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Hello dear friend, I am always very happy to find your personal messages, you're funny! Yes, I'm fine thanks! Here in Catania, unfortunately, is still cold, I bought these days a new woolen cap very feminine, so I will cover even better when I leave! I'm glad you followed my advice to watch the movie on Youtube Sabrina, in this channel you can find all the information you need, it is very interesting, I think even Tim said he was following very youtbe! Kiss, see you soon, Sabrina!

Sabrina v. 2011-01-31 10:05:24

Hello dear friend, if you've never seen the modern version of the film "Sabrina"you can try to find a few clips on Youtube! If you write with Sabrina Ormond on Youtube you will find many scenes in this film! Let me know if you like, a hug, see you soon!

Sabrina v. 2011-01-24 13:57:07

Hello dear friend, I'm glad to hearing from you! I'm fine, thanks! To be honest I like both versions of the film so much Sabrina! The first one I like because it has the charm of another era but the second is very nice, the actors are great! I am sending you a big hug, see you soon! Sabrina!

Sabrina v. 2011-01-18 10:35:14

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