Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

21 Aug 2006

Highest UK chart position: 20
Also available on 7-inch vinyl

  1. Crystal Ball
  2. Maybe I Can Change
  3. The Iron Sea: Magic Shop Version

Comments (14)

amazing song. 'oohhhh crystal ball, crystal ball, save us all, tell me life is beautifu!' INDEED

Posted by ecowitch at 3:00pm, 15 Aug 2012

This song is beatifull, esta chida!!

Posted by Jose Pablo at 11:51pm, 05 Jun 2010

"..Everything I know is wrong so put me where I belong" please, come back soon to Brazil, will be a honor for us. I'm Renan from Rio de Janeiro, you changed my life, guys

Posted by Renan at 11:47pm, 13 Dec 2009

Ooh crystal ball crystal ball ****

Posted by keane_8@hotmail.com at 8:09pm, 27 Nov 2009

Crystal ball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a grat song I lo0ve thiz song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by naye at 1:13am, 28 Aug 2009

Crystal Ball. What A Song. Love The Effects On it. The Lyrics are brilliant aswell as the drumming and the bass!!

Posted by Drummerboy100 at 10:05pm, 21 Aug 2009


Posted by Guille =) at 8:38pm, 19 Jun 2009

I think the best song is Maybe I can Change! And it's not on the Album, why? :/

Posted by JennySofia at 7:01pm, 21 Dec 2008

I love the video too, dont see it too often on the music channels.

Posted by katbbe at 11:30pm, 06 Nov 2008

saben con ezta cancion me empezo a guzthar keane!! el sonido la voz!! .. aunk la voz no me sale. pero ahy estoy intentando! ! :D aMo a Keane!!

Posted by kienzoy at 2:44am, 17 Oct 2008

I lovee this song !..it's a very beautiful!!!

Posted by kienzoy at 2:42am, 17 Oct 2008

It was Crystal Ball the song that got me hooked with Keane in the first place !!!

Posted by crystaldoll at 9:48pm, 16 Aug 2008

I love this song !!! Its my favourite :D

Posted by Katia at 1:56am, 06 Aug 2008

I like Crystal Ball so much :D

Posted by Tomaspereira at 11:43am, 05 Aug 2008