run With Me... Beautiful Album! I already got my tickets for the show in Mexico! :D Love You Guys!!

Posted by akau_hp at 9:56pm, 13 Jul 2012

Watch how you go es simplemente hermosa!! al igual que Sea Fog. Come to Argentina!!!!!

Posted by angie_555 at 11:17pm, 03 Jul 2012

Great band!!!... Great album!!!...

Posted by yurmi at 2:27am, 03 Jul 2012

We are expecting you in Spain. Please come to the south!!! Although you're not old men, you could live by the sea a few days with us! =)

Posted by HgScId at 7:52pm, 07 Jun 2012

great album, i think sometimes in "Hopes and Fears" when i listen this, but I love it! congrats! and the DVD, when??? :D

Posted by stiactiva at 3:31pm, 07 Jun 2012

There is no doubt, the best album. When a live concert in Spain?

Posted by magarridoc at 10:33am, 29 May 2012

We hope to see you back in Colombia with your grate music!

Posted by chimbila10 at 12:12am, 28 May 2012

Ultimately, sea fog and strangeland evening pillow。

Posted by WALLE at 8:26am, 25 May 2012

Thank you so much for this absolutey amazing album!!! I can't stop listening to it!!! I'm addicted!!! Beautiful melodies!!! And the lyrics are EVEN BETTER!!! Love THE STARTING LINE!!! Congrats once again!!! All the best for you!!! long life to keane!!!! PS - Please, next time you're in Brazil, try to come to Brasília!!! You have a large numbers of fans here!!! the last time, My wife and I went all the way to Belo Horizonte to see you play live!!!

Posted by sframalho at 4:55am, 25 May 2012

Me encanta disconnected! al igual que sovereign light cafe, tambien me gusta mucho day will come el sonido me recuerda a is it any wonder? :D ... Vengan a VENEZUELA!!! :/

Posted by LeoBP at 2:57am, 23 May 2012

I have been waiting for an album like this since the Hopes and fears. These songs bring sunshine into my life. Thank you for the beautiful melodies!

Posted by Sedo13 at 8:46am, 21 May 2012

So proud to be a Keane Fan. For cds like Strangeland, reason to be

Posted by Juakos at 4:01pm, 18 May 2012


Posted by BENITEZ at 1:48am, 15 May 2012

Sea Fog is so beautiful, you guys are awesome PLEASE COME TO CHILE!!

Posted by DanaeSilva at 10:18pm, 11 May 2012

i'm lisening MP3 version.. keane brings the light again into my life. thankyou guys.. i cant wait for the day i will have collectors edition in my hands..

Posted by picaccino at 6:55am, 07 May 2012

I've just recieved an email with the link to download MP3 version of Strangeland (Deluxe Ed) for free.... :D.... and, obviously, I'm listening to it right now... it's great... I like it..... Thank you so much... :D .... greetings from Chile.

Posted by jgmfuentes at 12:19am, 07 May 2012

if this is the first song that came out..I can't even wait for the others :D...come on KEANE!!

Posted by Hisana at 2:26am, 13 Apr 2012

"Sovereign Light Cafe" - the best song of the album :)

Posted by Sara Silva at 1:53am, 10 Apr 2012

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this album. Excellent music!

Posted by sss86 at 6:44pm, 03 Apr 2012

This CD is incredible

Posted by brian@@ at 3:13pm, 03 Apr 2012