Is It Any Wonder?

Is It Any Wonder?

29 May 2006

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Yanitom Loves Keane, i wanna meet you, babe

Posted by yanitom at 12:52pm, 25 Dec 2014

I like "staring at the ceiling", its a pretty good song, makes me happy :D that's why I love KEANE

Posted by car at 9:02pm, 12 Nov 2010


Posted by keane_8@hotmail.com at 9:05pm, 16 Nov 2009

traiganlo a argentina

Posted by brian at 6:05am, 20 Sep 2009

It was a very big sin, to leave LET IT SLIDE out of UNDER THE IRON SEA. That song is simply WONDERFULL!

Posted by totson at 4:40am, 12 Sep 2009

It's possible to fall in love with a song? if it's possible, i did it D:

Posted by jozeh.D at 10:15pm, 11 Aug 2009

I love KEANE. tim please know that a girl in concordia argentina loves you (i am) her names is amalia and she loves you with all her heatr!! tim your are so special for me!!! i'm happy if you know it!!!!!!!!!!!! pleasae tim .. i will do everything for meet you someday and talk to you!!! thanks for stay in my heart ... I LOVE YOU TIM RICE OXLEY!!!!!!!! all your songs.. i love you... you're my idol, tim... please remember it for ever and ever.. kisses from argentinaaaa I LOVE YOUU AND KEANE IS THE BEST BAND WHATEVER YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ami_keaner =D (

Posted by ami_keaner at 1:05am, 16 Jul 2009

i love you tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by keandy at 11:16pm, 02 Jun 2009

jus stoppin by 2 appreciate the good work u guys have been doing.... im from houston tx (u.s).............. BEDSHAPED ... DA BEST SONG!!!

Posted by uriel_27 at 3:51am, 02 Jun 2009

poxa ele entende algo de portugues ?? ^^ ihh espero que entenda isso Eu amo KEane !! perfeito ^^

Posted by lih_caminha at 7:13pm, 27 May 2009

my favorit song .. i love so much ^^

Posted by lih_caminha at 7:12pm, 27 May 2009

tom eu te amooo

Posted by dessa at 10:17pm, 14 Mar 2009

Tom, Tim and Rich, you are my lovely boys

Posted by caritu.o.o at 5:30pm, 10 Mar 2009


Posted by humbertobando at 7:38pm, 28 Feb 2009

I really love this song!! Its lyrics... seem to be written specially for me :D

Posted by Dra_House at 7:26pm, 29 Jan 2009

Why is let it slide a B-Side!!!??? it is an amazing song

Posted by no1irishfan at 1:54pm, 29 Jan 2009

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh he used to be a lovely boy its an amaizing songggggg good times!!!!!!

Posted by starz24 at 2:07am, 24 Dec 2008


Posted by k9999_290 at 12:20am, 20 Dec 2008


Posted by Mini! at 9:04pm, 31 Oct 2008